That Alternative Angle

             When I walked in to my (still not fully unpacked, nor completely finished) office tonight I was directed immediately to one of our most dynamic (and controversial) sets.  Every time I get this kind of strong pull, I know it’s an extremely important message.

             This, as we say, was a sign.  So, let’s listen to it, be grateful, intentional, and enjoy the gift.

             Some cards are better off reversed.  The upside-down aspect helps us to see both sides of the what the Universe wants us to focus on.  This is one of those examples.

osho zen tarot

“7 of Fire  ~  Stress


The quality of stress represented by this image visits all of us at times, but perfectionists are particularly vulnerable to it.

We create it ourselves, with the idea that without us nothing will happen . . . . especially in the way we want it to.

Well, we are asked, what makes us so special?  Do we think the sun won’t rise in the morning unless we personally set the alarm? 

We are being directed to go for a walk, buy a small present, fix ourselves a nice meal – anything ‘unimportant’ will do.  Just to put ourselves out of the reach of Stress.”

             I love that this came up as contrary.  It means that we have already begun our “turn” in the proper direction.  We’ve already seen how small things make a big difference.  We have taken the steps needed for learning this lesson.

             Also, I am truly appreciative of the reminder about “unimportant” bits.  Stopping to see the beauty around us, counting our blessings, noticing the tiny joys in our day-to-day-ness, those are the true important parts of this journey.  Those are the best forms of de-stressing.

             When we set down our juggling plates and our burning candles, we realize what little value they actually had.  Because now, our hands are free to do so many more, better, things.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this additional view from our adventure last week.

             When we go to other places, we always look for the museums, the cultural and interpretive centres, the history.

astoria history

              Yes, we stopped to read all of the plaques.  We even brought back a few souvenirs.  (And, of course, books.)




Everyone is Special, and Up-side Down Structure.

   I actually did remember to take a picture of my mismatched back seat, so if this photo makes no sense to you, read yesterday’s post.  The back beige piece has been there since it was made in 1973, but the black sit-on part is the newer addition that we replaced, after the fire.  Can you see over in the corner?  Why yes, I am still driving around with a stack of quilted bags.

    Empress and I were talking today about one of my pool friends (okay, I was talking and she was trying not to yawn in my face).  I’ve mentioned before that this facility used to be run by Easter Seals, and that they cater to special needs adults and children (so obviously the employees are quite compassionate as well as patient).  One of the other women who attends my splash around class is in her 40’s, and I do not know what her exact limitations are but she is delayed to the point of needing a helper.   Having conversations with her is like talking to a very well-behaved 7 year old.  She is amazingly sweet and really observant.  I love chatting while we are in the water, about all kinds of things.  Recently she has been telling me about “Evita” and how she knows all the words to the songs.  She and I have the same taste in music, and our singing voices are comparable.

   I bring this up because it has occurred to me more than once, how we all have differing degrees of normal.  There truly is no such thing as that word, no one is “normal” or “average.”  We all have special skills as well as special needs.  When my niece was diagnosed with Asperger’s we were shown a list of things that should be watched for, and tell-tale signs of this widely varying condition.  Daniel noticed how many of those categories I fall in to.  Not exactly shocking, genetics are very odd. 

   In my own case, I have no problem with labels and titles.  If how I behave, and what my limitations are, fall into a group and I can throw a name out there to explain some of my individual tendencies, I’m all over it.  When these labels or titles are used in a negative sense, to intentionally cause harm (or as has been seen so often lately, to drive children to kill themselves) it is every kind of wrong.  Something I think can’t be mentioned too often, or be brought to our attention too many times.  Words are as harmful as they are healing.

    In our card draw today we have come back to my “working” deck, and we have a tweak to deal with.  The Emperor  ~  reversed  ~ 4 in the Major Arcana    This card has to do with power and stability when it is right side up.  Security and conviction.  Turned around, it doesn’t have the same strength.  It’s like a wobbly foundation, or an un-stable base.  The secure nature we find here in its direct form is now questionable and at risk.

    The Major Arcana cards can often be signifiers, or actual people in our lives.  They are the dominant characters in the forefront of our relationships, or they are us in our representative guises.  If a person around us, who we associate with strength or security, is feeling unsure right now, we need to help him/her to regain that balance.  If this feels closer to our own personal situation, we should look around and see what is unsettling our effectiveness.

    A mature attitude is what this card calls out for, to be less self-focused and more universally aware.  We all lead at times, and we are all guided.  For this to come up in a less-than-direct presentation we are asked to help straighten something out, with reason and great conviction.