And We Just Keep Going.

             Oh crap.  I just spent way too much time catching up on my e-mail and tweeties.  Dan had another overtime day and we got out late for the weekly grocery gathering.  Which means, we got BACK late too.  And then, well…. let’s just say that Time Management is not one of the things I should be paid highly for.

            Now I feel rushed, but that’s okay, mostly all I have to share this evening is pictures.   Like this one, from Ally (xenatuba).

She says, "Taken on the beach at Lagos, Portugal on New Year's Day."

She says, “Taken on the beach at Lagos, Portugal on New Year’s Day.”

             Yeah, now THAT’S how ya want to start off your 2013.  Thanks for sharing with us!

             Closer to home, but no less pertinent, I am beginning to break out the new calendars.  Here’s one that I need to spend more time with, it has a lot going on.

Here's the cover.

A view of the cover.

             It will go in the upstairs hallway, close to our card altar room, for easy access.  This one gives me the feeling that we’re going to be seeing quite a bit of it in JulieLand.

The first month already looks interesting.

The first month already looks interesting.

             I am not entirely in love with this illustrator’s work, but it’s sort of non-offensive, so it can be overlooked as we concentrate on the messages from Louise.

             And as promised in last night’s comments, here’s the fix on my self-created affirmation.

Much better, now.

Much better, now.

             As soon as I read Judy’s remark, I had a pen in hand and was scribbling out a remedy.  Thank you again, J3!

             Back to our regular rotation now, we’ve turned over a duo that really has something empowering to say.  Not much different from what we’ve been hearing lately, but in a slightly more direct manner, as is the way with this particular stack.

alternate tarot cards

Politics  ~  Clouds: The Mind  ~  7

Traveling  ~  Fire:  Action  ~  8

             This pair is telling us about honesty and the joy of the journey.  It is a progression of where we’ve been and where we are going.  The message doesn’t have to be taken literally though, we might not be going anywhere physically.

             When we get stuck in our mind we often neglect our spirit and body.  And when we focus too much on the movement of the body we might be forgetting to tend to our soul and mind.  Therefore, balance and appreciation of the moment is what’s being called for right now.

             The old saying of stopping to smell the roses is used still because it often applies, and is a great visual.  There are maybe not too many flowers outside, but there are certainly chances to slow down and appreciate our blessings.  And there are always opportunities to live a more honest and genuine life.

             Truly seeing and acknowledging our surrounds and our selves is the key to making this journey worthwhile, as well as fun.  All we need to do is fearlessly observe and appreciate, with integrity.

Today’s Deck:

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