With a bow on top.

            We’ve all had the conversation about our Attitude of Gratitude.  Or, lack thereof.  Prepare yourselves, it’s popped up again this week.

            During the winter holidays, and even around someone’s birthday, we hear so much in regards to the “spirit” of giving/the thought that counts, and where those concepts come from.  Discussion is endless, sadly, action is not always the commodity we have enough of.

             (It’s just sometimes so easy to fall back into the complaining mode!)

             Setting our minds in this direction, the Universe would like us, please, to focus on:


             Our very existence is a gift.  Our relationships…. gifts.  Being fortunate enough to own a home, or a car, or a bike.  All gifts.  Having clothes, food, phones, a job: gifts gifts gifts.

             When we look with eyes of appreciation, instead of lack (or misguided need), we can truly see how extremely lucky we are.

             It’s hot here, I’m miserable (and cranky and über uncomfortable all the time).  The weather is going to get even hotter in the next week.  I am searching for the blessings.  I am also still searching for the shit that got lost in our move.

             Right now, the good absolutely outweighs the bad, and I feel so VERY grateful for that.  It’s just, as you well know, challenging!

             I was directed to a certain deck for this post.  But, I can’t find it.  Instead, I’ve been poking around in my archived images.  This is what we are supposed to see right now.


             Not my photograph, but it captures the feeling which is being channeled through me, to you.  Gratitude.  Gifts.  Love.  See it, see the blessings.   See what we have, not what we’re missing.

             Then, say thank you.

Today’s Resources:

me.  And a view from years ago.

Today’s Sharing:

is to tell everyone that in the past week, guests as well as other staff at my hotel, have been gifting me in such a generous and abundant way; I simply have to cry, because I don’t know how else to react.

             I’ve received, an artistically crafted nautilus fossil necklace, a hand-crocheted afghan, a special container of my favorite foreign tea, an Oregon cherry truffle, a beautiful bakery cupcake, and a solid handshake (from a [previously very grumpy] man who told me that it was HIS pleasure to meet me and spend time with me).

             I was expecting none of this, it just seems to keep happening.  For all of it, I am humbly grateful.








             Our life’s journey is not one, long, trip.  It’s a series of small jaunts.  And that’s what I saw this morning.  Many bits of movement, in succession.

             The Universe says that it’s one after another, after another, after another.  For a (physical) lifetime.

             The path changes as we heal and learn and grow and figure shit out.  It’s more about lots of small outings, rather than a huge big-distance haul.  Like miniature road-trips, except that all of them have Home as our eventual destination.  (And we never have to pack or unpack!)

Travel Sets

             When we view it this way, we can see our lessons and our wonderful advances so much more clearly.  It also makes a very long journey a wee bit easier to rumble on through.

             Personally, I also think that it makes more sense this way.  We’ve all had the experience of feeling as though a chapter of our lives was ending, and a new one just getting started.

             Many small journeys, making up our life-long path.  Very manageable, with nice breaks already built-in.

             Here’s a great exclamation point, in the form of our daily draw, to validate this message.

sylvia browne cards

“Faith  ~

Faith is a word that should be used in conjunction with the word: 


I don’t have to have faith in an omnipotent god-like being.

 I just have to know that He and She are in my life and are perfect.”

Today’s Resource:

Heart and Soul Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s Sharing:

is this Instagram post from earlier tonight.

bakeries in Eugene

“Because holidays are about treats…….  #OhWait #iMeantLife”

             It’s simply a fact, dinner is never complete until dessert is over (or, at least packed To Go).  THIS will tell all you need to know about what’s in that pastry box.