The Only Constant

             Ah, the journey.  The expedition which is Life.   We row our boats, we struggle against currents, we roll over the waves, we ride in shallow or deep water, we pull up to shore, taking on supplies.  Sometimes we even allow passengers.

             In the end though, the adventure is ours.  It’s how we feel, and how we deal.

             Also, it’s never the trip we think it’s going to be.  Right now, what I’m hearing most is, we won’t really understand this until we are past it.  But we need to BE in it while it is all happening.

             Here’s what the Universe wants us to be pay close attention to……

perfect timing, living the experience.

             As we all tread water, holding our own through this transitional time (on a personal, as well as global scale) we must truthfully embrace the movement.  Must not fight against the tide.  Honestly, it is a Universal Truth, we need to know (deep in our hearts) that we can never be led astray.

             THIS is our chosen path, so we have to walk it intentionally.  In as graceful and a loving manner as possible.  If there are rough patches, turbulent water?  Well, we accept those, stay in our boats, not letting the set-backs define us.

             Just as on our card altar, we are reminded of how spiritual notifications appear, precisely when and where we need them most.

enjoy the ride

“Notice the Signs  ~

‘Yes, the signs you’ve been receiving are heaven-sent.  We drop feathers, and other signs upon your path to remind you that you’re loved and never alone.’

The angels give you this card to help you understand the signs you have been receiving lately.

Additional meanings:

Your departed loved ones are saying, ‘hello!  I love you!’

Notice and believe in the repetitive signs you receive as validation that you’re on the right path.

Have faith.

Follow the signs that are guiding you to your heart’s desire.”

Today’s Deck:

Daily Guidance From The Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is to recommend you do some googling in the next week or so.  We’ve got a Mercury Retrograde coming up in early April.  Best to be aware.

       (I was directed to type that message in exactly those words, FYI.  Can’t wait to find out why!)


The Core Of Kindness

             There’s been quite a few discussions in recent years about the aging of a generation.  In my case, that’s my own mom and dad.  But, it could just as easily be ourselves, or our grandparents.

             The point is, we’re all living longer, enjoying (or perhaps, tolerating) physical lives beyond ages we previously documented.  And that is taking its toll.  On many of us.

             Our message today is focusing on HOW we emotionally participate in those conversations, and WHO we do it with.


             We will be that generation, if we aren’t already.  We will be in a situation of need, if we aren’t already.  We will not always be in these bodies.  While we are though, we must practice lovingkindness as often, and as thoroughly, as possible.

             This life is not a free ride, we know that.  But we sometimes forget how very NOT fair it can be.  Sure, we’ve all chosen the path we now walk, that’s a fact.

             What is also a fact is that we can’t afford to stop being grateful.  We can’t let our attitude of gratitude falter.  The more we are compassionate, the more compassion we will be surrounded by.

             To be kind is to set an example, even if no one is watching.  Just as our draw shows right now on the card altar.

holy spirit

“Leadership  ~  51  ~  Holy Spirit

Charisma, Enterprise, Authority, Motivation

The Holy Spirit is encouraging you to consciously and fully embrace the leadership role you are carving out for yourself.  Through your focus, dedication, stability, and discipline, you’re emerging from the background and becoming recognized for both your competence and wisdom.

Others are naturally attracted to your charismatic vibration and will follow your lead as they rightfully sense that you can be trusted.

The Holy Spirit is your guiding force as you motivate and inspire others.  Indeed, the very word inspire comes from the word spirit, and means ‘to invite’ or ‘to inhale’ the Holy Spirit into your life and move you toward your creative and spiritual best.

The Holy Spirit affirms that your assignment for now is to shine your bright light on the world and make no apologies for your enthusiasm or confidence as you lead others to higher ground.  Be mindful, however, not to overdrive yourself and become disconnected from your source, or you risk getting burnt out.

Enthusiasm is like fire and must be contained or it can consume you.  The Holy Spirit’s message to you is: 

lead with confidence.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this recent view from Instagram.

summer view

“Messages, signs, and symbols of Summer.
#blueberries #WeedsInTheGrass #GiftedFeathers #love
(well, love is all year long)”

             In the past few days I’ve been shown a turkey feather, a tiny fluffy grey feather, a bluebird’s feather, and now, this one.  Each individual sighting, so special.  Together?  That’s when we need to take notice.


Again, and again, and again.

             Turns out, we haven’t moved on from yesterday’s message.  (A message about messages.)  I’ve been instructed to not even draw a new card.

             Instead, we are encouraged to (again) be aware of our signs and symbols.  But now, as they appear repeatedly.

Three times,

or more.

             I began calling this the Two-By-four Syndrome many years ago.  It’s when we think we might be maybe noticing something, but then we just let it go.  Only to find that it comes up and bashes us across the face.  Entirely because we were NOT acknowledging it.

             Symbols can be subtle.  Until they simply aren’t.  Signs might be mistaken for that mythological phenomenon some call “coincidence” – expect that there’s no such thing.

             Synchronicity?  Well now, that’s a force to be reckoned with.  And not one to ignored.

             The Universe wants us to be alert.  Hyper alert.  Especially to messages arriving several times in a row.   They will have great meaning, all we need to do is accept them.


Here’s a pretty view to make us all feel vacation-y, even if we’re just sitting at home.


I am peaceful and at ease.

I am filled with joy and lovingkindness.

I have left all negativity and stress behind.

Today’s Resource:



An Understanding

              We’ve talked about signs and symbols quite a bit here.  Today the Universe says that it’s time to discuss them again.

             But now, with some additional ……….


             Like, how serious should we take them?  What do they mean, and are the definitions always the same?  Because, it might be different, each instance.  Almost every individual circumstance could have a singular and unique purpose or point.

             One thing to think about is that sometimes these messages may not even BE for us.   It’s entirely possible that this could be a situation where we’re supposed to pass along information.

              When in doubt, ask.  It takes no more than a few moments to sit down, become still and quiet, and listen.  Listen with an open and easy mind.  Listen and pay attention.

              When we allow our brains to rest and our hearts to hear, we are much better at understanding and discerning.

             Another very effective way to “hear” is to have some soothing or inspiring tunes playing while we turn our busy minds off.  And, how not at all coincidental, here’s this daily draw, appearing precisely where we need it to.


“Music for Manifesting  ~

‘To manifest rapidly, think of your desire while you chant, hum, sing, or play music.’

Music is a powerful ally on your spiritual path, as it serves to boost your manifestation powers.

Music is part of the invisible realm, and is of a higher frequency than that of the physical plane.  It wraps us in a protective shield to guard us from negative energies.  

It also lifts our emotions and thoughts to joyful levels.

By drawing this card, you are urged to play any type of music that suits your mood, as often as possible.  Move your body to the music, and breathe in deeply as you listen to it, drawing in the energy of each note.

Use music as a manifestation tool.  First, sit quietly and think of your desire.  Imagine that your dream has already come true, and feel that reality in your stomach as warmth, peace, excitement, or security.

Feel gratitude in your heart.  As you enjoy these feelings, begin to chant, hum, or sing.  This self-made music sends your manifestation into the ethers, where it coagulates into tangible reality!”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids And Dolphin Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my last Instagram post.


A family friend ended up with way too many blueberry plants last year, so he shared.

             These were moved out of their original containers, but are still in pots, I don’t want anything too permanent (we might move, maybe, it could happen).  Doesn’t seem to matter, here’s our first crop!  (I do love free food.)



             Everything (important) leaves a mark.  As we make our way through this Adventure, we don’t come clear of it without evidence that we were here.

               War wounds.  Laugh lines.  Documentation and proof that we were here, we lived, we loved, we cried, and we were joyful.

             Whether physical or emotional, we gather and collect and leave signals of our existence.  On and in, some demarcation is seen and felt.  Scarring occurs, blemishes and imperfections are left behind.

             Today, our focus will be drawn to the tiniest of these.  A mere . . . .


             Maybe we wouldn’t even notice it, or possibly we’d glance past it and not even see the sign, no acknowledgment given.  Sometimes it’s a matter of, “how’d THAT get there?!”

             The Universe is reminding us that very often, it’s the minor, seemingly insignificant gestures and actions which mean the most.  Same with this small signal.  Small, but vastly important.

             We are asked to be aware, look for them.  Similar to when our message says, watch for those signs.  Well, WE are part of that now.  WE help to carry the signs.

            As has become the way of things, our daily draw drops that validation right into place.  In case anyone was wondering HOW we were supposed to be on the alert for our marks, here it is.

crystal messages, oracle cards, kyanite

“Kyanite  ~

intuition, ideas, dreams

Pay attention to your intuition and to your dreams over the coming days for you are being guided towards deeper spiritual understanding and insight.  Through this process, much of which occurs on a subconscious level or in your dream state, a rather ingenious idea will surface that will radically change your views on life, particularly your career.

Kyanite will help you ground this idea as you discover ways of practically applying your idea in your every day life and work.

However, do not try to force the process.  The idea will surface when you least expect it.  Simply relax and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and insights.

Know that they already exist within you in an abstract spiritual way.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this adorable view, from some vacationing travels.

A sewing room! And a harp! With a violin in its own case!

A sewing room!
And a harp!
With a violin in its own case!

             Thank you, Anna!  For thinking of me, and for sending along this treasure.