On The Plus Side

             Living with Intention is the goal.  Being Purposeful, that’s where we want to be.  Walking in LovingKindness, our aim.  Honestly?  We know how challenging this all is.

             However, we KEEP trying.  We begin every day, fresh, ready to attempt it somemore.  We live perpetually in Hope.

             This week we are celebrating some family birthdays, and a family visit.  I am focusing on what a wonderful opportunity this is, I am not going to worry or stress or panic.  (See how I’m telling you all this?  I’m doing it INTENTIONALLY.)

             The reason, the message, right now is that we are surrounded by garbage humans disguised as leaders and people of power, we are dealing with tragedies (foreign, domestic, personal), we are facing so many scary and shitty things that we MUST aim towards Light, and Love, and Positive.  We truly must.  It’s the only way to survive and to help.

             Here’s what the Universe wants us to hear:

Rise Above

             We are being instructed to Choose Joy, to face the fears and keep moving forward.  Count our blessings, not our troubles.

             Even if it is simply a few moments alone with deep breathing.  So long as we are putting our Positives out there, we are making a difference. Be enraged about injustice, yes.  But also, sit in a Zen and Calm place, sending out Hope, be one of many who shares LovingKindness.

            Our (still incomplete) card altar brings the most perfect validation.  (And when my camera malfunctioned [again], I didn’t fall apart, I just kept going, I used something else, and I made it work.)

rise above

“Angel of Pleasure

Take Pleasure in the things you do.

The message for you today is to start to take pleasure in all the things you do.

It’s not all about hard work, achievement, and performance.  What is important is that you make the most of every moment in your life.

Start to do more things that bring you pleasure and that bring pleasure to those you love, work, study, and play with.

Try it.  You may be surprised to find that when things become pleasurable, you accomplish more, with less stress and effort.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is continuation of/original channeled whisper, in photo form, from my Instagram account.

             We took the baby on some errands, it was delightful.  But then, so is she.

Interpretation and Perspective

             What happens if you get confusing messages?   Words that are beyond your regular scope of knowledge and comfort?  Well, in my case, I ask that guy who lives here in the house with me.

             Between the two of us this morning, we figured it out.   Here’s what I heard:



            And here’s what we made of it:

we are all the center of our own universe.  We are the star of our own show.  Our world is all that is within our reach, and our expansive vision.

             We create our own reality/destiny/future from this point on.  From here, we go out; from us, we ripple beyond.  The type of impact we make comes from our own center.  Moving forward.

             I was directed to share one of my new May pages today, instead of drawing a card.  Since I’d only flipped one over (and it wasn’t this one), that added to my earlier confusion.  But then, as usual, when I just let it go, it made perfect sense.  And goes together beautifully.

"I create my life each day."

I now recognize my creativity and I honor it.

             “I create my life each day.

The creativity of the Universe flows through me all day long, and all I have to do to participate in it is know that I am a part of it.

It is easy to recognize creativity when it comes in the form of a painting, a novel, a movie, a new wine, or a new business.  Yet I am creating my entire life every moment from the most common, ordinary creation of new cells in  my body – from choosing my emotional responses, to my present job, to my bank account, to my relationships with friends, and to my very attitudes about myself.

One of my most powerful gifts is my imagination.  I use it to see good things happening to me and to everyone around me.  

I am peaceful as I co-create my life with my Higher Self.”

From Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life 2014 calendar.

Harbored Safely

             There was so much to see, so many bits and pieces of messages to view and wander through, it was almost difficult to know what needed to be typed out and shared.  Then, one main idea began to surface.  And I woke up.

             I was shown how we are to look around.  To be grateful for what is within our line of vision.  To go beyond the Accept What Is concept, and Appreciate.

Thoughtful observation.

             We are to know, be mindful, of exactly where we are right now, in the precise and perfect body for this (our) soul’s purpose.   THIS is the way for us to know that the journey has meaning.  That WE have meaning.

             When we see what is near us, within us, around us, we are better able to appreciate our lessons.   And our Grace.  Because when we see the Divine in ourselves, and in others, much like what we discussed yesterday, our focus is increased and our spiraling upwards is eased, more and more, into motion.

             Stepping away from the regular rotation around our card altar, I was directed to draw from the newest addition in my collection.  It couldn’t be a better companion message today.

oracle cards, the enchanted map, home messages

“Home  ~  27

You are comfortable in your own skin.  You belong.

Peace, security, safety, belonging, and all the features one would want from ‘home’ are indicated now.  The Home card represents an invitation to experience what it’s like to be secure in your own skin, to live comfortably no matter what is happening in the world around you.

It is a time for opening your eyes to your tribe of like-minded people, or one special person who makes you feel like you have come home.

Home is love, and love is all around you now.  Whatever  your inquiry, you are where you’re meant to be and will reap great benefits by staying on this path regardless of where it leads.

Home will always be with you – it is where the heart is.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS company.

I can't even begin to describe how good these smell.

I can’t even begin to describe how good these smell.

             Her name is Lisa, she has an Instagram account, HERE.  And is on Etsy, HERE.   Plus, there’s a BLOG!