It’s What We Can Do

             We live in a flawed world, with rules made up by people.  This is true.  But what is also true is that there are real rules.

             Universal Law is on a higher plane and of more value than the back-and-forth of ignorant, petulant man-babies.

             We feel confused because in our physical bodies it seems like we need to heed both.  In a way, we do.  However, we don’t need to be overwhelmed by either.

             Here’s what I’m hearing:

steady, with care.

             I understand this to mean that we can detach, we can employ SelfCare, we can reach out, or we can burrow down.  Whatever is the best fit for each of us, as individuals, we should do that.

             We absolutely do not have to be so entrenched in the news, the worry, the fear mindset that it sends us spinning out of control.

             Allow that “control” to wash away; we can allow ourselves to be calm, steady, at ease, of zen mind and soul (the body will follow).

             A great lesson for me lately has been to simply “be” in this small house we now call home.  I visit the different rooms, spend time in the space there.  I am not (as!) impatient about FINISHING!!! every corner, every shelf, every wall.

             I softly and slowly, with care, envision how each small area will look, eventually.  I rest there, I breathe there, I simply am there.

             Practicing this patience is dual purpose.  I’m stepping (literally) away from the frenzy, the media, the stupidity which makes my blood boil, and I walk (literally) in to a calm, steady place.  It’s like a moving meditation.

             I believe it can be done anywhere, and I encourage others to try it.  We can’t change all the rules, but we can change our attitude about them.  We can stay involved and current, but we don’t need to let the chaos infect us or our emotions.

             Here is the card I was drawn to as I listened and channeled and typed; as a validation, of course, it’s perfect.

stay steady and calm

“Inner Calling  ~  2

You can choose to see your biggest challenges as your best opportunities for inner change and growth.  The trials and ordeals we experience in life are actually for our soul’s evolution.

Take a moment to reflect back on past difficulties and identify how those experiences have made you stronger and wiser.

Now, turn your attention to the present, reminding yourself to take the drama out of your challenges and try to see how they are serving you.


I choose to see challenges as ideal opportunities to work on my inner self.

I look for the blessings in all situations, past and present.

I am connected to the positive aspects of my experience.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is something I just found out last night.  Did you know……. baby puffins are called PUFFLINGS?!  Of course, they can also be called chicks.  But come on!  Who would pass up a chance to say PUFFLINGS?!





Our (In- and) Out-Look

             Sometimes we say “I wouldn’t change a thing” or we regret a choice and feel more like, “I totally would have done things differently.”  Both are valid responses.  Both tell their own story.

             Our message today though, reminds us that it’s more about how we perceive those moments than how they truly played out.



              It’s that gift of Perspective which we’ve been handed before.  And that means it must be time to look with our soul eyes again.  Not with our physical ones.  The physical ones show an illusion, while the view from a spiritual place brings us the accurate representation of what’s seriously important.

              When we see what the gods and goddesses see, what the Universe and the angels see, we understand better just how fortunate and truly blessed we are.  We can better comprehend our journey and our holiness this way.

             Because we are.  Sacred, that is.  We are beyond, and more-than these bodies we wear.  We are so VERY much more.  When we Look, and when we See.

             On our card altar right now that’s being validated in a big way.

see and look

“Coming to Life  ~  29

‘Something beautiful is being born in your life.’

When you look at your life, can you see how you’ve grown and evolved over time?  Perhaps you have even shed ‘skins’ and identities and created new ones, or at the very least matured in your ideas about yourself and the world you inhabit.

You know things take time, and Spirit’s timetable is rarely in sync with your own.

This card indicates that a long-held dream is beginning to show signs of life.  You must try not to coax it along, or shape it according to your desires.  Spirit knows the best form for manifestation of this dream, and your life can become even better than you could possibly imagine.

Now is the time for reverence and awe.  Allow the contours of your path to be carved by the hands of the Divine.  All you have to do is show up.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today Sharing:

is THIS PIECE in a pretty big-time publication (the paper version hits newsstands first of next month).  Yeah, scroll down to the category of Opinionators , you’ll see my girl (and those other two beautiful mouthy broads).

            Yep, they’re influential, officially.  Yep, their parents are all pretty damn proud.  Officially.


Ahead, Here, and Then.

             Another day of mixing it up.  This afternoon I’m going to begin, not end, with our Today’s Sharing.  Because you must all click over and read Sarah’s recent post.   Go!  We’ll wait for you…….

             All done?  Good.  Here is what grabbed me immediately, “the repressed always returns for a reason and it’s never to hurt and wound, only to be heard and healed, experienced and acknowledged.”  This has SO much to do with the work I’m involved in during my sessions with *A* as well as what *K* and I discuss.

             My struggle, so often,  is with the timing.  I’m fairly damn old to be making these sorts of realizations.  But then I remember, we all do what we need to at the exact right moment that it needs doing.

             Which brings me to our message and our daily draw.  They are linked in a special way today.  And I “heard” about it even before I was fully vertical.

Remember fondly,

go forward strongly.

             On the card altar, we’ve returned to our regular rotation.  Coming around to my working deck.  And this one came up a tiny bit sideways.

robin wood tarot, 3 of wands

3 of Wands

                          Notice the tweak?  It has a purpose.  We need to recognize that when we look into our future, we keep our feet planted firmly in the present.  (Mindfulness, anyone?)

             This suit of Wands is all about energy.  Fire and inspiration are the key words.  And as we’ve discussed here, so many times before, Threes are the Holy Trinity.   On many levels, and in several directions.

             They can also be a wee bit unstable if we aren’t careful.  Sure, it will hold us up, but we won’t be able to build a house on it.  (A hut or cabin, probably.  But not an entire huge house.)

             The other message this group brings us is one of movement, reminiscent of yesterday’s Motion and New Location.  Look at the illustration, you can practically FEEL the growth and power of that momentum.  The vining greenery, up one Wand, down that right side, tells us of possibilities, potential, discovery.

             Remember that suggestion of the Golden Path meditation?  See what colour our water image is here?  Yeah, keep that in your thoughts, because it’s an OBVIOUS soul message.  Along the lines of a very valuable lesson.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was a short and leisurely evening wander around our neighborhood, with the Grand Dog.

neighborhood walks, walks with dogs, amazon jogging path

Why, yes. We are all standing in the middle of that road.

             The Deputy even shared his fancy-ass phone map app, for all to see, go HERE.  There were several feathers spotted (but not photographed, it was getting too dusky/dark), plus one far-away visitor.

FLP Report:

as mentioned above, Nebraska.

Mental Health Update:

is a positive one.  Thank you all for your healing energy, it helps, so much more than you realize.  Also?  Thanks, Dan.

Bare Bones Basics.

            It’s always validating when our messages link nicely together, one right after the other.  And that’s where we’ll start tonight.  I don’t know if it’s the Dark Moon, the Retrograding challenges, the seasonal ups and downs, or precisely what, but all I have for you right now is this card and a few home town shots.  Some days the radio is just unplugged.

“The Web Weaver 

 ~  synchronicity, Divine intelligence, cause and effect  ~  4

The Web Weaver rejoices that your creations are far-reaching and have positive effects on the many.  Every action, every thought, every word and deed, is woven into the web of creation.  When the Web Weaver appears as your Ally, she grants you the way to others of like mind and intention and lets you know you are not alone in your endeavors.

Just when you need to make a connection, like magic, synchronicity occurs.  Music reverberates through the web and plays in harmony with your own.  This is a sign to trust in the connectivity between all events.  Magic is afoot for you!

If your query is about a relationship, the Web Weaver gives you assurance that meaningful coincidence comes through to give you reason to hope.  Potential grows into reality with care and patience.  Remember that the web reaches far and wide, and you are only capable of perceiving a small part of it.  Trust and pay attention to the patterns you see play out in your life.  All things will be revealed through the web.”

              Be sure you guys click to make that picture bigger, you need to see all the details in this illustration.  The tiny lantern is too wonderful to miss.

               Today Dan and I awoke to the sound of running water.  We both thought it was rain.  Nope.  Melting snow.  FAST melting snow.  Showing us that maybe some of our losses were not as bad as we had first thought.


              His beloved shrub may not be so seriously wounded after all.  She did lose a few branches, but he thinks that with a bit of help (tomorrow, he ran out of day this afternoon) he can zip tie some of those breaks back together.  (If he can find the zip ties of course.)

              We had to run (or re-run, as it were) an errand earlier.  As we parked there was this BC vehicle in front of us (hi Carol!), and later, going the other direction, there was a newer version of the Why-Oh-mee bucking bronco plate.

            Does this small tree look completely burnt up to you?  It did to me too.  Right above it are several wires, lines of some type or another (I have no clue), which might have contributed to its scorched condition.  What really caught my eye though, is the green glass bottle perched on top.  I’m only five feet tall, so that makes a lot of things seem exceedingly far away.  But really, this tree had to be close to twice my height.  How did they do that?!

              Chickens.  Free roaming.  On Fox Hollow.  They live in the (very shallow) backyard of the house I am standing in front of, not the one you can see in this shot.  Didn’t our cards just say synchronicity?  This sighting seemed immensely significant, because I’ve been catching up on the archives of Terry Golson’s blog.  She’s the HenCam lady!

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid