Methodical Design

             One of the things that I’m not super great with is planning.  Well, wait.  To clarify.  I do plan.  Enthusiastically!

             My plans just don’t usually make sense to everyone (or anyone but me, often times).  They also, quite regularly, are not based in reality (or so I’m told, shut up, my family).

             So, when I realized what our message was this morning, it took a while to pinch and poke and fold it into a manageable shape for me to comprehend and then share.

Gently planned.

              We are being reminded of the importance of action steps, plus adaptability.  That combination is key.  We are not to forget the value of pre-thinking but having a willingness to shift if necessary.

             Reminiscent of our most current theme, there’s a “go with the flow” feel to this one, while still keeping our original blueprint close to hand.  (Do NOT lose those original set of plans!)

             Here’s the validation, as well as encouragement.  I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar this afternoon, so we could continue to see and hear and explore, from many directions and with more layers.


“Angel Of Manifestation  ~

‘Your efforts, determination, and perseverance have paid off.’

Something you have yearned for, dreamt of, and worked towards is about to manifest.  Yet this is not a time for wild elation.

Keep your focus and balance and do not lose sight of your original purpose.  Quietly give thanks to your angels, to God/Goddess, and the Universe for this blessing.

Continue silently with your work.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Celestial Update:

is from Sarah’s latest post on Mercury retrograde.  Worth a click, as always.


Preservation and Safety.

             Astrologically speaking, we have several events coming and going (check my regularly updated, helpful reminder boxes <—– over there).  However, since that’s not really my strongest area of expertise, I encourage everyone to check out Sarah’s place.  If you haven’t already made this one of your daily stops, please do.  Her take on what is going on around us is extremely helpful.

             Also, it’s not just me this time, I know it.  Others must be noticing it too.  In the past few days the weather has just BOOM! gone from summer to fall.  Which makes sense, the Equinox is only a few days away.  But still, I could absolutely feel it in the air, and I had to turn my lights on for the ride home from class this evening.

             When I got out of bed earlier, stretching and waking up before my window, there were definitely more orange leaves in my view than even yesterday.  I wasn’t discouraged though, because our message wouldn’t let me be.

Find the important/beautiful spots in your day,

and treasure them.

             Which is precisely what I did, from that exact point on.  (Not that my day was bad, though.)  As I later stood in front of our card altar I was directed to jump back into the regular rotation.

             This one may not be my favorite illustration, but what he’s telling us is continuing the previous theme.  Obviously that makes the importance level high.

oracle cards, the metal king

“The Metal King  ~  37  ~

discipline, armor, boundaries

Ally:  The Metal King is strong and arrives to lend you his impenetrable shield of protection.  No matter who sends you criticism or jealously, you will not be hurt.

This Ally also prompts  you to think about setting healthy boundaries.  When you do – no matter how uncomfortable that task may be – everyone will benefit   He asks you to make sure you know where you end and another begins.  Others’ emotions are not yours, no matter how empathic you may be.

Another of the Metal King’s messages is to remind you how important it is to have a healthy sense of self-esteem.  It’s a good time to shine and be proud of what you have accomplished.”

             It’s been a while since the Contrary angle was suggested, but that’s the case today.  Here’s the other side of this one.

“Challenger:  Be mindful of codependency and enmeshment when the Metal King comes as your Challenger.  He’s inviting you to address how overwhelmed you may be around other people.  Do you pick up their feelings like a sponge?  Do you feel you need to heal them so that you feel better?

Get grounded.  Be clear about your own personal boundaries, and restrain yourself when you feel like jumping in to help without being asked.  This is also a warning against forming unhealthy relationships in any area of your life.”

             Good info, from both directions.  I especially like that he has brought his armour to keep us safe, from whoever or whatever happens along.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Mileage:

was up to the pool and back in only 22 minutes 57 seconds, just 3.872 miles, at an average speed of 10.1 MPH.

Continued Sharing From The Wedding Weekend:

includes this shot of Horsetail Falls, off of Hwy 84’s scenic bypass (the old road, in other words).

Horsetail falls

With Dan taking his own pic, for perspective.

             There are three (I think) official falls along that road, and a couple of spillovers.  It’s a gorgeous drive, any time of year.  We plan on going back that way again, when we aren’t in such a rush.  (And possibly hiking some of them.)

Cosmically Thematic.

             It’s super fun how some days my messages in front of the card altar are so fabulously clear.  This afternoon, as I stood there, my hand went an entirely different direction than where it had begun.  Your radio?  Extremely tuned-in.

             Much like yesterday, we’re being told that this is a time to be extra cautious and extra caring.  Over at Sarah’s place, the planets are saying something VERY similar.

             (In Real Life, the color scheme of today’s illustration is lots more brown than red, not sure why today’s view is so harsh and inaccurate.)

fairy cards

“Quiet Time  ~

You need some time alone, away from other people and environmental noises.  Even a brief respite would be extremely rejuvenating for you.

Sometimes we are not even cognizant of the detrimental impact of stress in our life.  We become so accustomed to living in an uproar that we’re not aware when our body is telling us that it’s on overload.  The symptoms include illness, unusual fatigue, depression or anxiety,  appetite and weight issues, addictions,  sleep disorders, irritability, and a desire to withdraw from life.

By drawing this card, you are being asked to honor your body and soul by spending some quiet time alone – as soon as possible.  This might mean going on a silent retreat; spending a day at the lake, beach, or in the mountains; taking a hike; or visiting a day spa.  You could even turn off your phone, put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door; and take an afternoon nap, a long bubble bath, or read your favorite book.  

Regardless of the form that your quiet time takes, the fairies just ask that you keep this promise to yourself without delay.


I now give myself permission to be silent within and without   My mind is quiet, and I enjoy my own company.”

             I’d like to add that this is NOT an impossibility, even if someone’s first reaction is, “oh yeah, I WISH this was something I could do.”  You CAN.  We do it simply by SAYING we’re doing it.  We all have the power to make this real.

             My (often repeated here) suggestion of a quick Quiet Time, by setting aside as few as three minutes someplace in our day, is pretty much what this message is all about.  Longer and farther from home, is obviously BETTER.  But we need to take what we can get.  (Even if it’s a second and a half in our car or in a bathroom.)

             Seriously, grab it.  Announce it.  We all NEED to do this!

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

is mostly just a mention of how irritating those illegal plate frames are.  We saw a new (to us) Nevada car at the pool tonight.  Well, when I say we “saw” it, I mean, we had to walk right up and practically look under the stupid U of O emblazoned border that was screwed down over the license plate.

             (Last Minute Aside, it was a GREAT pool day/class.  Good turn-out, not much sharing of water [NO splashy children in sight], my music was playing, and I got to see friends.  [Martha!]  Tremendously uplifting from start to finish.)

LateNight Almost Forgot:

hope everyone had a beautiful and recycled, second-hand Earth Day!


             On this wildly wet and windy Friday (yes, it’s all of those things here right now, trust me, I was out in it for what seemed like a freaking lifetime), we are going to begin with my last April calendar view.  I know nothing about the featured country, but this image is outstandingly beautiful.

Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

Gullfoss Falls,

             I DID just find an interesting (and interestingly translated) bit of history (or perhaps folklore) about the location though.  Go HERE, it’s a super quick read (and a better picture).

             In the card altar room, our daily draw is from that stack without a guidebook,  simply a reverse-side notation.  It echos the affirmation we received with our Gold message, again: validating.


“Dreams  ~

Think big!

There are unseen forces ready to support your dreams.”

             I love this message, I’m just not a huge fan of the disembodied bits and parts floating around the scenery.  Still, I go back to appreciating the words, and then just glance away.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

             As good as I am at tuning in, and channeling with various oracles and Tarot (most recently in several readings that were focused on past lives), understanding the planets (other than on a VERY basic and remedial level) is still challenging.   I cannot express to you all how happy I am that Corina brought us Sarah and her site.

             Having proper tools to access the lessons/mysteries, and aid our progress along this journey, is essential.  The more help we can get the better.  Here is an excerpt from her latest posting.  Go read the entire thing (HERE) when you have a moment, it’s detailed and phenomenally well done.

“….. So what does Neptune look like when it can just be itself, no holds barred?  In a word: love.  It looks like love.  It is love.  Trouble is, we rarely know what that means, so we might mistake some things – such as neediness or attachment – for love, and overlook love in some of its less obvious guises.  These first ten days of April are an opportunity to learn more about love and to discover some of its less recognisable faces…..”

             Since we know that love is the basis and the foundation for us being here (that, and helping others, as well as ourselves) then now being aware of this opportunity is VERY exciting!  The fact is, knowing MORE is simply BETTER for us all.

Today’s Mileage:

was, as I mentioned, rainy and uncomfortable, to the gym and back for 8.931 miles at 9.4 MPH in 56 minutes and 30 seconds.

Today’s Sharing:

is from my Hurricane and her brother.  First up, she sent us THIS, because apparently we needed ALL of these.  And J.D. took a phone photo as soon as he’d arrived in Seattle, at THIS place.

Time warp, most welcome.

Time warp,
always welcome.

             The accompanying text said, “seriously, who has keys like this anymore?!  I love this place!”  Me too, Jade.  Me too.

Ample (-ish).

             Did everyone get to see the glorious Full Moon* this week?  My dad called yesterday, telling me how the sports announcers (in Baltimore) were remarking on it.  Some people even tweeted phone photos.  No matter how fancy-pants and technological we all become,  there is still that basic and ancient delight when we look up in the sky.

* Referred to as the Storm Moon, or Seed Moon, Lenten Moon, Crow Moon.

             In a recent e-mail update (from Awakenings) I received the complete report, here’s a sample section:

“This week we all have the opportunity to question our needs and desires a bit more deeply. To ask ourselves why we want what we want, and how that desire really took root within us in the first place. And in contemplating these questions we can begin to encounter the deeper and more enduring comfort that arises out of knowing we can pull together to meet our basic needs, to create workable communities that protect and support all their members, regardless of material status. Because there’s quite enough of everything to go around, if we all receive only what we need and pass on the excess to others.”

             If you want to see the entire post, go HERE, in fact, I encourage everyone to do just that.  Super informative and worthwhile (as Sarah’s work always is).

             I’ve been trying lately (and for-fucking-ever) to move my focus away from the physical and (back?) on to the mental/spiritual, so this moon message came at me “full” force.  It has to be noted, my acknowledgments, outloud appreciations, and gratitude are simply not as prominent in my day as I think they need to be.  It’s all a process, I know.  So I’ll take this lesson for what it was meant to be, an encouraging nudge, not a scolding reprimand.

             I don’t have much other news to report, it’s been busy here (the beginning of our birthday season is like that).  The pool schedule changes* next week, fingers crossed that the lap-laners will be better behaved than the last group we were forced to share water with.  The sad fact of the matter is, I’m in a non-profit therapeutic facility, so we have to make the most of all hours and sessions.  Economics take priority.

*My class never moves or changes, for which I am sincerely thankful.

             On our card altar this afternoon I kept the illustration viewable, even though it wasn’t terrific.  It wasn’t terrible, either.

oracle and goddess cards

“Goddess Of Justice  ~

What seems an injustice is actually a blessing.

You feel that a certain situation in your life is in some way unfair.  Yet be assured that justice, which is the natural state of balance inherent in the universe, does exist.  Justice is actually the universal law of cause and effect through which all in life is kept in balance.

The recent event which you perceive to be unfair is actually a blessing in disguise, here to guide you towards your highest purpose.  It is understandable that you cannot see the blessing at this time, however the Goddess of Justice is asking  you to surrender the strong emotions and resentments you’ve attached to this situation.  


By letting go of this issue she will help clear your path and create the space for something wondrous to occur.”

             That “letting go” part, yeah.  Gotcha.  Loud.  And Clear.  Workin’ on it!

Today’ Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Recent FLP Sightings:

are backing up.  We have seen at least two (possibly three) Wyomings, in the past few days, plus a Tennessee (that Dan spotted, but I missed), New York, some sort of a government Idaho, and Nebraska (on which he remarked, “examples from the Heartland are so rare“).

Another Festive Wave:

to brother-in-law Mike, Happy Happy Birthday!