How Dynamic We Are

             As you may know, I have a “day” job.  One of my tasks, pretty much on an hourly basis (if not more often), is giving my opinion.

             Travelers ask what I think.  They ask about the campus.  They ask about local sights and events.  They ask me, and this is the number one question, where I think they should eat dinner.

             I have two quick answers.  Because: distance from our hotel, and quality.  Generally the people asking me this question have high expectations.

             I don’t let them down.  I deliver.  And that’s because these two restaurants, which I always recommend, never let ME down.

             Our message today has to do with tuning in to, and following along with, those instincts we’re all born with.  It’s about being ourselves, our sacred selves.

             The Universe would like to remind us that we are powerful beings.  We have strength.  We have compassion.  We have an inner knowing.  We have

 Spiritual Fortitude

             To honour the fact that we all come from Source, and will return back to Source, we need to remember our Divine Value.  When I make those recommendations, I am confident. I know the food and service will be remarkable, in a good and healing way.  The experience with be positive.

             In other aspects of my life?  I falter.  I fall down.  I waver.  I fail.  I am flawed.  But in the areas where I know?  I stand strong.  I am bold.

             This encourages me.  It helps me to help those who ask for my assistance, or my guidance.  Or, my recommendations.

             The perfect validation has appeared on our (still incomplete) card altar.  Sadly, the guidebook went missing in this move.  So, I’m going to take my own advice and type out what comes through me, with confidence and strength of knowing.

sacred selves

“Life Review

Archangel Jeremiel:

‘Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced.’ “

             It can be simple.  We make it more complicated.  Where there is negativity, remove it.  Where there is unhappiness, let the sorrow go.  Where we find ourselves uncomfortable, move on.

             It might be a VERY difficult choice.  But when we look back, do we WANT to say we spent all of that time suffering?  Or do we want to enjoy all the moments that we can?

Today’s Deck:

Archangels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Today’s Sharing:

is to say that I know you’re curious.  Here are the two restaurants,

Cafe Soriah and Davis.  Both names, clickable links to their websites.

             Last night, I was treated to a gorgeous meal at Soriah, made (specifically for me!) by the owner and executive chef himself.  It was so amazing, I cried.  He was beyond kind and generous; the food and service  were extraordinary.





Force of Life

             We are a people who like our specifics.  We are basically animals with label-making machines in our hands.  We feel a need to categorize and order all that we can.

             Which, I think, is sometimes why we argue about religion so much.  Everyone wants to put their sticker on the biggest prize.  Or, conversely, in the case of atheists, to slap a big ol’ N/A tag on the void.

             Regardless of what we call this phenomenon, those of us who do believe in something would prefer for it/them/her/him to be called by a proper name.

             The message I’ve been getting, and the songs I’ve been hearing, are reminding us that it makes not one damn bit of difference HOW we refer to our spiritual source, just so long as we continue to make the recognition.  And to do it in our own individual way.


             Whether we go to church, or attend no organized serves of any sort, just stopping somewhere in our day (or week, or whenever) to sit in holiness is a gift.  A moment for our soul to really rest and see and reach out to others.

             Those sacred seconds are precious, and needed.  It is necessary for us all to stop.  To have a time for Quiet.  For prayer.  For reflection.  For meditation.  For just stepping off the messy and loud ride we call this life, and taking a few deep breaths, taking a pause in our daily busy-ness.

name of god

           “You’re not thinking about loving.

you’re just being love –


like the sun.”

             This is a view of our upstairs hall, and it suits us perfectly right now.  Some ancestors worshiped the Sun, and that was ideal for them.  This is a validating reminder to set the title tapes down, and look within.  Holding and honouring our own impression, our own faith, that’s the key.  Not who or what we call it.

Today’s Resource:

Ram Dass 2016 Wall Calendar

Today’s Moment of Irony: 

is that just after I got this post written, I saw there is some kind of television event coming up called The Story of God.  When I read the headline, I just said, “thanks” and laughed at how awesome these signs are.