The Mind and The Soul and The Body.

             I’ve been receiving lots of signs and bits of info that deal with us without our bodies.  When I woke up today, there was another one.  That, in itself, is a type of portent.

             We had another wake-up-with-door-knocking-and-dog-barking morning.  But it didn’t disturb what I heard when I finally left the bed.


of the Soul.

             I was just telling our new Carol (not THIS Carol) about how we choose our life plans, and sit down to make up our blueprints.  When we wear these bodies, and then leave them behind, we are still evolving.

             That’s the whole point of being incarnated, to learn and ever spiral our souls upward.  The concern is when we get so caught up in the material world, we lose sight of the spiritual one.

             When this happens to an extreme, or when a person is damaged somehow, their souls are not always able to pull their bodies out of the problem/pull themselves to where they need to go.  Eventually they will, no one stays stuck forever, but it can take a VERY long time.

             Sometimes when a soul is extremely disconnected they stay here on the physical plane, but they no longer have a body to cling to.  So they reach out to other material items, like houses or boats or even personal belongings.  And that is a haunting.

             Today’s trio of cards speaks of something very similar.  I’ve been directed to not transcribe from the guidebook right now.   We’ll just go with a channeled definition.

osho zen tarot

“Morality  ~  Queen of Clouds  ~  Mastery of the Mind  (r)”

             When we see this one reversed, it’s for the good of everyone involved.  Because being the way this character is, is too damn strict and structured and painfully tight for anybody to actually function or live an honest life.  Arriving as Contrary is truly what we want to see.

             It signifies the letting go process beginning.  And that Release is something we can all do more of.

“Consciousness  ~  Ace of Clouds  (r)”

             On the other hand, we still have much work to do.  As our souls evolve and learn (with our bodies driving them along), we must also be aware of time and space as we know it.  In the form of mindfulness, meditation, prayer, and quieting our busy minds.

             Getting this one as a Challenger tells that we SEE what needs doing, we’re just not there yet.  We’re trying, but we have some ways still to go.

“The Outsider  ~  5 of Rainbows  ~  The Physical”

             When a person becomes a ghost they usually feel left out of life, often, their own life.  We, being still embodied, sometimes feel a similar sensation.  Both can be resolved, with very little effort.

             The key is to incorporate all parts of who we are, and move toward a loving and positive state of mind.  No judgement, no harsh stories of guilt, simply lovingkindness, applied with a wide brush.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot (with definitions channeled through me)

Tonight’s Mall Job Update:

is that we’ll be closing on Sunday.  About a week earlier than we were first advised.  But then, we were told a lot of things, so…….

FLP Report:

includes New Jersey (not anyone we know and love, merely a visitor from that area), along with one Illinois and a Dakota of some sort.