At my “day” job, there is a co-worker (one of my bosses, actually), who is fond of telling me to “trust the process” when I’m in the middle of a petulant tantrum of injustice.

             This phrase has been on my mind lately, not only because he’s correct in his advice, but because when we recall how we all set our own plans in motion, devised our own blueprints, gathered with our Team and came up with this particular life’s path, the “process” is exactly what we are immersed in, daily.

             When I’m feeling at my lowest (recent global news has not been helping), I try to rest my mind and recall that I made these choices.  I intentionally placed my soul in this body, right here…… the only question then becomes, why?

             And that, is our message.  We need only wait, trusting our earlier selves, our spirit-selves, to know what and when would be the most perfect way for us to learn and grow.

It’s about Time.

             As we’ve always been told, patience is a virtue.  Well, I’ve bristled at and struggled with this forEVER.  Turns out, the virtuous part is not necessarily valid, but the patience aspect, that certainly is.

             To worry and fret and whine and bitch gets us nowhere but unhappy.  Waiting, however, and viewing our blessings, acknowledging our gifts, this helps to ease the passage of time, just long enough for us to look back, glancing over our shoulders to the recent past, and seeing the “why” as well as the “when” as we notice patterns and reasons.

             To trust that we’ve originally laid things out for our highest and best possible good is a waiting game.  It can be trying and annoying as fuck, but it’s a Universal Truth.  Time, truly, will tell.

             It will tell us that we have chosen well.  It will tell us the process is a good one.  It can also tell us that if those selections aren’t going in a direction we now like, we can change them.

             And in perfect validation, here is our draw.

it's about time

“Making a Choice  ~  30

You are required to come to a decision now.

You’re faced with a dilemma or a fork in the road and must make a conscious choice regarding the next right action.  

Whatever that choice is, you must take responsibility for it – yet you needn’t be afraid.  You may not have all the answers right now, because the way ahead can’t be known until you have embarked and traveled a few steps.

Trust your intuition.  Ask for a sign from the spirit world and you will be led to the right path.

If you remain conscious and aware, your selection will be the right one at this time.  Life is always about learning.

Success lies in choosing consciously, guided by your Inner Voice and heeding the messages that the Universe sends you.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my tiny hallway.

harbour outhouse

             Autumnal Equinox has come and gone, the Full Moon is just ending, evenings are chilly, the sun has moved, it’s most definitely a new season.  I am embarrassing the changes, and hoping that you are, too.

             It’s a process, but I’m trusting in it.





Talkin’ Life Bizness

             The blueprints we all construct before putting on these bodies and stepping in to these particular lives, that’s what has been on my mind lately.  Understandably so, what with job searches, births, deaths, and car fires all around me.

             However, I’m also hearing that I’m not the only one in transition.  This message is for all of us.

             Our lessons and our challenges, our gifts and our blessings.  These are the parts of our journey which make us unique, and many-layered.  The pieces and parts of our life patterns, we have listed and sorted them all.

             One of our tasks in this process is to honour every direction, the ups and downs and the in-betweens.  We have our charts in hand when we arrive, and the closer we follow them, the smoother our adventure goes.

             Here’s what the main focus is right now:

Contractual Obligations and Agreements of the Soul

             To follow our passion and fulfill the promises we made, we have to pay attention.  Are we looking forward to each new day, or dreading it?  Do we glow with a joyous feeling, or do we slump through each chore in a cloud of complaints?

             When we aren’t doing our very best, or living up to our commitments, we aren’t helping anyone.  Most especially ourselves.  Fortunately, the solution for improvement is simple.

             Since there are no mistakes, merely sidetrips, we can get back on course easily enough.  On our card altar, the Universe has delivered an intense, but necessary, reminder.  Processing our emotions, not hiding from them is a valuable first step.

             (I would like to suggest that we all read the words below very carefully, maybe even twice through.  I’ve been directed to include both sections from the guidebook.  Clearly this is important!)

life contracts

“Sad Embrace  ~  45  ~

‘Joy is a part of life.  Let go and allow time to heal you.’


You may be entering into a period where loss is the theme. Perhaps you are having to let go of a long-cherished dream.

If so, take heart, for this ending may have been for your highest good.  A better and more powerful dream will be realized in your life if you can accept the loss.

Relationships based on faulty foundations are meant to end at this time.  Disappointment is a form of perception.

If your expectations weren’t met, a sense of loss arises, along with sadness and grief.  Express these emotions.  Tears are like healing rain that can restore life to a parched inner landscape.

Growth is always assured.  Whatever the loss – however great it is – let go, and experience your feelings so that you may soon see what beauty lies ahead.


Are you suffering over your suffering?  Do you feel that life is treating you unfairly and that you have been robbed or deprived of what you’re entitled to?  Do you long for a love that eludes you, or the success that has been bestowed upon others?

 Righteous anger and a sense of entitlement lead to a trap of ego.  Your suffering and loss will pass if you let them.  If you hold on to your perception of unfairness, then you will find yourself in its tight grip, unable to breathe freely.

The only solution is to drop your victim stance and embrace the sadness so that it may dissipate naturally in time.

Trials and tribulations build character, which is its own gift.  Find something to be grateful for, and take responsibility for your part in all matters.

However painful it may be to sit with your sadness, remember that you are loved and will not be left adrift forever.  Have faith, for this, too, shall pass.

You are not a victim, only a traveler on a hero’s journey.  It’s okay to be disappointed for now, but know that someday you will look back and see great value in this experience.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view, my August page from the calendar of Porches.

meditation spots

That light, warm and soft.

             I’ll be right there, if anybody needs me.  Looks like a perfect spot to sit, meditate, pray, grieve, process, contemplate, simply daydream.


Recouping in the Affirmative

             What I heard this morning was clear and dramatic.  The images specific and detailed.  We are being asked to recall something from an earlier guidebook definition.  And apply it right now.

Accept what is.

             Of course this is not the same as being resigned to our fate.  Because our “fate” is actually the incredibly detailed plan that we worked on with our loved ones, the chart we plotted before arriving here, into these bodies/shells.

             What we are accepting is really our very own blueprint, that which will help us the most.

             When we “accept what is” we do so with open hands and hearts.  Trusting that we’re exactly where we need to be, learning precisely the lessons that will benefit us the most.  Should we continue to strive for lovingkindness?  Absolutely.  Should our goal be a mindful and caring passion?  Without a doubt.

             When we  “accept,” we honour our wisdom.  And that of those we’ve chosen to walk alongside in this lifetime.  On our card altar, back within the regular rotation, we’ve been shown another, and very beautiful, aspect of this same idea.

oracle cards, colette baron-reid, wisdom of the hidden realms

“The Rainbow Prince  ~  26  ~

compensation, perseverance

When the Rainbow Prince appears as your Ally, he reminds you about the Law of Compensation and the Law of Receiving.   After the rainstorm you’ve endured on your journey, the Rainbow Prince brings you a pot of gold, which is the result of your using all the elements of your inner Light and reaching into the sky until  you touch the material realm from one end to the other.  

This isn’t always an easy process, and hard work must be rewarded by compensation.   When you align yourself with the energy of giving the highest value, your compensation is inherent in the act itself.

But the message here is more than that:

the Rainbow Prince says to keep your sights on the sky after the rainstorms that may have upset your life.  Follow your bliss to the pot of gold waiting for you.

Perseverance pays off, and your reward will be greater than you can imagine.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is in reply.  My exceptionally beautiful, most recent quiche sparked another round of recipe requests.  I’ve shared this here before, more than once.  But it’s understandable that it might be forgotten.

             Because it’s not really a specific set of ingredients nor instructions.  It was at one time (more than 25 years ago), but now this dish is simply a what-I-have-on-hand sort of toss-together, budget-pleasing, general suggestion.

             I make the rice crust* by using about (about!) a cup of cooked rice, any kind.  Cooled.  Mix in an egg or two (whatever), and some seasoning.  I like Kale Sprinkles right now, but I’ve also used paprika, parsley, garlic, seasoning salt.  Stir well.

*Or use any type of crust you want, even none at all.

             Smash the mixture into a greased pie plate (mine is very deep and antique, no clue how it compares to more modern equipment).  Push with a large spoon or spatula so that the bottom is flat and it is coming up the sides, just like a regular pie crust would be.  (If you have any basil, you could press some across the surface at this stage.)

             In that same bowl you used for combining your rice and eggs (don’t bother washing it), toss in spinach, or whatever greenery you have around.  This originally called for a box of frozen chopped, defrosted and drained, but not cooked.

             Add eggs.  If you have lots, us lots.  If you have only a few, then add cream (or milk or unflavored  yogurt or cottage cheese) to stretch the liquids.

             Now, look around.  What else do you have?  Got cheese?  Grate a bunch* and throw that in.  Bacon handy and no vegetarians in your house?  Crumble and add a handful.  Sun-dried tomatoes?  Also good.

*We ended up with some pre- shredded Fiesta Blend, this last time, but have used all varieties and types and ages.

             Salt and pepper.  Mix thoroughly.  Breaking up the spinach if needed.  Pour over your crust.  Place dish on a baking sheet, it might overflow, or it may not, but be safe.  Cook for at least an hour.  Then, if it’s really pretty, take a picture.

Of Touch and Feel.

             This is how it is.  Well, this is how one bit of the whole works.  The piece that is making itself known to us today.

             And the piece that many of you have asked about:


             See, we really do plan our lives.  We chart it so that we learn the exact lessons we’ve come here to learn, in the best possible way.  With choices, and freewill always in the mix.  It’s all about the evolution of our soul, and has very little to do with the body we are wearing.

             Wait, it has some to do with the body we are wearing.  Primarily the lessons on that level are to be beyond the concerns of this mortal shell.  Soul work trumps body work, always.

             It’s not our job to make others “pay” for their transgressions.  We have a physical justice system, true.  And yes, it’s flawed.  Because it’s run by humans, inherently flawed beings.

              Again, moving beyond the material realm, we let the repercussions of a person’s actions go.  Everybody is called to task for their actions.  Every body.  But, it is simply NOT our job to do the calling.

             Our goal is to rise above these issues.  Like being the better individual, our lessons are about moving past the mundane and aiming at the spiritual.  However, our daily draw does remind us that there are those activities, all physical, which bring us emotional joy.

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

             She is of matter, of the Earth.  She appeared today to remind us of our tactile passions.  Reading, writing, art, crafts, gardening, hiking, neighborhood wandering.  Makes no difference WHAT it is, just don’t forget how happy it makes you.

             Princesses were what these Pages originally were called.  They bring us the gift of Girl Child power.  That heartfelt and blossoming feeling of being female, of sentimentality, and of natural intense warmth.

             Her reminder is to be free with your passions, and enjoy the physicality of your being.  Let go of worries about what other people are doing or getting or having or feeling.  We are being asked to aim at ourselves and shower these beautiful souls with loving care.  And ya know, any items that bring us joy.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is two more snow shots.  These from J.D.

eugene in the snow

A night-time view.

             If you could see a smidge to the right of this angle, you’d be looking at my award-winning library.

st mary's in eugene

Catholic church. For Mary.

             Thanks, to my son, for these incredible pictures.

Tonight’s OutReach:

will be a help-y/feedback request that Ally put in a recent comment.

            This is what she said:

“I am the Webmaster (Apprentice) for the Oregon Tuba Association, and I run our website off of WordPress. I have been trying to keep the website uncluttered . . . . . . If you want to give feedback . . . . . .  I really wouldn’t mind input.”

              Go HERE.