Standing Strong, Holding On

             Somewhere here, amongst our many boxes of cards and stacks of decks, there’s one which says, “don’t give up before your miracle occurs” or a similar sentiment.

             This idea has been on my mind lately, as I work every day at not losing faith.  (Faith over fear, faith over fear, faithoverfear!)

             I know that everything happens just when it needs to happen; I know that we are right where we should be; I am not floundering, there is no fear.

             But, still.  The doubts can creep in.  Stealthy and silent.  They erode our sense of stability.  They rot our foundations.

             Truthfully, I am not in a panic, nor am I currently freaking out.  The nagging, back of my mind feeling though, it’s

Kinda Edgy.

             In order to regain our equilibrium, and banish the creeping dread; to breathe through our stress, we’re being reminded of how important Self-Care always is.

             Whether it’s that Quick 3 Minutes we just reach out and cling to, wrestling it from our already overpacked day, or a full afternoon off, with no errands, no chores, no tasks to complete.   Take what is ours, that’s the key.

             It is never selfish to honour our own needs.  It is always healthy for us to be well, so that we can care for others.

             In order to validate our message to its fullest, I was directed to preciously the proper place.


“Revelation  ~

Listen to your life.

The right path will reveal itself.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is to show you where I go, when I’m not here.  For those who might be curious, here’s the “day” job website.

             As you look at those views of my Front Desk, keep in mind, I was sitting just out of camera-range, chatting with the photographer (when my phone wasn’t ringing, that is).  The only shot which wasn’t taken in our building is the smiley lady and her dog.


Whole and Reaching.

             We were so in the moment this afternoon that neither one of us remembered to take pictures.  Why yes, we WERE out enjoying the fall weather!  On bikes.  Finally.  (Also, we just needed to make a library run.)

             My “morning” was slightly off due to The Deputy’s late-night (and no lunch break, with an even later home-arrival time), so the message wasn’t as clear as some have been. What eventually struggled through, with its own dream accompaniment, was this:

stretch out and take a rest.

             Which is truly another reminder of Self-Care, no doubt about it.  In validation even, of yesterday’s card.  What I thought of as I jotted this down was how The Golden Path meditation is so simple and so effective.

             Ideally the Universe is telling us to take it easy, to grab a nap if we can, to simply give ourselves a special moment of healing.  And if anything more than 20 minutes is beyond us right now, or we can’t lie down, then at the very least stretch our legs and arms and back and neck.

             Take cleansing deep breaths, disengage from the physical for a mere moment of letting go.  Whatever series of minutes that can be wrestled away, as long as it is for the pure and perfect purpose of resting.

             On our card altar a similar thought runs through this pairing.  (I’m not going to use much of the guidebooks wording, it doesn’t seem necessary.)

osho zen, two card draw, alternative tarot

“The Master (r)  ~

…… the whole work of meditation is to make you aware of all that is ‘mind’ and disidentify yourself from it.  That very separation is the greatest revolution that can happen….

…… fall more easily into the silence of your own being….

Totality  ~  Fire: Action

Every moment there is a possibility to be total.  Whatsoever you are doing, be absorbed in it so utterly that the mind thinks nothing, is just there……

… each step your whole attention and energy, can bring a wondrous new vitality and creativity to all that you do.”

             All together, what we are being told is that the act of mindfulness is the way to wholeness.  When we (as Dan and I did during our ride) become connected to our task, our togetherness of the action, we gain more from not just that event but from everything after it.

             Being the Master* of our own life, the one in charge of ourselves, we are better able to focus and to be true, on all levels.  The key here is to begin with lovingkindness, be aware, and then, allow it to all sink right in.  Absorb those gifts, even (and maybe most especially) the ones of time and ease.

*I did not feel that I needed to address the Reversed-ness of this one, the implication is that we could really do a better job with this entire aspect of Self-Care, and we know it.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

downtown and back was 8.321, in an enjoyably leisurely pace of 9.7 MPH, with 51 minutes 11 seconds of pedal time.  (Belatedly, here’s the MAP.)

Today’s Sharing:

comes courtesy of Keith, who I will never be able to thank enough.

girls and dogs in seattle

A sight to make any parent proud.

             It’s obvious that they are all having a terrific time.  Really, who could ask for more?

We’re Worthy.

             This might post late.  Can’t tell yet, I just sat down here.  We’ve been home from my mom and dad’s house less than fifteen minutes.  Had a family birthday dinner (minus a few vital members) on my late grandfather’s day of birth.  It was highly entertaining.

            My children are polite, and understand that these events work best when we all pitch in.  J.D.’s contribution was supposed to be some shrimps and cocktail sauce.  This is what he brought.

canned fishes and cheese

All of it was terrifically good.

             We almost weren’t hungry for dinner.  Except that it included some fresh-caught wild salmon which showed up on our doorstep, gifted from former neighbor Jeff.  Then, cake.  Very very chocolate cake.

             My Empress brought presents, direct from the exotic aisles of our local shops.  Because she* knows me oh so well.

*All three of them do.  I am the opposite of mysterious.

dark and chai chocolate

I don’t even know where to start, oh right, I already busted into that candy.

             Earlier, when I got up, it surprised me by how hot it already was outside.  But our message was hammering at my head so loudly that I needed to write it down FIRST THING!  (I actually grabbed a pen and an old used envelope before I did anything else.)

No matter what you call it,

or how you go about it,

now is the time to connect.

             Whether it’s hugging a tree, walking on sacred sands, kneeling in front of a shrine, communing with a potted plant, sitting cross-legged on a pillow, or any other version, just make it happen.

             This was such a strong and urgent plea, it felt so important.  Promise me that you will all make the effort.  Even if for that quick Three Minutes some time after you read this.  I did, more than once today.  It’s tremendously worthwhile, and it will honestly lift your mood and enhance your attitude.  (I promise!)

             On the card altar we’re returning to our regular rotation, as I was directed.  When I flipped this one over it felt as if we were handed a confirmation.

self-care, oracle cards

“Rest  ~

Rest and relax.

Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.”

             See?  Do this, do this for yourself.  Do this for the higher good.  Do this for everyone you love.  Take a second, take a minute, take an hour.  Just make it happen.  Connect in whatever way works for you.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Mileage:

was hot and sweaty and windy and difficult, but I went, and I came back, in 41 minutes 50 seconds, all 7.249 miles of it, with an average pace exactly the same as yesterday, 10.3 MPH.

Today’s Sharing:

is the other calendar page.  This one from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

rainbows, manitoba

             Yeah, awfully damn autumnal.  However, we don’t want to be that boggy/swampy/over-grown pond Karen Buys was talking about in the comments recently.   We need to embrace the seasons, adore the changes, and love the transitions!  (If I say this enough it’ll come true, I just know it.)

LateNight Warning:

tomorrow’s post could be late as well, be prepared.