Preservation and Safety.

             Astrologically speaking, we have several events coming and going (check my regularly updated, helpful reminder boxes <—– over there).  However, since that’s not really my strongest area of expertise, I encourage everyone to check out Sarah’s place.  If you haven’t already made this one of your daily stops, please do.  Her take on what is going on around us is extremely helpful.

             Also, it’s not just me this time, I know it.  Others must be noticing it too.  In the past few days the weather has just BOOM! gone from summer to fall.  Which makes sense, the Equinox is only a few days away.  But still, I could absolutely feel it in the air, and I had to turn my lights on for the ride home from class this evening.

             When I got out of bed earlier, stretching and waking up before my window, there were definitely more orange leaves in my view than even yesterday.  I wasn’t discouraged though, because our message wouldn’t let me be.

Find the important/beautiful spots in your day,

and treasure them.

             Which is precisely what I did, from that exact point on.  (Not that my day was bad, though.)  As I later stood in front of our card altar I was directed to jump back into the regular rotation.

             This one may not be my favorite illustration, but what he’s telling us is continuing the previous theme.  Obviously that makes the importance level high.

oracle cards, the metal king

“The Metal King  ~  37  ~

discipline, armor, boundaries

Ally:  The Metal King is strong and arrives to lend you his impenetrable shield of protection.  No matter who sends you criticism or jealously, you will not be hurt.

This Ally also prompts  you to think about setting healthy boundaries.  When you do – no matter how uncomfortable that task may be – everyone will benefit   He asks you to make sure you know where you end and another begins.  Others’ emotions are not yours, no matter how empathic you may be.

Another of the Metal King’s messages is to remind you how important it is to have a healthy sense of self-esteem.  It’s a good time to shine and be proud of what you have accomplished.”

             It’s been a while since the Contrary angle was suggested, but that’s the case today.  Here’s the other side of this one.

“Challenger:  Be mindful of codependency and enmeshment when the Metal King comes as your Challenger.  He’s inviting you to address how overwhelmed you may be around other people.  Do you pick up their feelings like a sponge?  Do you feel you need to heal them so that you feel better?

Get grounded.  Be clear about your own personal boundaries, and restrain yourself when you feel like jumping in to help without being asked.  This is also a warning against forming unhealthy relationships in any area of your life.”

             Good info, from both directions.  I especially like that he has brought his armour to keep us safe, from whoever or whatever happens along.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Mileage:

was up to the pool and back in only 22 minutes 57 seconds, just 3.872 miles, at an average speed of 10.1 MPH.

Continued Sharing From The Wedding Weekend:

includes this shot of Horsetail Falls, off of Hwy 84’s scenic bypass (the old road, in other words).

Horsetail falls

With Dan taking his own pic, for perspective.

             There are three (I think) official falls along that road, and a couple of spillovers.  It’s a gorgeous drive, any time of year.  We plan on going back that way again, when we aren’t in such a rush.  (And possibly hiking some of them.)

Happy Windsday Piglet, Happy Windsday Pooh.

             It is now a well established fact that I am not necessarily a good rule follower.  But there are certain matters of common courtesy that I expect others to perform, partly because I do, and partly because it’s simply the right thing to do.  One of them is an actual law.  I saw this law/rule being broken today THREE times!  It was most irksome.  I shouted bad words, and waved my arms around in an alarmingly wild fashion.

              The situation played out in front of me on three separate intersections in town today.  I was making a left hand turn, the first time, going from a one way street to a one way street.  There was a guy on a skateboard approaching the cross walk.  He popped his board up into his hands and was about to proceed.  He had the little white “walk” guy facing him and we had a green light.  I saw him, he saw me, I waited.  The asshat next to me (who was also turning) did NOT.  This idiot nearly took off the end of Nice Skate Board Guy’s foot!  I made the well recognized “WTF?” face and motions, and he just kind of shrugged his shoulders like “what’r ya gonna do?”

             Only a few more blocks up, a similar situation occurred.  I took note of a pedestrian, but the imbecile in front of me nearly ran the old man down.  When it happened a third time I was inconsolable.  This is precisely why I am no longer allowed access to firearms. 

               What is so ignorant about these asinine drivers is that we’ve had huge public education campaigns locally about HOW automobiles are NOT supposed to crash over pedestrians.  Obviously these particular shitbags weren’t paying attention, or they just figure that these exact traffic laws do not pertain to them.  Have they NEVER walked any where?  None of their children are ever trying to cross the street?  Their mothers and fathers don’t need to ambulate from point A to point B?  Really, I would have shot them.  Dead.  Stupid people in cars do not deserve life.

            Remember the Mystery Dakota foreign license plate I keep seeing?  Well I saw another one today (or possibly the same one I just keep seeing repeatedly).  I finally looked it up.   It’s this one.  Hope you can see the picture on that link.  NORTH Dakota!  With a cute little buffalo in the bottom left hand corner.  Whew, well now I can move on.

            And speaking of automobiles, I had a most bizarre dream last night.  I was involved in a crash, a very slow-moving, not-at-all violent motor vehicle accident.  It was strange, even for me.  Took place just barely down the road from my house and the cast of characters were a bunch of my neighbors.  The Wee Walnut was in the middle of a five-layer car and truck sammich.  The whole thing was just lazy feeling and the opposite of what a wreck really feels like.  I don’t know what to do with it.

                            Look what I got on my phone yesterday.                  The message said, “Max likes Greek yogurt.”  We’ve been having this debate recently around The Burrow (since Empress is still all home-less and shit, she’s here A LOT).  She and her father enjoy Greek yogurt.  She tried to get me to eat it.  I do NOT like Greek yogurt.  Remember that scene in the old Tom Hanks movie Big were he scrubs his tongue with the little cocktail napkin and attempts to back out of the crap in his mouth?  Well, that was me and the Greek yogurt.  To be fair, I have a tendency to embarrass my children when a food item is not pleasing to my palate.  I kinda act like a three-year old, spitting the aforementioned bit of unpleasantness out.  I don’t ALWAYS just heave it out into my hand!  Sometimes I set it nicely on the plate and cover it up discreetly.

            I really love Colette’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realm  oracle cards (for several reasons), but today we got one with an illustration that isn’t my favorite.   Good draw, and useful information, just kind of a displeasing picture.  If it was food, I’d have spit it out.

“The Metal King  ~  discipline, armor, boundaries.

   The Metal King is strong and arrives to lend you his impenetrable shield of protection.  No matter who sends you criticism or jealousy, you will not be hurt.

This Ally also prompts you to think about setting healthy boundaries.  When you do, no matter how uncomfortable that task may be, everyone will benefit.  He asks you to make sure you know where you end and another begins.  Others’ emotions are not yours, no matter how empathic you may be.

  Another of The Metal King’s messages is to remind you how important it is to have a healthy sense of self-esteem.  It’s a good time to shine and be proud of what you have accomplished.”

Disclaimer du jour: I apologize if anything I have written today is found to be in poor or questionable taste, due to the recent horrific events in Arizona.  I truly believe that drivers like those I mentioned above could kill someone, hence I also believe they should not continue to enjoy the privileges of driver-hood.  Or sharing air with the rest of us.