Exacting Great Care

             Even if we were to sit perfectly still, calm and serene, at peace, time would continue to tick on.  Seconds, minutes, hours, days.

             And if we struggle, stress, suffer, time also ticks on.  Seconds, minutes, hours, days.  And then, weeks into months and years.

             Clearly, part of our message is about HOW we spend those moments.

Right here,


             Mindfully, with great thought, we are able to be in our time, not merely spend it.  While simultaneously, seeing what is ahead and honoring what has gone by.

             But also, we are being reminded that time just is.  It moves, it goes, it ticks along.  If we waste* it, it’s gone anyway.

*And by “wasting” I don’t mean that we’ve been reading a good book or watching the sun set, I mean by spending more hours at work than with family.  Or by spending precious moments in complaint or rage, when we could easily have used those hours to express our joy and care.

             Taking “time” to find blessings and gifts and a positive focus, can help our lessons, our healing, and every step of our journey.

             On the card altar, where I was directed for this draw, is another way to utilize our valuable seconds, minutes, hours.

heart and soul messages

“Bliss  ~

We cannot find total bliss in this world, but we can preview it, and even, at times, feel overwhelmed with joy.

This can be accomplished by accepting the universal truth that the origin of All is Love.”

             To which I would add:

when we express our pleasure instead of our disdain, we are more likely to share happiness.  It’s worth our time to try.

Today’s Deck:

Heart And Soul Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s Must Watch Video:

             Seriously, everyone needs to see this, no matter who you are.