Of Being, In a Finely Focused Way.

             It’s a mixed up week here in The Burrow.  Dan has some training days that are messing with my “regularly scheduled” events.  I’m not bothered by it, nor am I falling apart (progress!) but I am feeling slightly off-balance.  It’s going to affect us all the way through Sunday.  I’ll keep you posted.

             In the meantime, briefly, let’s talk about our jobs here in these flawed-but-hopeful bodies we’re all wearing.  Corina shared THIS with me recently (thank you, again), and while reading it I was struck by the idea of us loving someone through a situation.  Think about that concept for a minute.  It’s exquisite, is it not?

             I’ve never actually heard it described that way.  And now I keep going back to it.  So many of our lessons are difficult, and wouldn’t they  just be more tolerable if only we had* that kind of unquestioning, and all-encompassing, support?  No matter the problem, just love us through it, and we’ll be stronger on the other side.  It is pure, it is simple, and yet, it is SO massive.

* I DO have that type of support, I’m married to him.  And I like to think that together we have offered this to our children, as our parents did for us.

             On our card altar, we have been given the other side of this same coin.  Both directions are the very foundations of what we’re doing here.  That human give and take, it’s what makes our journey so fascinating.

oracle and self-care messages

“Help  ~

Ask for help.

Receiving is an act of generosity.”

             Either direction, be genuine and be open.  Either direction, we can love each other through it.  Either direction, honour that Help.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Mileage:

was just to the pool and back, 3.967 in 25 minutes, 39 seconds, at a (delightfully rapid and easy) rate of 9.3 MPH, the first half in full-on, super bright sunshine.  (The coming home part was nearly freezing because it was still so clear.)

Today’s Baking:

on my way to make biscuits.  You’ve seen ’em.


             I swallowed a bug today.  I also had an outstandingly fabulous sammiche.  Which one do you want to hear about first?  The gnat?  Sure.  No gym time with Ryon this afternoon, he was feeling poorly so he canceled his entire day.  We rode our bikes out anyway.  And it was humid.  The thick air full of flying wee beasties that wouldn’t leave us alone.

             They were much more prominent along the canal.  (Duh.)  And one actually went into my stupid mouth and down my stupid throat.  I yelled and flailed about and basically acted like Tom Hanks in that movie where he’s a child but appears to be a grown guy, and he eats something bad then over-reacts.  That was me.  Only on the bike.  And in motion.  And louder.

             Otherwise, the pedaling was lovely.  No rain fell on us, which was kind of a miracle.  And……. we went to meet Casey (KC) at his Sammitch truck.

food trucks Eugene Oregon

I would two-wheel it twice as far for some of this food.

             We talked about similar options around here (there are none, he’s IT at the moment), festivals, local interest, other places he and the van have been (he DID meet Dan, in uniform), his travels (why he is so brilliant with Mexican sausage), infused knowledge (or, as he says “my parents“), and then we all got interviewed by a delightful duo from the university.  (When that story goes up, I’ll include a link to it.  Or not, if I look as horrible as I think I did, you may never see it.)

Sammitch Time

A new sticker, and my copy of the menu, on which I will check-off the items I have tried.

             Local people, eat this food!  You will NOT be disappointed.  Make sure that whatever you order, you get a side of the carrots/mushrooms.  Better than french fries by such a huge margin that I can’t even begin to describe the chasm.  Bottom line, I adore this guy, and really want to see him continue doing what he loves.  Go.  Find him.  Order something.

             Oh, and then later, on our way from gathering food, we saw a fucking NUMBER IN THE SKY!  That was weird, even for me.  I’ve never seen anything like this.   I mean, sure, we all spot a design or an image at some point.  But this wasn’t like when you squint your eyes, tilt  your head, and sorta maybe can make out a shape.  This was a CLEAR numeral 5 !!!  In the spaces between clouds back-lit by the Moon!  Dan saw it too, so ask him.  It was FREAKY!

             On our card altar, we’ve returned to the regular rotation, and came up with a message, that at first, seems to not go with yesterday’s, but it truly does.

oracle cards

Rest  ~

Rest and Relax.

Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.”

             What Corina said in the comments section last night was right on, and others mentioned it as well.  If we consider that Tidy Up suggestion as another way of clearing out the old mental patterns and psychological crap we no longer need to haul around, then when we look at this card, it validates our Self-Care work.

             The more we live a genuine life, as honestly as we can (being truthful with ourselves as well as others) the easier our lessons will be, and basically, the more fun we’ll have doing it.  Meeting folks today who were living their passions was an energetic and marvelous sign.  Just like that huge 5 in the sky.  It’s like the Universe simply stepped in and showed me that what I’m doing is right.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Festive Event Du Jour:

Happy HAPPY Birthday to J.Adam!  Hope you are feeling better and have a tremendous celebration, all in honour of YOU!

Widely Cast.

             I feel as though my mind is a stripped-of-fluffy-seeds naked-headed dandelion today, all of the puffs have been blown off, in every possible direction.  Not so much like Scrambled Brain, though.  This time it’s more externally induced.

             We received a very depressing update on our Beloved family friend Karen A this afternoon.  She is back in the hospital with new tumours.  I’m crushed.  The doctors are attacking fully, so we are also EXTREMELY hopeful.  Anyone who has read her blog knows how she fights back and doesn’t let that fucking cancer get a toe-hold.  It’s just disconcerting to hear that she’s currently down with this again.

             And my stupid hot itchy face rash is back.  Worse than ever.  I felt it coming on last night.  Like a hot flash, only it left THIS behind in its wake.  I’ve taken antihistamines, I’ve swabbed in magical blue stuff, I’ve bathed my face in ice water.  Nothing left to do but wait it out.

             Here’s a cheery sight though.  I continue to be greatly enamored of my tiny lettuce crops.  Seriously, who knew this would be so fun?

Salad in the rain.

             I took this shot right before I left for my ride.  In my raingear.  There was thunder and lightning earlier, so we thought maybe the pool would be closed.  But no, class went on as usual.  We even had some new people.  (And it was so crowded that I got out to instruct from the deck.  I forgot to be self-conscious of my ridiculous bathing-suit-clad self elf though, which was a nice change of pace.)

             Our message from the Universe in card form today is an inspiring little one.  (Even if it does make me want to call it Oracle Light.)

“Creativity  ~

Express your creativity.

Delight in the mystery of your inner muse.”

             In theory, you’d think that this illustration would be one I’d love.  Turns out, I don’t.  My mood?  Not sure.  So I’m simply leaving this with you.

             And this.  Because he is uplifting no matter how we feel.  It is nearly impossible to stay sad when you hang around with Max.

NOT enjoying the weather.

             In health and diet related news, Dan helped me figure out where those hidden calories in my meals were.  And we have a new approach to the daily intake count.  (He is using his upgraded phone to research and keep track too.)  More details as we go along.  (Raisins in my salad were originally a great idea, sort of.  They will now be relegated to just cereal instead though.)

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson