Learning Lots

             As I sit tonight, typing out what comes through me to you, we’re on the eve of this year’s Full Flower Moon.  And as you know, all of my accounts have the name Earth and Moon in them.  It’s who I am, it’s part of what keeps me grounded, keeps me from floating away, or drowning under.  I am of the Moon, but I am made of Earth.

             I’m also an entirely night-time person, have been since I arrived here in this body (so says my mother).  My granddaughter’s parents are incredibly day-centric, so she doesn’t stay up late enough to see many moonrises.

             One of the clear messages I’ve been hearing this week has to do with how our education is as individual as we are.  We all learn differently.  This is a topic we’ve discussed here quite a few times.

             It will be fascinating to me how this new baby of ours learns her lunar lessons, and what it will all mean to her.  For us, at this moment, it’s about


             We receive some education through the standard channels, but we also are gifted with more esoteric and ephemeral types of scholarship.  Signs, symbols, visitors, the beauty of nature, all of these are ways we learn and grow and become more understanding.

             When we are open and available, these non-traditional methods of communication become louder, more obvious, and much easier to interpret.  We also learn at the pace which is most appropriate for us.  Never too fast, and never too slow.  (Even though, it very often feels EXACTLY that way.)

             As validation, I was drawn to my working deck.  This one is about plenitude and abundance.  We’ll be seeing and hearing more than ever as the moon shines her fullness on us now.  Be grateful, and appreciate this amazing sense of contentment.


9 of Cups

Success and concord, are key words for this one. Feasting times and wishes fulfilled.

This illustration expresses grand indulgence.  It also speaks of pursuing joy and caring for that which we are most fond.  It reminds us to check in on those loved ones who can use a little bit of pampering or extra attention right about now.

We are being reminded that having fun and enjoying ourselves is not a bad thing.  Share that wealth and prosperity, because that’s how we all spiral up, learn more, and help each other.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from Instagram.




Answers and Alleviation

             The past few weeks I’ve been feeling increasingly overwhelmed.  As in the way of all things, (see last post re: thinking and being), the Universe stepped in.  Pun unintentional, but highly appropriate.

             Wanna guess who had to make a visit to Urgent Care and got sent home with instructions to stay off her feet for the next 4 days? Yeah, this witch.

             The eclipse, politics, Mercury retrograde, debt, work problems, increasingly painful edema, and now a new (wtf?) foot situation.  It was just adding up to equal: too much.

             I went to see a medical professional and she shut it all down.   She became the voice of Source.  She said, “no more” and she was the last word.

             Thanks, Powers That Be.  I’m listening.  And now, I’m staying home, elevating my lower appendages, practicing Self-Care, and being here in the small house which is now our home.

             As I paid attention to what the signs were telling me, I heard this:


             We have many lives, many chances, many adventures.  If it all doesn’t get done RIGHT NOW that’s fine.  We have tomorrow.  We have next week.  We have next year, and all the years/tomorrows after that.

             We are being reminded that the Journey is where our focus needs to lie.  Aim for the enjoyment, the lesson, the tiny moment of pleasure.

             Once again, it’s about being present.  Being in this time.  And if some shit has to be transferred to tomorrow’s list (or some tomorrows in the future) that’s perfectly okay.  We’ll get there.  We always do.

            Time does not “run out” nor does it disappear.  It wrinkles, it rolls over, it moves along, it meanders down its own path.

             And as a validation, we see that it also turns like a wheel.

robin wood wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune  ~10  ~ reversed

             Or, as I like to read them, with a tweak.  This view shows us that we’ve all been around the block.  We’ve seen the ups and downs.

             What changes is not the Wheel, but how we see it.  There are lean times and times of plenty.  There are times when we feel like we need a break, and then, maybe we can go on a vacation/take a day trip/slip off for a nap.

             A new cycle has begun, and we are rolling around in the middle of it.  Transitions surround us.  The dust has begun to settle.  We’re finding our groove after having lost the beat.

             Basically, no matter what today feels like, we know tomorrow is there.  An opportunity.  A new fresh day, filled with potential.  Time turns, it is gifted to us.  We can choose to embrace it, or not.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Resources:

Robin Wood Tarot and me

Today’s Sharing:

is this affirmation.  It seemed to be exactly what we needed.


             Be Well, my loved ones.  Because here we are now, exactly as we are, the perfect amount.






Advance and Process

             I’m sitting at a make-shift desk, in the house where we now live.  My Empress occupies our formal adobe. It’s been slow, and difficult.  But ….. I’m sitting at a make-shift desk.  In the house.  Where we now live.

             Let’s call that progress, shall we?  Because, what I’ve been hearing about, and what I’m learning so clearly right now, is that we must be thankful, we must notice the gifts.  We absolutely must

stay flexible.

             Nothing around here is done.  Nothing at the other house is done, either.  Two families are half-in, half-out of old and new situations.  But for this moment in time, none of us is homeLESS.  We are dry in the rain and warm in the cold.  (Hopefully, we’ll also be cool in the heat, too.)

             Things change.  That’s the way our journey goes.  It’s the very WAY this life is.  When we get too caught up in staying the same, we lose out on what might come along for us.

             It’s been challenging, this move, this tiny bit of progress.  But it’s also been kinda fun.  And that’s what we all could focus more on.  The fun.  The joy.  The little steps of advancement.

             Behind me, sitting atop (what is now taking the place of) our altar, is a great validation.  We have to take the time to see the nice vantage points.   Stop along the route and enjoy pleasant surroundings.

             The travel is part of this adventure!  We are constantly in motion, let’s notice and appreciate where it takes us.

six of swords

Six of Swords

This is one of the VisionQuest cards.  The journey, the lesson, the movement is what we focus on here.

But also, take note of where this individual is headed.  See the tiny star in that hillside?

The goal is to find our shining future, and aim for it; enjoy the scenery, and get to our destination when we get there.  It’ll be well worth the time spent.  Because truthfully, we have plenty of time to spend.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view.  There is almost nothing hung on our walls right now, except this.  I needed to see them, and spend time with them.  Maybe you do, too.

dolphin view

Choose Joy


Give and Take, and Keep Giving

             You know the saying about sticking with a day job?  Well, even my day job is at night.  On a recent evening, during my daytime night work, I was fortunate enough to spend time with two women who became instant friends.

             They didn’t know each other (nor me, really) prior to this visit.  But, by the end, we had laughed and cried and shared and bonded.

             Both of them, like me, have suffered enormous losses in their lives.  Also, in a similar way to my own, they have seen beautiful blessings, witnessed history, and learned from these events.

             I’m dedicating this post to Carla and Barbara, because not only is genuine sharing important, but clear and honest communication is vital to our future, and the future of our entire planet.

In Partnership

             We simply do not know who or what may cross our path at any given point.  Isn’t it best then, to just be prepared with a smile and kind word?

              Treating others as we would like to be treated is so basic, and yet, it is often forgotten or neglected.  I believe it’s time (past time!) to bring it back.

              Let’s go forward together, and not apart.

             On our card altar, in a most delightful validation, we have a messenger who reminds us that we are always the teacher AND the student, never only one, but without fail, both simultaneously.

robin wood tarot

The Hierophant  ~  5

(not fully rightside-up)

Setting aside the church trappings, this draw (in reversed position) is more about living and learning than it is hierarchy.

We know that to live with Mercy and Goodness is to be balanced.  It’s not being a doormat, but being powerful in our Graciousness.

As we learn we grow, as we teach we grow.  As we communicate with others, we grow.  We take our lessons and we share them, as they are shared with us.

Remember, the number 5 is focused on our humanity.  On our flawed human-ness.  Will we always get our homework in on time and pull straight As?  Of course not.

But will we do our best and try hard and play nice?  Yep, we’ll sure aim for it, and we’ll forgive ourselves as we forgive others who may stumble and need a helping hand.

We are part of a community, we are here in partnership with those around us.  We teach, we learn, we communicate.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is to show you this adorable and thoughtful gift.  It appeared in my mailbox on precisely the day I needed it most.

(Thank you, Karen Bear!)

out houses

A lighthouse outhouse!

             Here’s to a brand new year of RELEASE and letting go.  (And, ya know, whatever our lessons may be.)


An Assorted Assemblage

             Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in a hotel lately (as my potential job), naturally travel has been on my mind.  The ideas of how we move through our lives.  How we ambulate, living our Journey.

             What came to me today was a view and a feeling, all of the layers and aspects of the gifts we receive along the way.

             It’s like a treasure hunt, really.   We’re gathering, we’re learning.  We are also releasing as we go.


             Who we spend our time traveling beside, who our companions on this Adventure are, that matters.

             How we spend out time, leisure, work, recreation, obligatory, this also has great importance and impact.

             As we gather and collect our Tribe around us, what we’re doing together is part of the lesson, part of our learning and growing.  They matter, they have significance, these people and these activities.

              Before each step we take, the Universe wants us to remember, all of this is about the process, the Journey, the collections.

             As a brilliant validation, look what has appeared on our card altar.

in divine order

8 of Wands

             Some of the words I hear when this particular draw shows up are:

Keeping Apace

Everything In Its Time and Place

Divine Order

             This one is so perfect for our message right now.  It’s the suit of inspiration.  It’s the number of infinity.  It’s the very illustration which captures our view of this Journey, through time and space, through living and learning.

             Look at all of the gifts we’ve gathered there!  Our friends, family, loved ones.  Our blessings, our challenges.  All lined up.  In just the most exact order, when and who and where we need at precisely the best time and place.

             This did fall with a bit of a tweak, and that merely tells us that when we’re feeling like maybe the progress has been delayed, it’s okay.  When, where, and with whom…… all will be the most perfectly timed.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my downstairs November calendar page.

Pull up a chair!

Pull up a chair!

             Look, there’s room for everyone on this porch.  Join me, it’s nice out here.