Another Kind of Day

             We’ve never been a family who understood the TGIF mindset.  For generations we were the weekend and evening workers.

             We covered all shifts, we were there when other folks needed time off for holidays with their loved ones.  It’s how we were raised, it’s what we instilled in our children.

             So, it throws me off when I unintentionally end up with a Sunday off.  It also reminds me of how important it is to rest.

             I mean, I know it.  I live for it.  I’m just not always able to do it.  To do it with intention.

             All I have to share today is this:

take care.  Of yourself.

             It’s okay to say “no” when you feel like a request is simply too much.  It’s fine to be selfish.  Because in truth, you are NOT.  You are caring for someone who is valuable and precious.  You are caring for You.

             It can be ANY day, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or commercial or extravagant.  But do make it special.  For you.


             This is perfection.  For me.  Please find something which speaks to you.  And pursue it.  Sit with it.  Be there.  Be You.




Hindered Halting and Forward Momentum

             Today (and yesterday) I woke up late.  Some afternoons are simply slow-starters.  Some lessons, we just need to address, gradually.

             It’s the right moment, I heard, to discuss roadblocks and delays.  It is timely and appropriate to look at how we are dealing with . . . . .


             Do we chill, and wait patiently?  Or are we still struggling, mired in the density of it all?  Are we allowing some one / some thing to drag us back down in to a rushed-but-negatively-conditioned thinking pattern?

             As we ease our way, slowly, away from the triple retrograding, it seems like the time to examine these reactions.  Especially since we know how much smoother our sailing is when we’re in an accepting and serene mind-set.

             These moments can sneak up on us, or they can be aggressively jarring.  The WAY we receive them is isn’t as important as how we deal with our own emotions and physical reactions TO them.  The calm Zen practice, relieved of our suffering, is a good example of how to let the pothole in our path be its own entity, whether we fall in to it or go around it or bounce right on past.

             As we work through this teaching time, we have a daily draw which will help.  Truly, it can be applied to any number of situations, today’s, or any other.


“Angel of Healing  ~

‘The Angels have felt your sadness and have shown up today to send you healing.’

Your angel of healing has felt your sadness and has arrived in your reading right now to reflect healing light into your heart.

Your angel wishes you to know that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine.  Even though you feel alone and unloved at times, know that you are eternally loved.  Whether you feel it or not, you are dearly loved and appreciated by many on the Earth plane, as well as in the angelic realm.

Close your eyes, in this moment, place your hands upon your heart and feel the healing light pour through as you feel the presence of your angel.  Feel yourself being breathed and supported by the universal life force of love, and imagine yourself glowing with light.

Talk to your angel; ask anything you wish – share anything you wish.  You may communicate through writing, or simply through thoughts and feelings.

 Doubt not that your angel exists; you will receive a positive sign or confirmation of some kind in the next few days which will help you to both trust and believe.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is just to say that our home-made fabric refresher spray also works well on (not so beautifully fresh smelling) feet.  Ya know, in case that’s a thing you might have wondered about.


The Depth of Us.

             Were you all waiting to hear?  Well, your patience is being rewarded. The news of my guests is that Hanna, and Keith, and Indiana all arrived safely.  The Deputy showed up just minutes later, to take a quick lunch break.  This wedding weekend is going smoothly.  With one very sad exception.

             There was a loss in Ryon’s family recently, followed by another passing yesterday.  We are wishing him well in dealing with all of this grief.  It’s a horrible lesson, but it’s one we all understand.  And it’s one that we simply must learn.

             These challenges show up in so many different ways, just as our signs and messages do.  Today I awoke with this in my head:

Divine Devotion:

be mindful of Nature’s gifts and blessings.

             Then I heard that my intention would be: flexibility.  Combined with what we are being shown on our card altar, it makes for one damn big omen.

druid animal messages

   “Bear  ~  Art  (pronounced as Arsht)  ~  

Primal Power, Sovereignty, Intuition married with Instinct  

The card shows a bear near a cave entrance with a mace at its feet.  Such a mace was found by archaeologists near Stonehenge.  It is midwinter – the same time of Alban Arthuan, ‘the Light of Arthur,’ at the winter solstice.  A crown lies in the foreground, and we see the Pole Star shining brightly amongst the constellation of the Plow, also known as the Great Bear or Arthur’s Plow.

Art connects you with the very deepest of your ancestral roots.  Here, at this level, you are in touch with the Primal Mother – the Bear goddess Artio who will defend you fiercely from all danger.  You are connected also with the Bear god Artaois, the mighty warrior Arthur, the guiding Pole Star of the Great Bear.  Your intuition will never fail you, if you will listen to it in the still darkness of the night.

Working with the Bear gives you the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior – like Arthur.  You can find the way to come into your power by marrying your strength with your intuition.  Integrating your primal power with your intuition means uniting your star-power with your animal-power – and both are symbolized by Art, the Bear.”  

             One of the things I love about this stack (and there are many) is the attention to detail in these illustrations.  Look closely and you’ll see intricate carvings, marks, and symbols.  All of them meaningful.

             Exactly like our gathering of messages.  Joined together we are made aware of our human-ness, while at the same time the holiness of our unique essential nature is pointed out.  This journey is not easy, at times it’s downright painful.  But always, it is sacred.  As are we.

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Mileage:

almost went poorly.  We had a huge thunder (with potential hail) storm move in just as I was leaving the acupuncture office.  Thankfully I (barely!) made it home before the downpour.  My day’s total was 5.248, in 30 minutes 44 seconds, with a slower average pace than yesterday (due to high winds, see above mention of incoming weather) of 10.2 MPH.

            The big news though, is not that I nearly got soaked, but that I finally added up last month’s distance.  In July I pedaled a grand total of 138.63 miles, which turned out to be less than June.  However, the Year To Date digits are getting scary high: 985.824.  Say what?!

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventure:

was a very nice batch of biscuits.

home-made biscuits

Cheesey goodness.

            Plus a second run at the Froot Loop Krispie Treats.  That I tried to make on my own.  With moderate success.  Although, I have now informed The Fam, I will NOT be writing a cook book.  This entire MakeTheSameFuckingRecipeFiveTimesJustToFail is an activity I can live without.  ThankYouVeryMuch.

To Ascend.

             Earlier today, here in The Burrow, some tidying occurred.  There was cleaning in evidence.  Well, okay, not like CLEANING cleaning.  Just my version of it.

             I performed a wee bit of fling-the-dust-around activity.  Then I vacuumed haphazardly.  A chair got moved.  Plus I took a few things out to the recycle bin.  (Which, we all know by now, is a big damn deal for me.)  So, the preparing-for-guests portion of my day has been full.

             But, I’m not done yet.  The bedding is all still in the dryer* and needs rescuing (like, the second I’m done typing).  Plus, I ate the last of those Krispie Treats (yeah, they’re better a day later).  So now we need to make more.

*It rained today, because of fucking course I needed to use my outdoor clothes line.

             Fortunately, my intention is awesome in its foresight:  Serenity.   Such a good way to go.  Our message was nice, too.

What we SEE may not always be what truly IS.

             They went together well, and I remembered to take a step back every time I felt overly stressed.  Because ya know, appearances are so fleeting and inconsequential.  Also, no one died.

             On our card altar we have a new one from Denise’s stack.  It made for a Trifecta Of Terrific in my afternoon.

oracle cards

“Exceeding Expectations  ~

I soar into excellence!

Card Meaning:

This is the time to dream big and stretch yourself.  Exceed your own expectations . . . . and definitely exceed the expectations that others have for you.  Envisage that in the days ahead, you will be stepping beyond what others anticipate for you, and so it shall be.

The Universe wants you to know:

You may have been playing small, but now is your chance to dream big.  Expect miracles.  Believe that the best will occur for you, and it will.  Make plans – big plans – for the future.  

Do not act as if you are inadequate in order to make others feel secure.  In the months ahead, you will be exceeding inner and outer expectations.  Get ready to fly!

Questions to ask yourself:

Have I been playing small so that others would not feel insecure?  Am I ready to exceed my own expectations?   What are my true expectations in my life, and am I satisfied with them?


I soar into excellence!”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Kitchen Adventure:

is one of my all time favorites.  I made Daniel drive me to the fish market before he had to leave for work.

Dungeness Crab fried rice.

Dungeness Crab fried rice.

             We have some of the best specialized seafood on the planet,  right close by.  And I could eat it every single day, if that was an option.  This particular recipe is one that Dan has just figured out on his own.

             Stay tuned, we MIGHT be ready for our guests, by the time they arrive tomorrow night.

Physically Caring.

             Let’s catch up, shall we?  To be perfectly honest, the fudge got eaten, not photographed.  Because it’s always SO damn good.  We stop at the same (excellent) place, year after year.  This time?  She recognized and remembered me.  It was way cool.

             While in Portland, we had time to see THIS EXHIBIT.  Mentioned by my son, as we were texting while his father and I drove out of town.  It was amazing.  Touching.  Strange.  Educational.  And fabulously human.

             Afterwards, we poked around in the gift shop briefly, coming home with only one item.

touch stones

Sometimes it will be there, on our card altar, and sometimes it will be in my pocket.

             It’s a rose quartz, shaped like a heart, that says LOVE, with a smooth indentation in the back.  It is, literally, a touchstone.

             Waking up today, I thought of that new sacred purchase, as I stood at the sliding glass door and KNEW my ghost from last night had gone Home.  Gay and Karen were there helping her find her way, and find her Team.  Then I heard this message:

when we mourn “actively,”

it helps release toxins from our bodies so that we heal faster.

             Then, our daily draw turns out to be one of the most healing and compassionate cards.  Just looking at her image creates a sense of calm.


Queen of Pentacles

             Even though she is of the Earth, she brings with her emotions and feelings.  Tenderness and caring.  Mothering and health.

             She does designate material wealth, but also blessings of a different kind.  Those we gain when we reach out and share ourselves with people we care about.  The type of physicality that is natural in our relationships with loved ones.

             This Queen lives in a lush and pleasant place.  She brings with her abundance and an ample bounty.  Prosperity that she shares freely.

             We have a tactile history in our treasured moments, those times when we gather with our tribes, our clans, our families.  As we’ve been reminded lately, keep those memories close, but also, allow them out, graciously spreading the riches of our hearts, our souls, and our selves.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

 was downtown and back, for an appointment and an errand, in the sprinkling muggy rain, for 8.964 miles in 50 minutes 24 seconds, at a not-too-bad pace of 10.6 MPH

Today’s Sharing:

is really a view from yesterday morning (yes, actual before-noon-morning).

water birds, great blue heron

Great Blue Heron

             RIGHT out my window.  Later, as we drove up the coast a few miles, I saw another one.  Then I saw the sign (with the bird’s symbolic image), marking a viewing area for them, and other wildlife.  Presents from the Universe, each and every one.

FLP Report:

includes some from today and some from the last part of our driving, New Mexico, a new style of Alaska, Iowa, super colorful one from Maine, two very strange Washingtons, an Ohio, and two more from B.C.