Educated Observations

             For days now, this message has been bouncing around in my head.  It has refused to take shape.  The edges staying blurred as I struggle with my own personal “things” versus letting go and opening up to receiving what we all need to hear.

             Partly it’s been challenging for me because the signs of winter ending are simply not welcome.  I require a much colder forecast than what’s been my reality.

            The truth though, is that weather makes a perfect metaphor for where we’re headed.  Wait a few minutes, and it’ll change.

             We are being guided in:

Acceptance Lessons

             A strong wind will blow away.  A frost will melt.  A heat wave wilts, to be replaced by a refreshing breeze.  Rain does dry, and even droughts are eventually washed into green again.

             So, too, are we moving through our journey.  Our learning changes on every level.  We begin with simple tasks, and move (hopefully) in to more complicated lessons.

             That’s our soul’s evolution.  That’s what we’re here for.  That’s the actual goal.

             When we get bogged down with the mundane, the physical, the difficulties, we forget to look at how much progress we’ve made.  We forget to notice the beauty in a tranquil sunset, or the glory that is a glitteringly gorgeous frost.

             The most basic concept, the most simple idea, that of being in the moment, appreciating the gift in front of us, is what the Universe would like us to hold lovingly close, and to take forward as we walk our path, in all types of weather, on all sorts of roads.

           And in validation, here are the two most perfect cards as illustration.

osho zen tarot

“3 of Water: Emotions


You are becoming more and more available and open to the many opportunities that there are to celebrate in life, and to share this with others.

Let your hair down, take your shoes off, and start splashing in the puddles right now!  The party is happening all around you every moment.

10 of Rainbows: The Physical

We Are The World

This view, humanity being depicted as a rainbow of dancing beings, represents a time of communication, of sharing the riches that each of us bring to the whole, it shows us joined together in joy and gratitude.

When we recognize the common source of our humanity, the common origins of our dreams and longings, our hopes and fears, we are able to see that we are all joined together in the great miracle of existence.

When we can combine our tremendous inner wealth to create treasures of love and wisdom that is available to all, we are linked together in the exquisite patterns of eternal creation.”

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

From Me to You:

             These are the reasons I still have hope.  These are the messages which pull me out of my depression.  These are the signs I find inspiration in.  And to share them, that is what brings me joy.






Venturing Out.

Power has been restored to the senior citizens and I got to leave the house.  My meeting was canceled because SHE couldn’t leave her house.  But I got stuff done.  Like, ya know, mailing my grocery list.  See, here’s what I do.  I save up old envelopes over there by the stove, and I write on the backs of them.  Recycling AND reusing.  (Happy Birthday Karen, who invented this idea.)  So I write the bunch of errands I need to run, and also jot down the things I need to pick up at the store, foodwise.  When I buy something small (which I did today) I put it INSIDE the envelope and fold over the end.  I am double recycling this way.  Problem is, when I went to drop the bills and Karen’s card into the blue box, oops, the list went in too.  Obviously didn’t want to miss out on anything.  I just stood there, like Tony Shaloub’s character Monk, peeking back in, like it would what? come back out because I made a mistake?  I now have a fancy cellular calling device (Solstice gift from devoted spouse and offspring), so I used it.  Called the number on the box.  This led me to several rounds of voice mail and eventually a very nice person named Lisa who gave me yet another number to call.  Which then led me to another very nice person (who’s name could have been Bill, or Phil, or possibly Will) and he said I should just come back when they pick up what’s in that box.  Duh!  In the meantime, I had to go into the grocery store completely unprepared.  (I forgot several items, but had to come back later anyway.)  I went back at the appointed time (left a smidge early, just in case), and about five minutes after when the pick up should have been made (which I thought was not bad, considering the weather) there was the truck.  I met the nice man (who’s name I did not find out) and explained my idiocy.  He plowed through the mail as he shoved it into his little carry tote and ta da there it was.  He told me that this actually happens a lot.  He has someone waiting next to a box for ‘personal items’ several times a week!  Of course he warned me (kindly and very politely) that if this had been real live mail I wanted back, I couldn’t have it, once it drops into that blue box, it is no longer mine.  But ‘personal items’ – like my twice recycled list with some embroidery floss and valuable pieces of cardboard inside, or maybe keys, phones, jewelery, bank deposits – those he will hand over, no problem.  I learned so much.  When I called my mother to tell how stupid her eldest child was, she said ‘oh I’ve done that!’  Somehow, I was not surprised.

Global Climate Changes.

I had big plans today!  Okay, I had at least planned to leave my house.  But no, too much snow on the street, up the hill, all over town.  I adore snow.  I love to see it from the window and the deck and the porch.  Driving in it?  Trying to get back up the hill to home? Not so much.  And the worst part was that my parents lost power because of the weather.  They are old, they need heat.  The electric company had no idea how long this condition would last, but they ‘did have crews in the area.’  I was not comforted.  Yes, yes snow.  No, no don’t make it slide-like on my street.  No, no don’t freeze my family into little Grand Popsicles.