Care-Taking, on-going

             There are some messages which need to be repeated.  And then, repeated again.  With a slightly different slant?  We can only hope.

             This morning I heard words, then saw scenes.  Both methods were sharing with me what would help us the most, and both methods were bright but gentle.  Nothing harsh (in itself, part of the entire reminder).

Taking Care,

some more.

             A predominant attitude of comfort is what’s called for right now.  We, our loved ones, and the planet* must live with love and ease.

*Happy Beltane!

             Another way to look at this one today is to see it through the eyes of our daily draw.  They are both Kings, but are going about this journey (and its lessons) in very different ways.

osho zen tarot

“Abundance  ~  King Of Rainbows  ~  Mastery Of The Physical

You have to be whole: rich in the body, rich in science, rich in meditation, rich in consciousness.  Only a whole person is a holy person.

This Dionysian character is the very picture of a whole man, a ‘Zorba the Buddha’ who can drink wine, dance on the beach and sing in the rain, and at the same time enjoy the depths of understanding and wisdom that belong to the sage.  

In one hand he holds a lotus, showing that he respects and contains within himself the grace of the feminine.  His exposed chest (an open heart) and relaxed belly show that he is at home with his masculinity as well, utterly self-contained.

The four elements fo earth, fire, water, and sky all conjunct at the King of Rainbows who sits atop the book of the wisdom of life.

If you are a woman, the King of Rainbows brings the support of your own male energies into your life, a union with the soulmate within.  For a man, this card represents a time of breaking through the conventional male stereotypes and allowing the fullness of the whole human being to shine forth.”

             For me, this is more about a PERSON, more a ruling individual than a man or woman, because the balance of male/female is so aligned.  I see no need for gender here, merely human-ness.

             Also, I’m not addressing the next card’s Contrary direction, it felt more as thought they were being opposed to each other, rather than to us.

“Control  ~  King Of Clouds  ~  Mastery Of Mind (reversed)

There is a time and a place for control, but if we put it in charge of our lives we end up totally rigid.   The figure is encased in the angels of pyramid shapes that surround him.  Light glitters and glints off his shiny surfaces, but does not penetrate.  

It’s as if he is almost mummified inside this structure he’s built up around himself.  His fists are clenched, and his stare is blank, almost blind.  The lower part of his body beneath the table is a knife point, a cutting edge that divides and separates.  His world is ordered and perfect, but it is not alive – he cannot allow any spontaneity or vulnerability to enter it.

The image of the King of Clouds reminds us to take a deep breath, loosen our neckties, and take it easy.  If mistakes happen, it’s okay.  If things get a little out of hand, it’s probably just what the doctor ordered.

There is much, much more to life than being ‘on top of things’.”

             Perspective is everything.  As long as we keep the main point in our sights.  As we heard yesterday, lovefulness is the key.  So, we are reminded to take care, be human, and find joy in all aspects of our selves, and others.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this regal creature we spotted the other day.

Llama! (Woven into a blanket.)

(Woven into a blanket.)

             Of course, I immediately texted the phone photo to J.D.  Because, llama!

Sticking Strength.

             It dawned on me while I was in the shower this evening that we hadn’t talked about my No Shampoo changes in a while.  Partly this is because I never even think about it that much anymore.  Which, really, is pretty cool.  And nicely affordable.  Since ya know, I no longer buy shampoo or conditioner.

             (No real changes to report.   Still mostly just rinsing my head, and using the baking soda/vinegar-or-lemon juice rinse less and less.)

             It’s the simplest way to get rid of one more bit of consumerism* in my life.  Goal-wise, I’d like to do that more.  But I also am extremely pleased with how much we’ve done just in the past year.  Not driving, reusing all my bags when we buy bulk products.  Nearly no premade or packaged food into the house.  Not smoking, drinking only water.  Kinda big moves, and not very hard to do at all.

*Toxic chemicals, too.

repurposed clothing


             Last month I spent a few moments with my ancient, but still excellent, embroidery scissors and snipped away everything but the elastic from a pair of Dan’s old undies.  I did two pair, actually.  One I’ve already got my eye on for a new bicycling skirt, but the other I haven’t put a project to yet.  No doubt, it’ll be used in a similar fashion.  Yes, I re-purpose LOTS of shit around here.  It’s the epitome of what the word “recycle” means.

             Many of the ideas I get, I just know are not mine originally.  Which is partly what our card today has to say.

oracle cards and self-care

Guidance  ~

Ask for guidance.

The Divine will meet your every need.”

             Another topic we haven’t touched on recently is the idea of Infused Knowledge.  We have guides and Teams and all of these helpers because we need that kind of assistance; it’s what keeps this physical experience spiritual.  We can all use a bit of a nudge from time to time.  Inspirations and flashes of brilliance are very often our guardians whispering in our ears.

             And even though we JUST got this type of message recently, apparently we needed it again.  Because we aren’t asking for enough help, or maybe the reminder is simply here to keep us feeling connected. Because when we acknowledge our Universal signs and assistance, as we all know, we are better able to receive additional help and see everything more clearly.

             One of the things I like best about this entire situation is that it makes not one damn bit of difference WHO you call on, we get answers and aid regardless.  Nothing more is necessary.  Be open, pay attention, ask.  And as always, say Thank You.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Exacting Equilibrium.

            We are going to discuss reaching balance points, in the metaphysical sense, but first things first, put on your party hats, there’s another yearly marker to recognize.  Join us in celebrating the birth of Daniel’s second sister today.  Happy Happy to you Michelle!  We adore you beyond all reason and sanity.  Hope your entire festive 24 hours (and then some) was filled with joy and love.  SO wish we could be there with you.

             And now, for a MUCH delayed answer to a question from Judy in the comments about a million years ago.  She asked what I listened to when I walked.  I know I’ve answered this before, probably several times, because I recall googling around and discovering that I’m tragically out of date where a few of my favorite artists are concerned. 

              On today’s wander I was made aware that I need to share this again.  In (seriously) no particular order (and no, there aren’t links to anything, it took way too long just to do this, mostly because I kept thinking of others that I’d left out and I had to go back, over and over and over and over… ):

Cher (duh)

K. T. Tunstall (first and second album)

Michael Franti (the CDs Tracy sent me)

Yogoman Burning Band

(soundtrack) Lion King 1 1/2

George Thorogood (selected tracks)

Eagles (basically everything ever recorded, including solo albums by most members, past and present)

Amy MacDonald (first album only, because even though the second one has been out for like two years we can’t GET it here)

(soundtrack) Little Mermaid

Shakira (that one album Emma had in elementary school)

Steve Miller Band (some, not even sure how much/many)

Tom Petty (basically everything)

The Allman Brothers Band (you already know which ones and why, it’s my age, most of us have these songs someplace)

Brian Setzer (all the Stray Cats, all the Orchestra, and mostly all of everything else, up to about 2009)

Lynyrd Skynyrd (pretty much everything EXCEPT Freebird)

Beach Boys (everything we could find)

Eric Clapton (a handful of tracks, the ones I like)

Creedence Clearwater Revival (only about five songs, I don’t know, it just worked out that way)

(soundtrack) Wizard of Oz

John Mellencamp (not the VERY oldest album but everything else)

Sarah Bareilles (a few songs that J.D. generously gave us, and which included a fine group of Irish drinking tunes)

(soundtrack) Dirty Dancing

Madonna (her very early stuff)

(various selections Hanna sent me when she worked at various radio stations, including some awesome zydeco and “oasis” music, plus a bunch of my other faves like The Bangles, Barenaked Ladies, Paul Simon, Blues Traveler, Joan Jett, and about 50 more single releases I can’t remember right now).

            The entire concept of being able to listen to songs that you have pre-chosen still amazes and delights me.  It’s one of my favorite new bits of technology, and even then, my wee music player is ancient in the concept of modern terms.  It’s one of the easiest parts of getting out of The Burrow. 

             Here’s what it looked like around me this afternoon as I hoofed my way along.  (This is about two-thirds of the way through my Route, for you local folks, it’s right above Tugman Park.)  Weather like this requires me to dress in layers and do so appropriately.    Which, holy crap, on some days takes for freaking EVER.  One reason is that my stupid hair keeps changing.  And I have to adapt to, not only the climatic conditions, but keeping that shit out of my damn face. 

            When Empress and Max came by yesterday she went foraging in some closets.  Her search was for mittens and gloves (because apparently the last 47 pair we’ve sent home with her over the years are gone, shocking).  Since we’ve never tossed out anything in our lives, there was quite a selection to choose from (although she might disagree, she made it work, but some exact items she was searching for didn’t seem to be in those exact bags/purses/baskets/ratty old shopping sacks). 

            She left (slightly disgruntled perhaps) with some winter wear accessories.  And I found a hat.  No clue where it came from or who originally owned it (it’s store-bought, so it obviously did NOT belong to any of us), but I claimed it for my own.  And I wore it today.  Worked fabulously.

            Even though the way I kept my hair up under it will probably have to change the next time I venture out.  This time, it was fine.  As was the entire outing.  Except for one point, when I had Movement Envy.  And you guys know how I am about NEVER being jealous or envious, I’d rather pet a fucking cat.

             Three young women were running along the path as I was crossing the street.  I looked at them, with their bouncy ponytails and their matching outfits, all quick and limber, and I wanted to either puke on their shoes or BE them right that second.  Then…

 at that precise same moment, just as those thoughts registered in my brain, I glanced down, and saw the note (Flash Card probably) that you are looking at in the above picture.  I stopped, as if I’d been yanked to a full and complete halt.  Frozen.  “Shit.”

               Thanks Universe, don’t be SUBTLE or anything.  Fine, I got the message.  What’s theirs is theirs and what’s mine is mine.  I AM making progress, I AM really healthy and strong.  I just can’t EVER wish to be someone else.  Gotcha.

              None of us really needs to wish we were someone else, who we are is exactly right, is where we need to be, is just the right balance of lessons and challenges and gifts and blessings.  Sometimes though, we need to be reminded.

            This same idea is partly what our card is talking about.  Also, it happened again.  This particular draw has shown up in two other places lately, in personal readings for people who have contacted me.  Not even remotely kidding.

Two of Pentacles  ~  Perfect Balance

             This is a great sign for where we are, all of us trying to move past the crap that’s bogging us down right now.  We do need to take that next step, as we saw in yesterday’s selection, but we are not QUITE there yet.  Today we are being shown that we are balanced, exquisitely and perfectly balanced, right where we are.

              No fear or worry is present because we know we won’t fall.  We are just becoming anxious for the next place to set our feet.  We CAN juggle all that needs to be held aloft, our arms are just starting to tire and we’d like that break, NOW. 

           Twos are all about the duality of everything, light and dark, soft and hard, loud and quiet, day and night, up and down, wet and dry.  When we take the time to notice these differences, and acknowledge the beauty in that two-ness we are made aware of even MORE of them.  And the world looks nicely balanced.

               Another aspect of this illustration is how the Pentacles are arranged, they are in an infinity symbol.  This is important for us right now.  We need to believe that no matter how long that Next Step takes to get here (and trust me, it’s not actually THAT long), we are willing to keep our equilibrium infinitely.  We won’t HAVE to though, but it is crucial that we feel as though we WOULD, if it became necessary.

           The last part of this is the physical level.  Pentacles are of matter; we can hold it, make it, break it, buy it, sell it, touch it.  Take a second for yourself, and put your hands together.  Sit (or stand or whatever) for less than one minute, feeling the skin on your hands, rubbing them together, creating friction and warmth, absorbing that sense of physicality your brain is registering.  THAT is you, THAT is Pentacles, THAT is all of us connected as a five pointed star within the circle of the Universe. 

            If you do it and clear your mind of everything else, just for those few seconds, you are able to appreciate your hands, your skin, your brain, your body, your ability to feel and love and balance and look forward to the Next Step we are all just about to take.

LateNight New Thing: I’m going to type in which deck we’re using at the end of every post now (unless I forget).  Just seemed like we needed that right now.

Robin Wood Tarot