Thankfulness and Illness

             I’m sick.  Going on day 3 (or maybe 5).  Throat is painful to the point of no voice.  Head pounding, eyes red and runny.  Lungs aren’t doing well, ribs ache from coughing.

             Sleep is difficult (and you know how much I love sleep).  Just in general this has been a real, no-nonsense, shitty week.

             Some challenges have arisen, struggle has been the norm.  On so many levels.

             Here’s our message.  It was clear and it was loud.

channeled messages


             If you know who I can credit this photo to, shout at me in the comments or send an e-mail.  For now, we’re going with it as is: whale sharks, staying in touch, being together.

             The Universe wants us to remember how important our loved ones are.  Call or text somebody who is meaningful in your life.

             Reach out, hold a hand (or fin).  Give a hug, or ask for one.  Our journey has bumps in the road.

             We need to recognize (and be grateful for) the smooth spots.  We need to remember, both of them help us to be who we are, and who we strive to become.

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the internet,

and me.

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out house

Be grateful for plumbing, and electricity.

             This is my July view.  Enjoy.  I’ll be home, in bed.  With the air conditioning on, drinking water from an indoor faucet (and appreciating every single second).




Happy Here, Happy Whole

             A phrase was introduced not too long ago (perhaps regionally?) in the refuse industry.  This business, like any other, is conscious of marketing.  But also, of efficiency.

             The “new” idea was that no one in the house had to sort recyclables anymore, that was now a job at the other end.  We could combine our items which were not trash, and the landfills would be less crammed full.


             The term and process were born.  This was über helpful, on so many levels.  This morning, that’s the hyphenated word which came to me, as I was witnessing many of the same scenes from yesterday.

             We are but a tiny grain of sand upon a massive beach.  When a closer look is called for, however, each individual particle is precious, beautiful, and entirely unique.

             We co-exist with all of the world, and our community, and our Tribe, and all the way down to simply being with only ourselves.  Our adventure here is about being with, mingling, and also it’s about being alone, in solitary moments.

             As we continue to stay outside of the regular rotation around our card altar, the daily draw is precisely the validation for this message.

oracle cards, peaks of joy, enchanted map messages

“Peaks of Joy  ~  33  ~

‘Your life is filled with happiness, so share it with others!’


Joy is yours today!  No matter what your inquiry, you will be happy with the results.   

You’re coming closer to a sense of achievement, and you’ve worked hard for it.  You are surrounded by true companions, and events that are synchronistically arranged to bring you to the next level of your life.

The world is singing a beautiful harmony.  Life is exhilarating and hopeful.  Let gratitude fill your heart and remember to share your happiness. 

Joy is contagious.


Do you rely too heavily on your material achievements when you assess how happy you are?  Perhaps you say, ‘I’ll be happy when I meet the right lover/make the right amount of money/reach my ideal weight [and so on].’

Why wait to arrive at the perfect destination before allowing yourself to experience sheer delight?

This is a day for joy!  Take a walk, listen to the songbirds, play with a dog, look at a baby . . . . and be in awe of life, which leads to a true sense of bliss.

Be alive, be grateful, and know that happiness is an inside job.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

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is this gem, on my page.

honey bear

From earlier in my evening.

             Which I captioned:

Remember yesterday? #NoEyeRubbingWithBasilHands Tip for tonight: no honey-bear refilling while catching up on a 12 hour Twitter backlog. #ImSoFuckingKitchenChallenged #StickyKeys