Equine Senses.

            (This accidentally posted an hour early, if you are here between 9:45 and 10:55 [p.m. on the 9th], come back later, I’m still editing.  Thanks for your patience.)

             We received an advertising flyer in the mail this afternoon.  It was for hearing loss something something something, none of which I read too closely.  I looked at it, made a joke to Dan that it was addressed to him, because he is REALLY old, and then tossed it into the recycle.  Then I went out on the bike. 

             Our weather is gorgeous right now, so when I got back, Max and I moved the flamingos around, creating a marching walkway for J.D. to parade up and down, when he finally arrives.  We have so many things to discuss that I’ve got a list AND a pile).

              At some point I cut my finger, but didn’t realize it until we were going inside.  (Of course I put Magical Blue Stuff on it.)  You may need to enlarge this photo below, to see the hideousness better.

               We headed downstairs to advise Daniel of all that we had accomplished.  Here is the conversation, as it actually happened.

Me:  I’m bleeding.

Him:  (not paying attention to me)

Me:  You are supposed to say “of course you are” -go ahead, say it.

Him:  Of course you are.

Me:  Now, ask me why.

Him:  Okay.  Why?

Me:  I was rearranging the flamingos.

Him:  (has gone back to ignoring me)

Me:  Don’t worry though, I took a picture of it right away.

Him:  Oh, good.  Wouldn’t want you to miss an opportunity to turn your injuries into blog fodder.

Me:  Exactly!

              Fastforward one hour, he is leaving for work.  I am standing in my spot, at the front door, so as to give him the pre-shift smooches.  (It’s our routine, he gets blessings/kisses on the threshold to keep him safe.)  The dog is at our feet.  I tell him to go outside (the dog, not the husband, he’s already out there), while he has the chance.  Maximum Grand Dog can’t seem to recall how to pee, he is ENTIRELY distracted by the fact that this deputy on the porch had, moments before, been eating some chicken.

            Finally, I say (with big arm motions and everything), “Max!  Go potty!”  He scampers across the deck, where we watch him NOT go any further.  He just stands there, and stares at us.  We both stare back.  But Dan’s eyes wander, off into the yard.  Then THIS conversation happens.

Him:  The flamingos are different.

Me:  (staring at him, with the look of REALLY?! in my eyes)  Yes, I JUST told you that!  It’s how I cut my finger, WHY I was bleeding! 

Him:  Oh.  I heard “I closed the window.”

Me:  I’m gonna go get you that flyer.  You can NOT hear.

Him:  Sometimes what you think you are saying is not really what comes out. 

Me:  Uh no.  (Going inside and closing the screen door on him.)  Go to work, I need to call the hearing loss place.

             Our daily draw is among my favorite spiritual images, and favorite animals.  In real life they are like big ol’ dogs, which is lovely, as well as entertaining, when you get to know an individual one, or seven.  The message here is very similar to our Vision Quest sign from the other day.

“Horse  ~  Each  (pronounced as Ech)  ~  The Goddess, The Land, Travel.

The card shows a gray mare with the chalk hill figure of the White Horse of Uffington, Oxfordshire, in the background.  In the foreground we see mare’s peas (bog-bean) and horsetail growing, and, to the left, horse-shoe vetch.  Carved on one rock is the symbol of a key, and on the other a mounted warrior.  The sun is prominent in the sky above.

The spirit of Each calls us to journey, to travel.  This may manifest itself as a desire to travel in the physical world, or we may be drawn to voyaging to the inner realms.  She brings us energy and speed and connects us to the power of both the land and the sun.  The horse-goddess is patroness of the complete life-cycle of birth, death, the afterlife and rebirth.  By working with the spirit of Each, we will grow to feel comfortable with every aspect of the life-cycle, knowing that the goddess protects and guides us through each of its stages.

Drawn reversed, this card may be asking us to look at the roots of our restlessness.  If we have difficulty settling down, staying in one place, or completing tasks, it may be that we have not fully accepted the flow of the life-cycle and our part within it.  Attuning to the spirit of the horse may help us to connect with our sense of place in the world – with the spirit of the land beneath us and the sky above us.”

             Well that was profound, wasn’t it?  And how very thematic as well.  I had completely forgotten that this one was associated with life-cycles.  Seriously, I adore it when the Universe does this.  It’s so validating, and so over-all meaningful too.

            (It also reminds me of the Horse Goddess card we used to get with that Celtic Shaman’s Pack, very Epona-esque.)

               Tonight I’m going to be discussing another cross stitch project with my son, and I have recently been asked to stitch up three more commission pieces.  There it is, the beginning of that influx we were told to watch for.  Also, I found a quarter on my bike ride today.  More validating signs that what I’m doing is correct.  Whew!

             Here is not one, but THREE, Daily Dog shots for you guys (and for his girl, who is missin’ him super bad by now). 

            (This had to be updated, when it was pointed out to me that, there was one view of Max up there, and two down here.  Apparently, I can’t actually count any longer.)

Posing nicely for his Nana.

             Catching him not moving is tricky, but I’m getting better at it.  Or maybe he’s just tolerating me more.  Hard to say with us.

Hey, that coulda been a cat!

 Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington.

Trifecta Check In:  third day was a good one, until Dan and I had to have a stupid fight over a fork situation in the tub of Toby’s dip slash spread slash snack food.  We need to get a fucking life.  Either that, or spend less time together.