a spark

             My week has mostly been a lot of work.  Also, a lot of work on healing.

             To “do better” or “get better” often we must put effort and energy into it.  I’ve been trying to be successful.  I’ll keep going, keep at it ……

             encouraging you to do the same.

             Our message is simply this:


             On my new front porch, in the small house where we now live, appeared a box.  It was accompanied by a handwritten card.  and this gift.

spark in the dark

             She sent me Light.  I needed it.  Now, I am sharing it.




thank you, my friend, for being there when I needed you most




To Help and To Heal

             I fell asleep last night thinking of today’s post.  This message reminded me of a recent conversation with one of my co-workers.

             He’s a tremendously kind individual.  Highly sensitive, like me.  He went to see a movie the other evening.  It was an emotional encounter for him; it moved him, in a life-altering way.

             Basically the story spoke of how we never truly know someone else.  But, even with that as a foundation and Universal fact, we can still be there for others in a huge and meaningful way, we can act as support, as aid.

             In reality, we don’t need all of the specific details to see and feel …..


             We are able to be there for loved ones/for strangers, in all conditions and under all circumstances.  We have the capacity, the means, the resources, the natural talent by just showing up.

             As long as we remember this, as we make it more of a habit to help, the easier it will be, the deeper our well to draw from.  And the more we help, the more healing we will all experience.

             As the most perfect validation, look where I was directed on our card altar.


“Support  ~

Offer your support to someone.

Experience the joy of serving others.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my other new calendar.

witches almanac

             I love that the corresponding information is on each month’s image.  And of course, the artwork is some of my favorite.

Today’s Sounds:

here is what I am listening to, as I type and channel and feel and share and reach out.  From me, to you.



             A healthy and well-balanced ecosystem is self-sustaining.  We find this in nature when all is as it should be.  We also find it in our lives when we’re truly living to our soul’s potential.

             The Universe wants us to be aware of that give-and-take right now.  And how no organism stands alone, no plant nor animal lives without the basic needs being met, no relationship can grow and flourish without:


             In a family, in a tribe, in a pack, in a pod, in any collection or assemblage there is that valuable of dynamic of upholding.  When one is in need, there are others to bring aid, to lend a hand.  When one requires assistance, the others fill in, pick up the slack.

             It is important to remember, no matter whether you are the person who asks or the person who gives, both sides must be in balance.  We cannot function properly, cannot succeed, with guilt or regret over which side we may be on.

             Next time, the roles will be reversed, giving and receiving in the other direction; this interaction goes both ways, when it’s balanced.   Reciprocity, at its very best, in its most basic state, is the goal.

             Here is what we are going to look at (and perhaps meditate on?) for this post.  I’ll explain more later, but for now, please enjoy this gifted image (which was presented at my feet when I least expected it).


             And don’t forget, the elements and factions which make (and maintain) a healthy environment depend on Support, from every angle, coming from mutual honesty and genuine caring.

Today’s Resources:



Networking, on the highest level.

             There are industries based and created on linking us with each other, and all the world.  Phones, internet, media, mail, every avenue of communication, old and new.

              To say in touch, we have a bounty of choices.  But, what happens when one selection we depend on fails?  What happens when we have lost that connectivity, in a spiritual sense?

               Where do we turn?  And, a bigger question, do we need to go outside of ourselves at all?

              Yes, actually it is in our best interest to reach out.  Not right away maybe, but none of us can exist entirely without some sort of linking to others.

             That’s what the Universe would like to remind us.  The reason we stay bound, one to the other, is that we are, on a soul level, all One.


              We have our tribe, our Team, our partners, our clan, our co-workers, our neighbors, our community, our friends and family.  We need never be left alone.    (Unless, we want to, and that’s also a valid choice.)

              What the most important part to remember is, we’ve always been connected!  We were never apart from those who care.  We were created as a whole and unified body of wonderfulness and hope.

             We continue to be together, and supported, and One.  It’s just that sometimes, we feel cut off.  Or adrift.  It’s all an illusion, though, that severing.

              We truly DO have enough support.  And enough of everything to get us through whatever lesson we were optimistic enough to chart for ourselves.

              To go along with hope and guidance, we also have this draw on our card altar.  We are strong enough!


“Courage  ~

Take the leap.

Your courage will see you through.”

              And, you are never doing it alone.  Don’t forget that.  (It’s a lesson for us all.)

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing: 

is this view from my upstairs calendar page.

Ram Daas

May 2016

“The quieter you become, 

the more you can hear.”

Ram Daas

              Quiet, and strong.  We can do this.  I know we can.


Encouragement, both ways.

             All this “working” has cut in to my reading hours.  But, there are weekends.  I’m grabbing those for all they’re worth right now.

             In fact, I spent some time earlier with Amy Poehler‘s book Yes, Please.  That’s when today’s message arrived.  It came in the form of a chapter heading.  And it sang to me.

Like Who Likes You

              This immediately began to resonate within me.  And that feeling just continued to grow.  It told me stories and it called out to us all.

             Self-Care is vital, this we know.  All of us have to begin from within.  As we then ripple outwards, we move that lovingkindness attention to our loved ones.  They are our Tribe, our support system, and our very foundation.

              You all know how I feel about forced and fake holidays.  I ignore them as much as I’m able.  It would be a much better idea to celebrate and honour those folks who honour us in an honest and spontaneous way.

             To show the people who care about us, how much we care about them, in a natural and generous and individual fashion is the suggestion.  To do it without purchased extras could be a goal (although, store-bought gifts can be lovely and thoughtful, too).  We could easily reach out with a text, a phone call, or a simple hand-written note.

             What the Universe wants us to remember is that we are never alone.  We have a foundation of spiritual and physical support that is very real and very necessary.  When we acknowledge this, it helps us all.  The ripple continues; our journey, ever spiraling upward.

             On our card altar, in validation, is this perfect small addition.  Like frosting on a cupcake, or some funny hat on a cute pet, this draw makes our message complete.

sylvia browne

“Simplicity  ~

The simpler we can keep life, the happier we are.

Sometimes, in this age of noise and negative news, it’s not easy to do.  

Shut off the electronics, communicate with your love ones, and stick close together.”

Today’s Deck:

Heart and Soul Oracle Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s News:

is to announce that my Wee Walnut is alive and well.  As you may recall, it went to rest in a barn.  That was November of 2012.  Circumstances change, we evolve and move in new directions; things are different now.

the car of the people

1973 Super Beetle

                       The Deputy and I have been making plans.  I’ll keep you posted.   In the meantime, if you’re local, watch for me.  I’m out there.  On the road again…….