Origins and Originals

             We are all familiar with the concept of nature vs nurture, as well as how vital a role genetics plays in our own individual day-to-day existence.

             There are parts and pieces of that, too, which have a spiritual component.  What I was lucky enough to see this morning, adds it all together, combing the last ingredient of…….


             Mix well, and we have us, the individual.  What the Universe wants us to be aware of right now is that these components and contributions DO make the whole, our entirety.

             We are one of a kind, and we’re this way SPECIFICALLY for the lessons and tasks we have set our for ourselves during THIS particular lifetime.  Us doing our job.

             We retain the gifts of mother, father, environment, and Tribe, and we take them on this journey.  A healing adventure, where we are ever spiraling upwards.  Us, and our blessings, and our baggage.

             Standing in the card altar room earlier, I was clearly directed to this specific draw.  Which makes the perfect accompaniment to our message.

oracle cards, enchanted map, home

“Home  ~  27  ~

‘You are comfortable in your own skin. 

You belong.’

Peace, security, safety, belonging, and all the features one would want from ‘home’ are indicated now.  The Home card represents an invitation to experience what it’s like to be secure in your own skin, to live comfortably no matter what is happening in the world around you.

It is a time for opening your eyes to your tribe of like-minded people, or one special person who make you feel like you’ve come home.

Home is love, and love is all around you now.  Whatever your inquiry, you are where you’re meant to be and will reap great benefits by staying on this path regardless of where it leads.

Home will always be with you –  it is where your heart is.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s FLP Report:

begins with this view.

The rust implies that they reside near water perhaps?

The rust implies that they reside near water perhaps?

             And includes more Alaskas than I could keep track of, one New Jersey (with nary a loved-one to be had inside of it), another Maryland (but not a truck this time), an Illinois plate (surrounded by a Butte, Montana frame, that’s a first), two Wisconsins, one BC, a very strange Oregon example (must investigate that odd appearance), North Carolina (great big truck, with one of those nets exactly like the one we saw at the pool), a Colorado specimen with a prominent DV marking (which Dan wondered was somehow connected to domestic violence, because in his working world, it always is), one standard Kansas, a New York, and a singular Nebraska.

Open Our Hands

              It can be frustrating when our forward momentum is slowed.  We’re all ready to GO!  But nothing is happening.  And we don’t even know why.

             This morning the images that were presented to me were mostly all accompanied by a struggling, trapped feeling.  (Never fun.)  With this message:

release to receive.

             Remember our affirmation of, relax, release, receive?   Well, it’s like that.  We all know that the tighter we hang on, the less progress we’ll make.  And yet, letting go is one of our most consistent and challenging lessons.

             No more thrashing about, that’s what the Universe wants us to know.  And to keep us on the right path, while staying in a positive mood, I was directed to stick with yesterday’s cards, just flip one more.  Our draw couldn’t BE more validating.

oracle cards, angles gods goddesses, messages of support

“Angel of Support  ~

‘The Universe has heard your silent cry for help.’

The Universe has heard your silent cry for help and has sent an angel to support and guide you through the current circumstances.  Your financial and emotional wellbeing is about to take a turn for the better through an unexpected blessing or sudden change in fortune that is soon to come your way.

Surrender all fear and anxiety to (Mr and Mrs) God and trust!

The Universe is conspiring to help you.  Emotional, spiritual, and material support come through a seemingly chance encounter with someone new, or through an unexpected offer.  

Stop worrying!”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this double view of my arm.  And a brass figurine.

Side by side.

Side by side.

             My fabulous friend Patty, from the pool, gave me this beautiful representation last year.  We’ve known each other for probably close to a decade by now, and no doubt in some lifetime(s) before this one.

Lightened up so you can see her details.

Lightened up so you can see her details.

             The ink was done almost four years ago, on my arm dedicated to Earth.  (If you don’t know what that means, I have an appendage with artwork devoted to four of the five sacred directions/elements, the stories start HERE.)

             She, the icon, is a Minoan Snake Goddess.  As is the tattoo.  Only, mine has some individual, and asymmetric personalizations.

Emergence and Circling.

             Did everyone have a delightful Vernal Equinox?  It’s all about the changes and new growth.  I saw so many spring flowers from my bike today.  Very encouraging.

             So are our messages.  What I was shown this morning was thorough, and detailed.  Which, considering the subject matter, is kind of unusual.  For me.

Time is not a straight line.

             It wrinkles, as the book title tells us.  And it loops over onto itself, as science fiction has touted for decades.  Simply put, it seriously is not even measurable.   Even though we TRY to make it fit our parameters.

             Time and I have a complicated relationship.  We just don’t understand each other very well.  So that makes it challenging.  Good thing it’s not really a very solid phenomenon.

             Perspective is another feature of Time that makes it unreliable.  And then, as our Special Occasion draw shows us, it can be part of how we move through this life, and how we view that movement.  Including how Time itself is transformative.

animal messages, oracle cards, butterfly, transformation

“Butterfly  ~  3  ~  Transformation

Butterfly dreaming works vibrationally with the number three.  Since ancient times three has represented creative power and growth.  Three was the first number to traditionally represent the ‘whole.’  As a symbol, the number three contains an obvious beginning, middle, and end.  It is the Triad – a term which embodies the universal nature of the world as Heaven, Earth, and Sea.  It is life as a whole, encompassing the three phases of the moon, for example, the three phases of human development (Maiden/Youth, Mother/Father, Crone/Sage) and humanity itself, being made up of the body, mind, and soul.

As the Butterfly moves from one developmental stage of life to another (as it moves from the darkness and confines of the chrysalis to the light of freedom), it shows trust in its ability to grow and adapt to new situations.

Butterfly promises that when contemplating change, and when the time is right, she will offer three potent windows of opportunity to rebirth, growth, and heal on all levels – with each window augured by ‘butterflies in the stomach,’ lasting approximately one week.  Such a period is typically followed by a figurative death, represented by the ending of a job or relationship, a bout of depression, a breakdown, or a sudden shift in awareness.  Only after the darkness is celebrated can clarity and gratitude by reinstated.

When initiating changes, wait for the ‘butterflies in the stomach.’  This is the best time to get things moving.  However, if you feel the butterflies in the stomach, but cannot activate anything due to extenuating circumstances, do not fret.  Butterfly offers three windows of opportunity.  Simply wait until the next time the butterflies are felt.  But be aware that if the second opportunity is left unheeded, the third chance may very well be the last one offered for some time.

To have Butterfly flit its way into your cards is to be encouraged to harness the silence so that you may better hear those around you, both corporeally and ethereally; those who may be calling to you from their heart rather than with their voice.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS update on our good friend, the super talented astrologist.  Healing thoughts and buckets of love to you, Sarah!

The Correct Amount of Soothing

             So.  Spring Forward.  Totally didn’t see that one coming.  It sneaks up on me now that it was moved around.  Whatever number of years ago.  And I still don’t know when it is.

             Fortunately, our phones do that for us now.  (Thankgawd.)  And yesterday I was just whining at my Empress over how it’s the only part about Spring that I don’t like, the losing an entire 60 minutes of sleep.

             Except……. ha!  Dan got to come home an hour early.  His shift is 5 to 3.  But last night, it was 5 to 2-which-now-looks-like 3.  What a nice bonus.  After years of working those Fall Back 11 hour days for no extra pay.  Okay, I don’t hate it as much as before.

             When I woke up earlier (still basically on time, which was odd), our message was slightly funny.  And it arrived with a bit of a snarky attitude.

No such thing as too close.

             There is, however, the phenomenon of enabling.  And clinging like a fucking  barnacle.  But, being TOO open, TOO loving, TOO close to another?  Nope.  That’s just not possible.

             What we need to be aware of is the imbalance.  By keeping ourselves on an even keel, and continuing to reach out with our caring and our lovingkindness, we’ll be helping the entire planet.

            Stepping out or our regular rotation around the card altar, we’ve been given the exact way to attain this state and continue our evolution of ever spiraling upward.

oracle cards, healing angels

“Angel of Healing  ~

The Angels have felt your sadness and have shown up today to send you healing.

Your angel of healing has heard your pleas and has arrived in your reading today to reflect healing light into your heart.  Your angel wishes you to know that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine.

Even though you may feel alone and unloved at times, know that you are eternally loved.  Whether you feel it or not, you are dearly loved and appreciated by many on the Earth plane, as well as in the angelic realm.

Close your eyes right now, place your hand upon your heart and feel the healing light pour through as you feel the presence of  your angel.  Feel yourself being breathed and supported by the universal life force of love, and imagine yourself glowing with light.

Talk to your angel; ask anything you wish – share anything you wish.  You may communicate through writing, or simply through thoughts and feelings.  

Doubt not that your angel exists;  you will receive a positive sign or confirmation of some kind in the next few days which will help you to both trust and believe.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this wee charmer who followed us home.  He’s made of formed concrete and is VERY heavy.  And actually, because it was so near the end of the day, he was on SALE.

             Be sure to click on the photo so you can see his fabulous face up-close.  Cute and cuddly I don’t do, crabby and reptilian?  You bet.

turtle gate stops

(Ignore the clump of moss that fell off of our roof in the last huge storm.)

             The conversation from last night, as my Deputy was going back to work after stopping by for a quick snack break:

Me  –  Why is that gate closed?  Maxx isn’t here.

Him  –  I probably just shut it behind me out of habit.

Me  –  Well, open it!  I left a piece of brick out there, to wedge underneath so it WOULDN’T close.  And hey, I had to brave the overgrown yard to find that, too.

Him  –  Don’t we have a decorative garden gnome or something nicer?

Me  –  Aren’t we going to see Home and Garden displays tomorrow?  I’ll get one then.

             There weren’t any gnomes.  Instead, we found a turtle.  And he’s doing his job just beautifully, thankyouverymuch.

             (We also got fudge.  Duh.)

Getting Away and Looking Good/Good Looking

             It is becoming more and more obvious to me that our daily draw and channeled messages are truly connected.  What I was shown this morning, and the card I flipped over later, have continued to prove that point.

             This is a very nice development in our spiritual evolution.  It looks like we ARE spiraling upwards.  Really, very nice.

             All of the images that were presented for sharing today were bright and held a glowing promise of positivity.  This makes perfect sense, since we are being advised to:

add something aesthetically pleasing.

             Whether to our website, our Facebook page, our home, our office, or anywhere else that we spend time or which cries out for an illuminating pick-me-up.  The location matters not.  Just find it.  And follow through.

             Where do we locate an object or picture that pleases us?  Everywhere, anywhere.  Sit for a quick quiet moment and it will appear, or you will be directed to it.

             Grab an unlicensed/free photo off the interwebz, draw something yourself, or walk outside and see what shows up.  This doesn’t have to cost us any money, we can’t allow something so mundane and lower-level as cost interfere with our forward momentum.

             Also, keep that thought, as we move on to this.

oracle cards, fairie messages, vacation

“Vacation  ~

You need a break from routines and stressful situations.  This card urges  you to take time out for yourself so that you can rest and renew.

The fairies take regular vacations, traveling to distant fairy glens.  They know and respect the value of a change of scenery.  By drawing this card, you are strongly counseled to do the same for yourself.

A vacation doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money.  Instead, it means getting away from mundane concerns and demands.

Think of a vacation as an investment in yourself and future.   All living beings need to rest in order to operate at maximum efficiency.  

After your vacation, your mood and energy levels will be renewed.  You’ll have better access to creative ideas, and  your positive demeanor will attract wonderful new people and opportunities into your life.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to taking a vacation – make definite plans today.


I give myself permission to regularly rest and relax, knowing that by being revitalized, I am happier and more productive.”

              All I want to hear in the comments after this suggestion is how everyone is going to try and get a vacation in.  Even if it’s only 3 minutes long.  No remarks about how anybody CANNOT do it.

             For me, I’ll be applying this in the form of listening-to-guided-meditations-on-the-couch.  Maybe I won’t be physically leaving, but I’ll be gone, nonetheless.

             Positive thoughts, lovingkindness, and “aesthetically pleasing,” these are our mantras right now.

              (Additionally, if you can, find a way to watch What About Bob, and see how to “take a vacation from your life.”)

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

starts with this shot (that Dan said I totally should have not been so obvious about getting).

Sadly, belonging to strangers.

Sadly, belonging to strangers.

             Plus a totally different North Carolina than we saw last time, one regular Florida and one completely-not-regular Florida, a blue and white plate which got past us, and then, one Illinois.