Transition and Renewal and Vegetation

             At two jobs.

             No days off.  For more than thirteen days straight.

             Like, in a row.

             Super tired.  Also?  Super pleased with this gift the Universe has handed to me.  Super glad to accept the challenge, and to enjoy the journey.

             All will settle soon.  Until then.  I leave you with this scene.

             My current view.

city palms and fir

             No, I did not move to PalmTree Land (although I’ve always wanted to, and possibly still might).  Here at my new place of employment, they have fabulous planter pots.  ENORMOUS planter pots.

             (If this does not make the trees happy, please don’t tell me.  Allow me my blissful ignorance.)

             Be Well,

             here’s what I am directed to share.


I believe in myself,

I am strong and joyful,

I am healthy and filled with lovingkindness,

it is safe for me to move forward and follow my path.





             Whether this afternoon’s message is connected to our “tidy” one from Tuesday or not probably depends on how you apply them both to your current situation.   And I’ll leave that up to each individual.

             The feeling this one brought today, though, did seem to be multi-dimensional.  Both emotional as well as physical.

Cozy and Safe.

            This was accompanied by alternating images of differing locations; there were places of warmth, very homey.  Then with views of chaos, not comfortable in any way.  The temperature was a large factor here, not just the surroundings.  For me, who is less-than-tolerant of climactic conditions, this spoke to the “cozy” factor.

             As far as safety goes, well, again, a personal angle, for sure.  I’m not sure I’ve ever NOT felt safe.  Late night bike rides?  Safe.  Alone on a city bus?  Safe.  Precarious housing situations?  Still safe.

             I do realize that this is not everyone’s experience.  And I am thankful for the lack of danger in my life.  However, we have all designed our own plan, and apparently, this just wasn’t in my blueprint.

             One of my own lessons here might just be to figure out what safe/unsafe looks like, feels, and means, in every direction, examined to learn more.  Or maybe not.  The messenger who is bringing our daily draw connects with this condition, too.

animal messages, oracle cards, crab symbolism

“Crab  ~

show your emotions and regenerate love

As Crab’s whole being is synchronized to the waxing and waning of the opalescent Moon so are your body’s hormonal and physiological systems tuned to the world’s circadian rhythms.  Live in harmony with these and your whole being will thrive.

Crab is protected by a rigid carapace, but to grow she must risk molting her armor, becoming soft and vulnerable.  Like Crab, garner courage and take the risk, be it sporting trial, mental task, or emotional revelation, which offers you regeneration and emotional flowering.”

             With our validation here on the topic of risk and safety, home where it’s cozy and protected, I like the idea that we may open ourselves up.  Having the faith to step off, soft and vulnerable, into the next portion of our journey.  That’s power.

             When we do this, knowing that we’re protected and nothing will be lost by trying, it seems to give us added freedom to explore and learn.  Besides, anyone who is ruled predominantly by the Moon, definitely knows what she’s talking about.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is from an Instagram photo I posted earlier.

date books, witches day planner, calendars

End of one year, beginning of the next.

             It took me over a week, but I’m finally all done with the transferring of details and dates.  As I mentioned months back, I cut out one of our family calendars.  We just didn’t need it since it’s only me and Dan now.

             Which means I’m down to 4.  Plus the one in my phone.  Baby steps……..