At my “day” job, there is a co-worker (one of my bosses, actually), who is fond of telling me to “trust the process” when I’m in the middle of a petulant tantrum of injustice.

             This phrase has been on my mind lately, not only because he’s correct in his advice, but because when we recall how we all set our own plans in motion, devised our own blueprints, gathered with our Team and came up with this particular life’s path, the “process” is exactly what we are immersed in, daily.

             When I’m feeling at my lowest (recent global news has not been helping), I try to rest my mind and recall that I made these choices.  I intentionally placed my soul in this body, right here…… the only question then becomes, why?

             And that, is our message.  We need only wait, trusting our earlier selves, our spirit-selves, to know what and when would be the most perfect way for us to learn and grow.

It’s about Time.

             As we’ve always been told, patience is a virtue.  Well, I’ve bristled at and struggled with this forEVER.  Turns out, the virtuous part is not necessarily valid, but the patience aspect, that certainly is.

             To worry and fret and whine and bitch gets us nowhere but unhappy.  Waiting, however, and viewing our blessings, acknowledging our gifts, this helps to ease the passage of time, just long enough for us to look back, glancing over our shoulders to the recent past, and seeing the “why” as well as the “when” as we notice patterns and reasons.

             To trust that we’ve originally laid things out for our highest and best possible good is a waiting game.  It can be trying and annoying as fuck, but it’s a Universal Truth.  Time, truly, will tell.

             It will tell us that we have chosen well.  It will tell us the process is a good one.  It can also tell us that if those selections aren’t going in a direction we now like, we can change them.

             And in perfect validation, here is our draw.

it's about time

“Making a Choice  ~  30

You are required to come to a decision now.

You’re faced with a dilemma or a fork in the road and must make a conscious choice regarding the next right action.  

Whatever that choice is, you must take responsibility for it – yet you needn’t be afraid.  You may not have all the answers right now, because the way ahead can’t be known until you have embarked and traveled a few steps.

Trust your intuition.  Ask for a sign from the spirit world and you will be led to the right path.

If you remain conscious and aware, your selection will be the right one at this time.  Life is always about learning.

Success lies in choosing consciously, guided by your Inner Voice and heeding the messages that the Universe sends you.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my tiny hallway.

harbour outhouse

             Autumnal Equinox has come and gone, the Full Moon is just ending, evenings are chilly, the sun has moved, it’s most definitely a new season.  I am embarrassing the changes, and hoping that you are, too.

             It’s a process, but I’m trusting in it.





The Constraints of Our Time

             Living, as we do, in this fallible bodies, on this lovely blue and green rock, there are limitations.  Ones we all battle with, yet try to accept and embrace.

             That’s what our message is about today, that physicality we must handle, deal with, and manage.  How, in this world, we sometimes feel bound, by time and place.


             When we work within the restrictions though, we gain immeasurable benefits.  Also, it’s just less painful.  The struggle is less, and we learn more, when we let go.  (As we have heard.  Repeatedly.)

             But what is the best way to release?  And to come to terms with these constant and annoying delays that try our patience?

             The solution is, like we heard yesterday, a simple one.  It’s not an EASY one, but it is basic and free.  The answer is: acceptance.

             When we have delays, all we need to do is wait.  They go away.  As all things do.  Both good and bad.  Wait it out, all of it will end, eventually.  Only to loop back again, and start over.  The process of time is eternal.

             To enforce this reminder, I was (loudly!) directed out of our regular rotation around the card altar, and (loudly!) instructed to minimally utilize the guidebook, while enhancing the definition with channeled assistance for our daily draw.


“Angel of Soul Love  ~

‘Time to look at how you value yourself – issues of self-love.’

. . . . all happens as an act of love.  Stand up for yourself regardless of what others think or say and know that you are eternally worthy of love.

In essence, you are a wondrous and beautiful being of light and love.  You are held in eternal embrace by the soul of creation, loved and valued more than you will ever know.”

             To keep ourselves “in time” and “on time” it is suggested that we begin from within.  Self-care, self-love, soul-love is all the same starting point, the first step.

             From there, we can go anywhere.  At any time, and without worry of delay.  Because we ARE on time, we ARE the loved and cared for children of the Universe.  Besides, to be delayed is to be given a gift of mindfulness, a moment in the now.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Weather Sharing:

is this “extra” picture from my Almanac calendar.

freezing rain

The beauty of these photos is breathtaking.

             Every month has two views, and a question answered.  Here is our first installment for 2015:

“How does freezing rain form?

Cold air aloft produces snow that falls through warm air underneath.  The snow melts into rain and continues to fall, passing through a shallow layer of cold air that has cooled surfaces to below freezing nearer to the ground.  When the rain hits these surfaces, it turns to ice.  If 1/4 inch or more of ice accumulates, the event is call an ice storm.”


Exacting Great Care

             Even if we were to sit perfectly still, calm and serene, at peace, time would continue to tick on.  Seconds, minutes, hours, days.

             And if we struggle, stress, suffer, time also ticks on.  Seconds, minutes, hours, days.  And then, weeks into months and years.

             Clearly, part of our message is about HOW we spend those moments.

Right here,


             Mindfully, with great thought, we are able to be in our time, not merely spend it.  While simultaneously, seeing what is ahead and honoring what has gone by.

             But also, we are being reminded that time just is.  It moves, it goes, it ticks along.  If we waste* it, it’s gone anyway.

*And by “wasting” I don’t mean that we’ve been reading a good book or watching the sun set, I mean by spending more hours at work than with family.  Or by spending precious moments in complaint or rage, when we could easily have used those hours to express our joy and care.

             Taking “time” to find blessings and gifts and a positive focus, can help our lessons, our healing, and every step of our journey.

             On the card altar, where I was directed for this draw, is another way to utilize our valuable seconds, minutes, hours.

heart and soul messages

“Bliss  ~

We cannot find total bliss in this world, but we can preview it, and even, at times, feel overwhelmed with joy.

This can be accomplished by accepting the universal truth that the origin of All is Love.”

             To which I would add:

when we express our pleasure instead of our disdain, we are more likely to share happiness.  It’s worth our time to try.

Today’s Deck:

Heart And Soul Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s Must Watch Video:

             Seriously, everyone needs to see this, no matter who you are.