To Adapt

             Many of us have difficulty with Change.  “New” is not always better, in our eyes.  (I, personally, prefer nearly everything from before 1900……)

             This past year or so has been nothing BUT upheaval and challenges and different for me, for my family.  But, I’ve also embraced much of it.

             I’m not “better” at dealing with Change, but I am learning the lessons of


             And since our journey here, this life we’ve mapped out, is all about the lessons, it’s beneficial to address our success as well as our less-than-successful experiences.

             There’s no such thing as mistakes, nor failure.  So, all of the aspects involved are worthwhile.  (Some simply feel more positive than others, that’s okay, perception is as unique as we are.)

             The Universe, in Its divine and infinite wisdom, has even given us this gift of validation.  As if to say, “hey, you’re doing well, keep up the good work!”


“Opportunity  ~

Release your ties to the past.

When you let go of the old,

you make room for the new.”

             While I’m not such a huge fan of “new” I do feel willing to accept these Opportunities for the promises that they are.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from  Instagram.

See this #tinyhouse? It's called The Vicarage, and it's some sort of #collectable (from #england, of course). Next to it, for size reference, is a #VotiveCandle. It's no bigger than a medium #pear. I found it in a #SecondHand shop recently. It called out to me (and was incredibly #inexpensive), so I brought it #home. Some days I just walk around the #SmallHouse we live in, enjoying our space, carrying my #vicarage, feeling it with my fingers, and cradling it in my hands. I like the #miniature detailed nature of it, and I really like living here. The two places are similar, linked. New post up, on the website. I'm expressing #gratitude and working to #destress. Join me? #MentalHealthAwareness #ChooseJoy #TarotCards #SelfCare #FromOurHomeToYours

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             I don’t always post when there are updates here; Social Media and I have a complicated relationship.  Sometimes there is crossover, sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s timely, sometimes it’s not.



Standing Strong, Holding On

             Somewhere here, amongst our many boxes of cards and stacks of decks, there’s one which says, “don’t give up before your miracle occurs” or a similar sentiment.

             This idea has been on my mind lately, as I work every day at not losing faith.  (Faith over fear, faith over fear, faithoverfear!)

             I know that everything happens just when it needs to happen; I know that we are right where we should be; I am not floundering, there is no fear.

             But, still.  The doubts can creep in.  Stealthy and silent.  They erode our sense of stability.  They rot our foundations.

             Truthfully, I am not in a panic, nor am I currently freaking out.  The nagging, back of my mind feeling though, it’s

Kinda Edgy.

             In order to regain our equilibrium, and banish the creeping dread; to breathe through our stress, we’re being reminded of how important Self-Care always is.

             Whether it’s that Quick 3 Minutes we just reach out and cling to, wrestling it from our already overpacked day, or a full afternoon off, with no errands, no chores, no tasks to complete.   Take what is ours, that’s the key.

             It is never selfish to honour our own needs.  It is always healthy for us to be well, so that we can care for others.

             In order to validate our message to its fullest, I was directed to preciously the proper place.


“Revelation  ~

Listen to your life.

The right path will reveal itself.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is to show you where I go, when I’m not here.  For those who might be curious, here’s the “day” job website.

             As you look at those views of my Front Desk, keep in mind, I was sitting just out of camera-range, chatting with the photographer (when my phone wasn’t ringing, that is).  The only shot which wasn’t taken in our building is the smiley lady and her dog.


To Help and To Heal

             I fell asleep last night thinking of today’s post.  This message reminded me of a recent conversation with one of my co-workers.

             He’s a tremendously kind individual.  Highly sensitive, like me.  He went to see a movie the other evening.  It was an emotional encounter for him; it moved him, in a life-altering way.

             Basically the story spoke of how we never truly know someone else.  But, even with that as a foundation and Universal fact, we can still be there for others in a huge and meaningful way, we can act as support, as aid.

             In reality, we don’t need all of the specific details to see and feel …..


             We are able to be there for loved ones/for strangers, in all conditions and under all circumstances.  We have the capacity, the means, the resources, the natural talent by just showing up.

             As long as we remember this, as we make it more of a habit to help, the easier it will be, the deeper our well to draw from.  And the more we help, the more healing we will all experience.

             As the most perfect validation, look where I was directed on our card altar.


“Support  ~

Offer your support to someone.

Experience the joy of serving others.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my other new calendar.

witches almanac

             I love that the corresponding information is on each month’s image.  And of course, the artwork is some of my favorite.

Today’s Sounds:

here is what I am listening to, as I type and channel and feel and share and reach out.  From me, to you.


Deserving of our Attention and Scrutiny

             We seem to be skirting around the edges of a theme right now. Perspective and observation, looking and knowing.

             This feels appropriate as we leave that double Mercury retrograde behind, while at the same time head full-on into Summer.  This can bring about some very introspective emotions, as well as actions.

             We know now, even the choice to do NOTHING is a choice.  At this moment, choosing to open up and perceive is what’s recommended.



              By using our soul-eyes (more than our physical ones), we are better able to notice subtle and small ripples around us.  Minute and perhaps unperceptible to others, these images are our signs and symbols.

             To be the conscious observer, watching carefully, we can pick up on the tiniest of nuances.  We can notice and understand our messages on a deep and important level.

             Even our daily draw wholeheartedly agrees.  Returning to the card altar’s regular rotation, we are resoundingly validated.  And reminded of how valuable the effort of paying attention truly is.


“Reflect  ~

Keep your eyes open.

Joy lives in small places.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Musical Sharing:

is some outrageously beautiful mariachi tunes on a CD that I just picked up from the library tonight.  Uplifting, to say the least!  (Makes me proud of that side of my heritage.  We certainly ARE a festive people.)


It takes exactly as long as it takes.

             When we  begin our (physical) learning process, as children, it’s age-appropriate and slow-going.  We don’t immediately, as infants, run right out and enroll in college level courses.

             In our continuing growth, on a metaphysical and spiritual level, the progress is similar.  We take our time, learning and following where our path takes us.  Absorbing or tossing out, listening or walking in another direction.

             Not all lessons stick.  Not all lessons are supposed to.  Here’s what I heard this morning:

a gradual comprehension.

             See, when we’re Home, we remember everything.  And yet, we can still learn more.  When we’re here, we have to take refresher classes and do extra-credit assignments.

             Our evolution happens as we seek it out, but also, as we NEED to seek it out.  At some points in our lives, we can rest a while.  Coasting and floating, picking up bits and pieces along the way.

             At other times, nose-to-the-grindstone hard-core in-depth research is called for.  Right now, the Universe is saying that we can gather as we go.  Nothing too strenuous is currently required.  We are precisely where we should be.

            And look at how perfectly validating our daily draw is.  Harshness, stress, and pressure?  Absolutely not.

speak gently

“Tenderness  ~

Speak gently to yourself.

Cherish the child within.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Power Statement:

I affirm that I am always financially secure.