Affiliated Harmonically

             Energetically speaking, there’s a shit-ton going on right now.  (And yes, that’s a professional if not technical term.)  Pluto, Mercury, the moon, and (depending on where you live) tomorrow’s Equinox.

             All of that, to those of us Highly Sensitive types (plus whatever “regular” living chaos we’re in), can add up to some stressy-ness and edgy emotions.

             And that calls for Self-Care of the most major kind.  (As well as MORE releasing.)  Perfect message then, for what arrived today.

Yours – Mine

             As I read through the Four Agreements (it’s slow going, I really want to absorb it all), I see the benefits of stepping away from our suffering even more clearly.

             Your situations are your situations, my situations are my situations.  The same goes for how we feel and how we react.  I can’t be responsible for your reaction, just as you can’t be responsible for mine.

             Can we approach life with Truth and lovingkindness so as to mitigate as much harm as possible?  Absolutely!  In fact, it’s recommended.

             We just can’t get hung up on who else feels what about everything.  WE are the focus of our own journey.  Sure, it’s nice to have fellow adventures along for the ride.  Our main responsibility though, is our own sacred selves.

             On our card altar right now we’re going out into the future (while staying firmly planted in the now), manifesting that next chapter.  My chapter.  And your chapter.

minor arcana Robin Wood

Two of Wands

             Remember how Staves, Wands, Clubs are all about energy?  Like what we started this conversation with.  Energy.  The power of life which rolls within and around us all.

             That which makes us all connected.  The very essence of who and what we are.  The spark of creation and wave of power.

             And here, in its truest form of duality, balance, and those first steps into “making” something out of nothing.  In this illustration, our character gazes out upon the possibilities of All.

             We are most magickal when we are in sync with the Universe and all of Nature.  Here is the validation of our efforts.  We can see, as this individual does, that there is a future.  We have learned from our past, as we embrace our present.

             This present moment, this is the gift of intentional living.  Your gift.  My gift.

Today’s Resources:


Llewellyn’s 2015 Witches’ Datebook,

the Robin Wood Tarot

Current Astrological Happenings:

Mercury Retrograde through October 9

Autumnal Equinox 1:09 a.m. on Wednesday 9-23

Pluto Direct at 11: 57 p.m. on Thursday 9-24

Full Harvest Moon at 7:51 p.m. on Sunday 9-27

(Time zone: Oregon.  Calculate accordingly.)



             As I said on Tuesday, there’s a new book in my life.  So far, it’s been pretty good (just a few nitpick-y things that bother me).  The information is generally very inspiring and interesting.

             Today, one of the authour’s topics is also our message.  Because this is something we need to look at, and remember.

Our Word

             There’s a saying about a person’s word being their bond.  Similarly, Our Word is also our mythology, our story, and our background.

             The way we view ourselves and our surroundings can also be Our Word.  It becomes the Truth of who we are.  And, who we are on our way to being.

             Our Word can be not only our bond, but also our Hope.  When we speak with a genuine care and an honest heart, we bring Our Word into the realm of lovingkindness.  For ourselves, and for our loved ones.

             Conversely, we sometimes lean toward harshness.  A negativity which never helps, nor heals.  From don Miguel Ruiz:

“Humans punish themselves endlessly for not being what they believe they should be.”

             When we allow that “should” to dissolve, and replace it with joy, then Our Word evolves, spiraling ever upwards, as we grow and learn.  It’s the letting go of our suffering that helps to cement our mind-body-spirit wholeness.

             On our card altar right now, we are being validated and gifted aplenty.


“The Present  ~  12

gift, treasure, revelation of own value, now-ness

The Mermaids Sing:

‘We have heard that in the warm semi-tropical waters of Australian’s Moreton Bay, a group of marine biologists have recently recorded fascinating new interactions between dolphins and humans.

The dolphins of this beautiful place have been, for over ten years now, bringing gifts to the biologists, who in turn have fed them in a strictly regulated program.  

The dolphins have brought to the biologists eels, fish, shells, and pieces of “treasure” from the sea, refusing to take them back when they are offered to them, in a moment of inter-species reciprocity which is moving and beautiful – and pure communication of sharing and energy exchange.

When this card comes to you, you are being shown how the energy is being exchanged in the present moment.’


There will be either a gift given, or a gift received.  But there can be no true gift without reciprocation . . . when energy is exchanged, bonds grow closer, and connection is deepened.

The exchange of gifts may also be about the giving of time and  energy to each other, shifting and moving away from a typical type of work for pay, into a more flexible system of exchange and caretaking.

Friends will offer to do things for you, and before you feel beholden to them, or hesitate to accept because you do not wish to be a burden, remember the joy of the gift is in the giving, and a gift cannot be given unless there is a true connection.

The gift, when this card is upright, comes from a pure and good place, it is joyful and it is given with the very best intentions.  It will draw you closer, and create even more intimacy and trust in your relationship.

A beautiful sense of partnership will evolve out of what seems like a simple act of generosity.  The exchange will never end . . . it is a bond forged beyond time, and as long as there is love, caring, and trust, the energy grows and ripples out into the world.”

 Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS timely astrological offering.



             Unconditional love and support are our birthright, as spiritual beings on this planet.  Since we DO where physical bodies though, we sometimes stumble, get stuck, or forget what is our due.

             Today’s message is a soul reminder.  The Universe would like us to recall how very sacred and uniquely special we truly are.

Shining Brightly

             I am fully aware that negative folks constantly battle against the very knowledge of us all being so brilliantly wonderful, but I absolutely do not care.  I also refuse to give any credit to pessimistic naysayers who focus only on the terrible in our world.

             Right now, in this moment, while we sit (or stand, or recline, or whatever) our aim is to see the light.  To see the beauty.  To see with lovingkindness all that there is to view and appreciate.

             For this brief (and holy-because-we-are-in-it) period of time, we are blessed with a shining brilliance that is free, and is naturally uplifting.  It costs nothing to bathe in it.  It costs nothing to keep the shining joy close to our hearts as we head off into other parts of our day.

             It is our heritage, our honour, and our privilege to shine brightly.  There is no reason NOT TO.

             On our card altar (illuminating us even more) is a messenger who arrived in the direct position, but I knew immediately that she needed us to see both sides of what she represents.


“The Wise Woman of Wonderland  ~  21  ~

integrity, compromise

The Wise Woman of Wonderland brings integrity to thought, word, and deed.  She lets you know that as long as you are in the flow of honesty and being true to your word, she keeps you under her protection and care.

When she appears as your Ally, she signals a time when honesty pays off, yielding greater dividends than you expected.  You will be thankful that you remained faithful and loyal to your path.

She reminds you that compromise isn’t always an option.  Stay true to yourself first and foremost.  Although it may appear that you could lose something as a result, you can never lose what is truly yours.


When the Wise Woman of Wonderland appears as a Challenger, this is a sign that you may have compromised yourself out of fear.  

Have you been in denial about the truth of your situation?  Have you sold yourself short rather than ask for what you really need?  Have you given up your dream for another because you fear abandonment?

The Wise Woman of Wonderland is gently reminding you that you count.  Claim your good and never settle for less.

Be fearless and make it so!

Why hang around for more disappointment when wonderful adventures and opportunities are waiting to unfold for you?”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of what I’m currently reading.  (Timely, synchronistically so.)

4 agreements

I keep calling it the “Four Elements
…… and that’s so not the same.

             I only just picked up both from the library late this afternoon, so I haven’t done more than glance.  They were recommended by Kim Russo (who I greatly admire and have chatted with a few times on-line).  I’ll keep you posted about what this brings and what I learn.