With Confidence

             While I definitely believe in the “if you don’t like it, change it” theory.  I also have to wear this body and live in the real world.

             There’s just been a wee bit too much REALITY in my life the past week.  Sometimes I find it difficult to manage.  I become overwhelmed with it all.

             This is where my being a person of great faith comes in quite handy.  I know, with all of my whole and entire self that where we are, on this planet, in this plane of education, is truly just a stopping-over point.  I know, with all that I am, that we will get to go Home (eventually).

             Here is where this one took me, here is the word that rang out the loudest:


             The Universe brings us reminders:  rainbows after a cleansing storm, babies after hard labor, presents we didn’t expect.

             The gifts are there, the messages being delivered, it’s our job to find them, to decipher them, to accept them, to receive them.  To be grateful for them.

             Often we struggle.  And that’s part of the process, too.  But in the end, we heal.  Sure, we sometimes go on to cycle around and have similar challenges.  That is another level of our lesson, spiraling ever upwards in our quest for Improvement.

             The WAY we learn, the WAY we manage, that’s key.  That’s where we are better able to see our path, to use our tools, and find the peace we seek.

             I was directed to this lovely validation.  When turmoil seems never-ending, we must remember that the solution will always arrive.

louise hay

“I am at Peace

Divine peace and harmony surround me and dwell in me.

I feel tolerance, compassion, and love for all, myself included.”

             At our own discretion, obviously.  Some folks maybe don’t warrant any kindness, currently.  But, WE sure do!  (And I, personally, am entirely at Peace with my decision to grant compassion where I see fit.)

Today’s Deck:

Power Thought Cards by (the late, great) Louise Hay

Today’s Inspiration:

is a view I found on Instagram, it’s both D.I.Y. and spiritually uplifting.

path to peace

The rocky road home.





To Tend and To Manage

             For about 95% of my life, I was unaware of the Self-Care concept.  We are raised in this culture without it.  And that’s simply wrong.

             It’s true, everything DOES happen at just the correct moment, so I don’t lament the time I didn’t understand it.  I just now, go forward, and share the knowledge, the importance, with everyone who crosses my path.

             The process of being good to ourselves is vital, it is (should be, needs to be) part of our every day lives.

             Here’s what I heard:

start within.

             Because our beginning point, for all decisions and choices, must be ourselves, first.  As we are taken care of, so too, may we be good caretakers of others.

             Self-Care is crucial to our soul health, our mental health, and our physical health.  It’s importance cannot be understated.  What the Universe is reminding us right now is to put ourselves first.

             It is not selfish so practice Self-Care.  In fact, it’s the most generous action we can take.

             And speaking of honoring ourselves, our current card validates the spiritual aspect of this exact topic.


“Vision  ~

Guardian Angel

This is a message about honoring your vision.  It asks you to trust the mental images which you are receiving.  They are answers to your prayers.

Your prophetic visions will bring blessings to you and your loved ones.

Also, your guardian angels are helping you to clearly see the truth within your present situation. 

 Your guardian angels surround your physical and spiritual vision with light.  Look through their eyes and you will see the best within yourself and life itself.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is to mention how very happy I am to be well inside of November.  It’s been cold, cloudy, windy, rainy, and just plain old blustery here.  I adore every second of it!




Watching Over, and Watching Out For

             This is the conversation that was happening inside my head before I got up today, right after I was made aware of what our message was supposed to be.  Seriously.   Not even kidding.

Me:  It’s a tired old cliché.

The Team:  It’s the message.

Me:  Can’t we make it better?  Less trite and more fun?

The Team:  That’s the message.

Me:  I could try to change up the words a bit, use a thesaurus.

The Team:  That’s the message.

Me:  You won’t work with me at ALL here?

The Team:  That.   Is.   The.   Message.

             So, apparently, this is our message:

expect the unexpected.

             (To which I really wanted to add: no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!  But I didn’t.)

             And don’t blame me, I tried.  You can see how hard I lobbied for this to sound differently.  I’m just the radio here, and totally not anywhere near “in charge.”  Obviously.

             Whatever your particular “unexpected” event ends up being (and believe me, I saw some doozies), just know that in the end we’ll be perfectly fine.

             Plus, now we’re (kinda) prepared for it.  Probably.  Sort of.  (At least we know it’s immanent.)

              Bottom line though, we won’t be going through any of it alone.  That’s just a fact.  But it’s also what our daily draw is here to validate.

angel messages, we are never alone

“Heaven is Watching Over You  ~

Guardian Angel  ~

Rest assured that (Mr and Mrs) God and your guardian angels are watching over you and your loved ones.  You are very loved, and  you’re not alone in this situation . . . or ever.  You (and those dear to you) have powerful helpers surrounding you at all times.

This is a message for you to release any worries to Heaven (or The Force, or Whatever).  There is simply nothing for you to fear!  Besides, worry never helped improve anyone or anything.  A better approach is to pray and ask for help, and then allow Heaven (or….) to help you.  You deserve Divine help, support, and protection.

As you and your loved ones sleep, angels are watching over you.  Guardian angels protect your home, health, and well-being.  Nothing can penetrate the power of their love as they form a protective barricade to ensure that you’re all kept safe and sound.”

             You can see that I’ve taken to altering these as they sit, it seemed the way to go right now.  Also, I was just having a conversation with my niece Madalynn (earlier this week) about angels.  This is not the image we were thinking of.  But hey, it’s what we’re getting today.  So, we’ll roll with it.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

 is a decision that I just made recently.  I’m going to get this deck, because ever since I “discovered” it, she’s been calling to me.  (I’m pretty sure I know why, but I don’t want to say anything until I’m a thousand percent confident.)

             I learned, a way long time ago, not to ignore these directions and instincts.  I’ll let you know when it shows up.

             (Also, you can see how well it works for me to argue with what the Universe is saying.  I just won’t win, so I may as well Accept.)

Trusting Alternatives and Truth

             It’s back to our blueprints and life charts today.  And being reminded of Faith/Wisdom.  Not so much a repeat lesson, as an enforced reminder.

             My sleep images were jumbled  but not disruptive.  At first, when I was just waking up, they didn’t seem to be playing well together.  At all.

             Then, it all fell in to place beautifully as soon as I saw our daily draw.  Nice cohesion and blending of ideas.

Return to Release, Relax, Receive.

             Remember our 3 Rs?  Yeah, that one.  Open up those clinched fists and believe in the possibilities.  Loosen our hands and hold them with palms up, the better to accept and appreciate.

             We truly do NOT need to be in full control, or rather, feel like we need to be.  Because, we just aren’t really anyway.

             Can we rely on our inner voices and Team to guide us?  Can we Trust that Wisdom?  Yep, every single time.

             In fact, we can put it in to practice with the following card.

oracle cards, angel messages, choice, trust, wisdom

“Choice  ~

Reconsider a commitment.

You have the right to change your mind.”

             While Choice is one of my all time favorite words, the application here suits us perfectly.  We do have choices, even though we know that ultimate control is out of our hands.

             We have free will, at all times with all things.  So, our basic reminder is to trust in the way we’ve agreed to let our adventure play out.  And never think that we don’t have the option to change our minds.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is from Ally (xenatuba).  Go HERE to read about what’s possibly been part of our ongoing issues.

Locating and Liberating.

             Time and I have a funny relationship.  We don’t always get along.  Today’s appointment was pretty damned important, my preference is to NOT be late, if it can be helped.  (Also, I’d never biked to this location* before, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time for navigating.)  Consequently, I left fairly early in the day (for me).  And never made it into the card altar room for our daily draw.

*It’s not that far from Emma and Ryon’s gym, and *A*‘s new office, but I’d never approached it on two-wheels, maneuvering (legally) amongst the plethora of One-Way streets in that neighborhood.

             This type of delay does occasionally happen, and I simply live with yesterday’s message until the new one is flipped.  Our Trust! guidance was such a good  sign that I knew it could carry me through until I got back home.  Sitting down now to get this post up, I realized that I still hadn’t done it.  When I did, it made me smile.

angel and oracle cards

St Anthony of Padua  ~

You Found It!

This is a message about finding something of great value, such as your life path or a lost item.  St Anthony asks you to have faith that you’ve found (or will soon find) what you are looking for.  The situation you’re inquiring about is what you have been seeking.  Congratulations – you’ve found your way.

Both St Anthony and the Archangel Chamuel can help you locate lost items. Call upon them both (either silently or aloud) and ask them to help you.  Then pay attention to your inner guidance, such as gut feelings, visions, or thoughts.  Follow this wisdom, and  you will find the item.  Trust in the miracle of Heaven’s helpers retrieving the item for you.

Remember that nothing is lost in the mind of God.  And if for some reason it doesn’t immediately return, hold the faith that it will come back to you in Divine timing.

St Anthony of Padua, Italy, was called ‘the Wonder Worker’ for his reported miraculous healings, including bringing a man back to life.   An eloquent speaker, he traveled widely to preach and help the poor.  Its even reported that he gave speeches outdoors in the rain, yet his audience remained dry.  Many people call on St Anthony to find lost items and to regain the grace of God, with miraculous results.”

             As always, please feel free to substitute any words that don’t work for you, making the exchanges as I do, in a second reading.

             For me, today’s draw is just this-side of miraculous, as the guidebook says.  My search was not for a physical item, but more about the Transformation Of Me and this journey that I’ve been on since turning 50.  It felt perfect that we’d get such a powerful message on such a monumental day.

             The validation is huge too, seeing as right now is a Dark Moon day.  Letting go is what this Recycle Lunar phase is all about.  On with Releasing!

             Ready for the haircut report?  Of course you are.   First some backstory, though.  Kelli is a family friend, one of our tribe from way, way back (more than 23 years).  This is us figuring out the camera.

A purely accidental shot.(Or was it?)

A purely accidental shot.
(Or was it?)

             And here’s how I looked, after she had brushed out the tangles and we’d talked about donation options.

donating long hair

In the span of five years,
that sprouted from of my head.
(I had nothing to do with it.)

             When we did this the last time, I thought perhaps my hair was thinning as I aged.  That would be a perfectly natural occurrence.  It is happening.  But I started off with so much, and such thick strands, that it’s barely noticeable.

These are what's going to someone who needs it more than me.

These braids are going to someone (or several someones) who need them more than I do.

             She divided it up into four sections.  Because there was plenty to go around.

             We had a general idea of style, but since I am not a very fashion-conscious individual, I simply let her do her thing.

This was taken with a flash so it's not great.

This was taken with a flash so it’s not great.

             While I was waiting for Dan to take that (above) photo, I snapped one on my own.  Ignore how hot and sweaty I am (or better yet, look at the end of this post and see how many miles I’d just ridden, and THEN ignore how tomato-faced I look).

Probably the least flatering view of me to date.  (THIS is how far I've come, I sort of don't care.)

Probably the least flattering view of me to date.
(THIS is how far I’ve come, I sort of don’t care.)

             Now, it’s going to be about watching the tresses return.  Again.  I’ll try to remember, as it grows out, to get pictures.   (Help by reminding me a lot, okay?)

             In a recent comment, Ally asked if I would give a No Shampoo update.  Today’s professional lathering was the first time any cleaning products were in my vicinity, other than the about-monthly baking soda scrub, since I began the project last year.  Kelli said she didn’t notice anything wrong with the condition of my hair (other than minor pool-related damage), so I’d say that experiment was a huge success.

             It remains to be seen how the growing-out will fare sans commercial foaming agents.  Since I’ll be more able to get a comb or brush through this length of locks though, the movement of natural oils should be even better from now on.  (Good question, and excellent reminder.  I’ve been meaning to get Daniel on the bandwagon and keep forgetting.)

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

Ohio and Massachusetts.

Today’s Mileage:

9.010 downtown and back, with a grand total of 52 minutes, 20 seconds pedaling.   My top speed went up last week, and again today, reaching 22.2.  This is a mystery to me, must just be coming down our hill, with big wind at my back.  My average (10.2MPH) was great though, for me not rushing and it being so damn blustery out.

LateNight Note:

my braids are going HERE, because it’s a local organization.