Card 35, Connecticut, and Senior Citizens.

      Today my father turned 72, happy birthday Dad!  (I called him earlier, we’ll be having a festive dinner tomorrow, with gifts, and adult beverages.)  This afternoon I observed a clutch of cotton-tops having a gathering next door.  I truly hope this particular neighbor never reads my blog, I speak disparagingly about him on a regular basis.  The man creeps me out, and annoys us all by his mere existence.  (His wife is lovely, we have yet to figure that one out.)  When I noticed these folks (one even dragging an oxygen tank merrily behind her) I had a difficult time equating them to my parents.  They are all about the same age, same generation; all equally mobile and  vital members of society.  Comparing senior citizens is like comparing toddlers- totally doesn’t work.  It’s like trying to compare your children (or any one’s children for that matter), we are all too individualized.  We all age, advance, and learn at such differing rates.  And yet, parents do get old, they do become seniors.  I guess I should simply be grateful that I will have both my parents beside me during tomorrow’s meal.  And maybe I will remind my two in-town kids to appreciate the fact that they have us around too.

    I saw one foreign plate from Connecticut, one from North Carolina, one from Utah, and four from California.  I also drove by a house with three kids in the front yard, chasing each other around with a garden hose.  They were all in their swim suits, and one had a bucket on her head.  With the handle as a chin strap.  That alone makes for a great day.

The Queen of Light ~ 15 ~ illumination, enlightenment, celebration.

   This is a beautiful Ally that glides in to our lives to herald success in all our ventures.  She illuminates the most important steps on our path and reminds us of our own brilliance, making it inherently clear that we are intelligent and inspired and all of our needs are met.  She brings us insight about how we manifest our reality in the most miraculous ways, showing us that we are a shining instrument of the Divine.  Rewards for our perseverance and willingness to learn are on the way, gratitude and acceptance are the key.

     This illustration is absolutely the perfect match for this card.  The central figure stands with bare arms raised, brilliant glowing circles of light in each hand.  She wears a Greek style gown, high waisted with gold criss-crossing bands, the diaphanous folds of soft creams, palest blues, and barely noticable pinks, falling to her feet.  There is radiating light behind her head that matches the large cloud formations in a perfect sky.  It is all very ethereal with an enlightened feeling.  Inspirational.



  Yet another word that is not potpourri, and still, means the same thing.  I love dictionary/thesaurus dot com.  Yesterday I witnessed a very amusing argument between a man and a woman.  In a parking lot.  Over a shopping bag.  She was sure it was in the car, he was sure she had forgotten it.  Neither of them LOOKED into the car to see if it was there, they just bickered about it.  I laughed.

  I’ve only seen two foreign plates in the past few days (with the exception of those “regulars” I always see): Colorado, Ohio.

  The greatest ancient duo were meandering down the running path (near the senior place, obviously) as I drove past.  Ancient.  I am telling you.  Of course I thought of me and Daniel in few years.  They were adorable.  And holding hands.

   Rainbow stickers!  I saw one that I must have, but the person who owned the car it was on wasn’t around, so I couldn’t ask where they got it.  It was about the size of an index card, maybe slightly larger and it had black figures over the rainbow background, like kids and dogs and assorted persons.  I really need one of these.

  Also there was a guy standing at a light waiting to cross who distracted me for blocks.  He had Steve Perry hair.  Do you know who I mean?  Remember the lead singer from Journey?  Timothy B Schmit has it too.  (Of course so did Cher.)  I love this hair, just love it.  Well the guy on the corner had it.  And it was glorious.

We watched Julie and Julia last night.  Made me wish there were more than 4 people reading my blog.  (Thank you faithful readers, I know there are more than that, but sometimes I feel as though I am writing to myself.  Which is fine, it’s what I’ve always done.  Just, ya know…)  Great movie, really well done.  Worth renting, or however you acquire movies now.  I am, personally, getting ready to panic because my local stores are slowly disappearing, and no I will NOT get something from a gawdamn red box and no I can NOT make a selection on-line, I must fondle and touch and actually HOLD the freaking videos in my hand.

Note to Tracy, currently the weather in Philadelphia is 83 and cloudy.

Note to Ally, so glad you did jump over there to Han’s blog and toss in your two cents.  Well put, as always.  But I must say, we will need to add sheriffin’ to our list of new words.  That was perfect!

Venturing Out.

Power has been restored to the senior citizens and I got to leave the house.  My meeting was canceled because SHE couldn’t leave her house.  But I got stuff done.  Like, ya know, mailing my grocery list.  See, here’s what I do.  I save up old envelopes over there by the stove, and I write on the backs of them.  Recycling AND reusing.  (Happy Birthday Karen, who invented this idea.)  So I write the bunch of errands I need to run, and also jot down the things I need to pick up at the store, foodwise.  When I buy something small (which I did today) I put it INSIDE the envelope and fold over the end.  I am double recycling this way.  Problem is, when I went to drop the bills and Karen’s card into the blue box, oops, the list went in too.  Obviously didn’t want to miss out on anything.  I just stood there, like Tony Shaloub’s character Monk, peeking back in, like it would what? come back out because I made a mistake?  I now have a fancy cellular calling device (Solstice gift from devoted spouse and offspring), so I used it.  Called the number on the box.  This led me to several rounds of voice mail and eventually a very nice person named Lisa who gave me yet another number to call.  Which then led me to another very nice person (who’s name could have been Bill, or Phil, or possibly Will) and he said I should just come back when they pick up what’s in that box.  Duh!  In the meantime, I had to go into the grocery store completely unprepared.  (I forgot several items, but had to come back later anyway.)  I went back at the appointed time (left a smidge early, just in case), and about five minutes after when the pick up should have been made (which I thought was not bad, considering the weather) there was the truck.  I met the nice man (who’s name I did not find out) and explained my idiocy.  He plowed through the mail as he shoved it into his little carry tote and ta da there it was.  He told me that this actually happens a lot.  He has someone waiting next to a box for ‘personal items’ several times a week!  Of course he warned me (kindly and very politely) that if this had been real live mail I wanted back, I couldn’t have it, once it drops into that blue box, it is no longer mine.  But ‘personal items’ – like my twice recycled list with some embroidery floss and valuable pieces of cardboard inside, or maybe keys, phones, jewelery, bank deposits – those he will hand over, no problem.  I learned so much.  When I called my mother to tell how stupid her eldest child was, she said ‘oh I’ve done that!’  Somehow, I was not surprised.