Peace and Knowledge

             This current global tumultuousness can erode us like the waves do on a shoreline.  Wearing us down, abrading us away.  It all feels overwhelming and exhausting at times.  Makes me tired just thinking about how much there is still to do.

             But, here’s where we don’t let the bastards get us down.  Here’s where the Universe steps in, and in Its ultimate wisdom, gifts us with a reminder.

No Need To Join The Battle

            When we use words like “war” we then process, mentally and spiritually and emotionally, with that idea.  With the thought that we are either winning or losing the conflict.  When in reality, it’s NOT a battle at all.  We are not a conquering hoard, we are not out to slay our enemies.

             Teach them?  Yes.   Help them to understand the concepts of unity and compassion?  Definitely.  Improve our lives, and those of everyone else’s?  No question about it.

             Our weariness is misdirected.  Rather, when we view the work yet to be done as a lesson yet to be learned, we have changed our attitude, and removed the battle scenario; changing wars into teachable moments.

             Continuing this theme on in through Equinox week, I was directed to draw from an old friend.  And, of course, this deck brings us our validation.  Focusing on our own Personal Power, remembering it, will help us to move forward, see from every angle,  share knowledge, never needing to engage in battles (imaginary or otherwise).

animal dreaming

“Horse  ~  20  ~  Personal Power

When first introduced, Horse strengthened and deepened the people’s view of the world.  It afforded them greater understanding of the land because it allowed them to explore the horizon on a level never known before.

With obvious links to movement and travel, Horse sanctioned the exploration and conquering of the physical setting, the breaking of boundaries and the expansion of territory.

In similar fashion, Horse Dreaming embraces the essence of Personal Power and what it means to spiritually journey within in search of inherent wisdom.

Personal Power represents the wealth of knowledge we may accumulate over a lifetime of experience which, when honoured, shifts us from the mundane and familiar, into a world of unlimited potential.

According to tradition, a Horse stands symbolically at each of the four cardinal points on the great Wheel of Life, with the yellow Palomino protecting the East, the red Chestnut standing in the North, the black horse guarding the West, and the White or Dapple Grey representing the energies of the South.

Each of the four directions offers a sacred gift of Power and a wealth of corresponding energetic wisdom.

It is up to us to go out and spiritually seek this knowledge and, once found, integrate it into our life.  Metaphorically journeying to the East, for example, brings with it the gifts of illumination and introspection, while heading to the North inspires a healthy blend of innocence and passion.

In the West we learn to understand the art of introspection and meditation, and in the South we are offered maturity and judgment.

If Horse has galloped into your cards today, you are being primed for a journey of great power.

We all subconsciously know where our Personal Power lies, and as long as we instigate the search, we will ultimately find it – resulting in great rewards on all levels.

Remember: all journeys start with a simple step forward, with any forward movement nurturing growth, and growth leading to development and enrichment.

Promoting a sense of complete freedom, the appearance of Horse suggests travel of all kinds, both inner and outward; emotional, physical, and spiritual.”

             Additionally, when first directed here, I felt how deep and dynamic this entire message was.  If we feel tired, Horse is there to lend strength, to help us rise above, and to remind us never to forget how very powerful we truly are.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this bonus messenger.

tree owl

             Not sure where the paper came from, but it drifted to the floor as I was getting situated here at my desk.

             While I’ve not been enjoying the signs of Spring, I do know that once we are through the miserable heat of Summer, cool weather will return.

             It feels as though this tiny Owl has dropped in to help me recall the dying of overly bright days and too short nights.  The reminder here is that our seasons move smoothly, from one in the next.

             Living with intention means we can be in all of them (even if we don’t love this particular one).  Knowing that none of them last.  But every one will return, again and again.




Acceptance Offering

             Have you ever been awakened by your own laughter?  It’s an odd sensation.  This morning’s messages didn’t quite cause me to LaughOutLoud, but they did cause me to start my day with a smile.

            All of us have been in a work environment where the limits of our particular position were pushed to the edge, and over.  We were hired for a specific purpose, but then ended up doing more.

             When done for the right reasons, this is admirable.  Sometimes though, it’s just not getting paid or recognized.  Perhaps worse if we COULD have helped, and didn’t?

             The point of this message is somewhere in between.  But on a spiritual plane, while still involving this physical world we’re currently inhabiting.

             Even if it’s “not my job,” we still need to lend a hand occasionally.

Do more.

Go beyond.

             Which means to step away from what is comfortable, and stand beside someone who needs our assistance.  Someone who is having a difficult time, can use our help right now.

             Our “job” or not, the scenes I was shown clearly indicated that we could totally do this.  We’d be divinely guided and have our own help, as we become the helper.

            This has not one thing to do with getting reimbursed financially, so let’s not even allow our minds to go there.  If you see Karma as a balancing mechanism, apply that.

             For me, it’ll simply be placing my feet next to someone else’s on the line, standing next to a person who can use my help.  How will we know?  The stack we came around to, on our card altar, might be able to show us.

charoite, crystal healing, oracle cards

 “Charoite  ~

acceptance, generosity, clarity, inner vision  

Charoite is a highly spiritual crystal that helps awaken higher wisdom.  You are being asked to accept the current events and bring  your focus within.

All will become clear through meditation.  This is a time for reflection and contemplation, a time to allow your inner wisdom to guide you.

You will realise that there is nothing you need to change and that all is as it should be.  Trust!

Even though the current flow of events are confusing, there is a divine order to the madness.  It is only through love and acceptance that the divine order can be seen.

You will be touched by someone’s generosity in the next few days.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is what Dan posted on Instagram today.

He captioned it: "Hope for the future."

He captioned it:
Hope for the future.

             And I couldn’t agree more.  (He also listened to a pre-season University of Oregon baseball game earlier.  Definitely signs of Spring!)

Driving Forces.

             Oh but sanity is an elusive and slippery creature.  Sometimes right here and sometimes loooooong gone, nary to be seen nor heard from for days; not even so much as a post card or quick e-mail.  Last night I fell (mentally/emotionally) and I couldn’t get up.  It was deep and it was dark.

             Fortunately, it was also brief (thankGAWD), we worked past it.  Not ALL the way past it, but enough to (mostly) continue on with our lives.  Today, when I got up, it was better.  There was residual-ness though.  I shoved beyond those tattered remains and pedaled out into the day.

             It rained on me.  But I was dressed for the weather, and kept right on going.  My mission was a kitchen tool for a special request (yes, another one.  Are you familiar with the phrase: I’ve created a monster? Because that’s what is happening with my parents, now they think I can fucking COOK, like a regular person).  When I’ve worked the kinks out of this new food project, there will be (something like) a recipe and pictures (I promise) for now, we’re simply utilizing it all as a handy metaphor.

             The other action that I took, besides riding out into the wet afternoon, was to enjoy another guided meditation CD.  This time it was one of Cheryl Richardson’s (she of the Self-Care Deck and co-authour with Louise Hay).  Seriously, I cannot express to you all how very beneficial these gems are!  (And so simple!)  When in doubt (or a depressive episode), leave your body (or just leave the house, that also works).

             On our card altar we have been given a similar message, one of singularly aimed focus and intent.

alternative tarot

“Intensity  ~  Knight of Fire  ~  Mastery of Action

The figure in this card has taken on the shape of an arrow, moving with the single-pointed focus of one who knows precisely where he is going.  He is moving so fast that he has become almost pure energy.  But his intensity should not be mistaken for the manic energy that makes people drive their cars at top speed to get from point A to point B.

That kind of intensity belongs to the horizontal world of space and time.  The intensity represented by the Knight of Fire belongs to the vertical world of present moment – a recognition that now is the only moment there is, and here is the only space.

When you act with the intensity of the Knight of Fire it is likely to create ripples in the waters around you.  Some will feel uplifted and refreshed by your presence, others may feel threatened or annoyed.  But the opinion of others matters little; nothing can hold you back right now.”

             This one is extremely encouraging for me (…now is the only moment there is, and here is the only space).  I hope it gives all of you the same “uplifting and refreshed” feeling.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was not simply the distance (4.912) nor the average speed (9.3 MPH) nor even the time on two wheels (31:29) but more about the act of going and doing it, at all.

views from south eugene

And then later, it looked like this out.

             Right behind where I’m standing is the bike parking,  immediately after I locked up and grabbed this shot, I spotted a friend (co-PTA mom from the kids’ school days) in the deli.  It was SO great to visit with her.

Last Night’s Baking:

was not in any way a technical failure, I just wasn’t thrilled with the results.  Dan said they tasted good, so I know my dad will be happy.

home-made cookies packaged for giving away

Yes, it does look like drugs lined up on my counter, but really these are bags of cookies.
(Packaged for individual family members.)

             One of those will be staying here, but the rest will be gone soon.


             Today I passed by no fewer than five different and separate spots with newly blooming crocus.  Did I stop to photograph them?  No.  I did not.  When I’m pedaling along I’m usually slightly late.  In both directions.  So, pretend that you can see some here now.  I’ll go walk around tomorrow, and try to find more.

             Speaking of moving around, our Yoga Fridays may be transforming.  The weather here has taken a turn for the lovely, so Ryon and I went outside, ending up with a very hilly work-out.  (Which will be reflected in my daily mileage.)  If you watched the news clip that I linked to the other day (whatever day that was), they showed the gym team pushing a car.  They do it nearly every morning.

             We have two buttes, one downtown, the other to the South East.  The close-in hill is where work-outs (including car-pushing), runs, and now bike rides, all take place.  It was delightful out this afternoon, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to doing this loop once a week.  I’ll keep you posted.

             On our card altar we have a message of some intensity, but is so pretty to look at.

Temperance  ~  14

Temperance ~ 14

             When I see this one, my first thought is always: BALANCE.  It’s that one-foot-in-water-one-on-dry-land aspect which jumps out at me.  The physical (and literal) juggling doesn’t help dissuade me from this immediate impression, either.

            But there’s more to it.  The representing view is vast, it incorporates mountains, prairies, and waterscapes.  It gives the feeling of a glorious sunny day, but with a depth that can only be reached by slowing down and connecting with the fluidity of it all.  Stopping our busy-ness and absorbing the healing moment here in this scene.

             The me-character, or main being in the illustration, is strength and grace personified.  This is also us, it is our inner-self.  We are all that strong and that fine.  We all contain a harmony, a melding of the polarities.  We simply need to acknowledge and recognize this fact.

             Another major point of focus for me tonight is the gold and the wings, a prominent feature that tells us of value.  When a rich and deep hue is present we are comforted and reflected by it.  That’s the feeling I have now, this message talks about our magnificence and our spiritual glow.

             The card number adds down to Five, so you know how I feel about that one.  We are in these bodies, as humans, to learn and grow.  We use our senses and the tools that we have available.  We’re on this planet, in this position, for our Soul’s growth.  That is the journey.  That is the main and most basic lesson.

             When we forget about our own Divinity and individual worth, these reminders appear.  All we have to do is honour them.  And ourselves in the process.  Remembering our Balance is key.

             From HERE, we have this, which sums it up perfectly:

“. . . . . (the word) chemistry is included here because Temperance deals with mixing the right ingredients in our lives in order to flow easily upon the path of our choosing.  It takes a little time to balance the load just right, but once we do we experience some tremendous breakthroughs in our progress.”

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

is the ride downtown and back, plus some up-hill-ing (I walked down some of it, to save my brake pads, and because it’s more taxing horrible challenging) for a grand total of 11.547 miles at an average (staggeringly slow) pace of 8.1 MPH  for one full hour, 25 minutes, and 10 seconds.

Baking Notes and Clarification:

in reply to recent comments.  Some of you worried that Martha led me astray with her instructions.  Not so.  The pan really was to blame this time.  It’s probably almost 40 years old and was made of that era’s most advanced materials.  Sadly, that means it was not a classic and exquisite antique and not even very good quality.  It was highly porous and potentially even toxic.

             I absolutely DID grease (as recommended) before I poured in the batter, following the recipe and utilizing basic knowledge that I have somehow retained, over lo, these many years.  However, no amount of butter or oil or spray would have saved this cake.  A new pan is on the Wish List.  Until then, we’ll be making other things.

Monthly Bike Total:

for February is 144 miles pedaled.  Compared to January (157), not too bad for a short month (and a short bike rider).


             As I sit down just now to type, my Hurricane is in the air, whizzing over the land, heading back to her boy and her dogs.  I have been alternately sobbing and distracting for hours now.  Will it EVER not be like this when she leaves?  Or do I ask you guys that every time?  Impossible for me to remember right now.

            Let’s leave the crying behind and move on with more distractions, shall we?  We had what was probably our best visit in all the history of her coming-home-since-she-moved-away-from-home.  Our time* together was festive, it was silly, it was loving, it was therapeutic, it was educational, it was nourishing, and it was simply what every mother would love to do, for and with, her children.  There are no words to describe how grateful I am to the babies who chose me for this painful/joyous adventure.

*Our time together was also too brief.  But then, it always is.

              Would you like to see some of the gifts Han gave me?  Of course you would, and it’s a great transition towards what I want to discuss today too.

             Even though I am still reading Beck, this one by Kathy will be next.  And since I own it (THANK YOU Hanna!) I’ll be able to make notes in the margins, attack it with Post Its and highlight the hell out of pertinent passages.  I am SO looking forward to starting it.  (Here is the article on it that will tell you more, in case you’re curious and I’m taking too long.)

             The weights and DVD kit go along with the Kimberly Fowler yoga work-out she sent down with Emmy last month.  My hope is to incorporate them both into a daily half-an-hour.  What needs to happen now is a refocusing on the Programme.   Using the conversations I’ve had with J.D. recently, all that I’ve learned from Hanny this week, plus Em joining me in the pool on as many Wednesdays as she can manage, along with the new Clean Eating and Lean info, there is even more progress I can make.

             That re-committing, re-aiming my sights, was one of the ideas I zeroed in on to distract while I walked my full-length five-mile Route this afternoon.  There were also the lovely signs of Spring to catch my attention too, though.  Like this sideyard belonging to one of the cottages.

             They have a metal cut-out, like the horse decoration from the other day, but this one is a frog.    Another thing I noticed up there was that the For Sale house is not any longer.  I never saw a Pending sign, so I’m not sure whether it sold or not.  I hope so. 

           And speaking of homes, Empress has a new plan for hers.  She wants to buy one.  And we’re all for it.  She can’t afford to lose any more thousands of dollars on stupid rental deposits that don’t come back or get fucked up because of selfish idiots.  Plus, she hates moving.  The next step is talking to some professional folks who can help her get going on the banking end.   We already have some irons in the fire, so fingers crossed that this goes smoothly and quickly.

Not worried a bit.

             When I become overleaped with emotion about my children, I’m never concerned with whether they are in danger.  I hardly ever panic about their safety.  Those are not my worries, which doesn’t mean I can’t use the reassurance.  Apparently this was JUST what the Universe thought would be the best way to distract me as well.

“Safe Travel  ~  St Christopher

This card signals a safe passage and lets you know that St Christopher is by the side of the one who is traveling.  This trip is blessed by the angels, who will ensure that all the details are taken care of.  The transportation, luggage, meals, and accommodations are being overseen by Heaven, so the way is clear for an enjoyable trip.

This can also be a message that it is time for you to take a trip.  Have you been hankering for a relaxing vacation?  Is there a place that you are drawn to for research or business purposes?  Is there a loved one whom you would like to visit?  If so, this card is a validation that it’s time to set this plan in motion.

People have long carried St Christopher medals to ensure safe journeys.  He became the patron saint of travels because of his occupation, which involved carrying people across a river.”

            Dan wore a really nice St Christopher medallion for years before we found the right pentacle pendant for him.  This is one of my favorite saints.  Well, honestly each saint is kind of my favorite for their own individual reasons, I’m not sure there’s a saint I’m NOT overly fond of.  I mean, really.  They are saints!

             As I transcribed this definition though, it really rang true that this particular travel experience WAS quite blessed.  I am more grateful than I can say for the time and effort everyone expended on my behalf, and on the behalf of our entire family.  Seriously, this was one for the record books around here.

             (Oops, forgot to mention, if there are words here that don’t work well for you, please feel free to switch them out for more comfortable choices.)

  Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

LateNight Link:  you guys have GOT to listen to this week’s podcast, recorded right here in The Burrow (while I was sleeping).  I haven’t heard it yet, but apparently, it’s a banner event as well.