Road Report: the third posting

             Before we left town, I knew that a new deck for our card altar was on its way to us.  So, I waited.

             Ta da!  THIS ONE has appeared.  And today’s Channeled Message did, too.

Personal Spiritual Support System

             We all have our Team, and right now is a perfect opportunity to say thanks.   By acknowledging and accepting this help, we are inspired and guided.

 oracle cards, inner child

 “Imagination / Inner Child  ~  7  ~

Nocturnal Dreams, Daydreaming, Reverence, Fantasy

Your Divine Inner-Child spirit is knocking at your door, inviting you to step away from a serious life filled with too much work and drudgery and allow yourself some well-deserved playtime.  YOur life is presently overcontrolled by others’ needs and much too burdened with responsibility.  Consequently, you’re losing touch with your inspiration and creativity.

Listen to your Inner Child.  Take time to daydream, fantasize, visualize, wonder, and explore.  Feed your Inner Child with art classes, theatre tickets, concerts, and other types of recreational activities.  If you don’t honor your Inner Child’s needs, she/he will get your attention by throwing one heck of a childish tantrum, manifesting in a chronic bad mood or a nasty depression.

You need this magic right now.  Your Inner Child’s message is:

Come play with me.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Travel Notes:

are not accompanied by a photo but you can use your imagination.  We spotted an amazingly gorgeous snowy egret.  Right next to the freeway.  Majestically and silently perched on a wall near someone’s neighborhood.

Silent Sounds

             If you are fortunate enough to be someone with a functioning sense of hearing, then this post will be appropriate.  Because, it’s surely a fact that we are listening to SOMETHING almost all the time.

             Ambient and random noise, voices, digitally produced tones, music, birdsong, background (or foreground) traffic, barking dogs (or non-dogs), electronic humming . . . . the list is endless, and what we’re hearing seems endless, as well.  (In our house, at this time of year, it’s a radio broadcast of baseball games.)

             What we don’t have much of, is enveloping, healing, complete quiet.  And that can be a problem.  Or, at least, it’s not necessarily really good for us.

            The solution, though, is super simple, super easy.  (Both of which, I’m a huge fan of.  The simpler, the easier, the better.)

Still and Calm

             Ideally, we’d all like to be on a rejuvenating resort vacation.  (And, fingers crossed, at some point we will!)  But for day-to-day serenity, let’s go the practical route and find ways to make it happen instantly.  And, regularly.

             By incorporating just a few moments of some inspiringly silent zen time, we’re treating ourselves (and our brains and our ears) to a gift from Nature.

             Indoors, outdoors, in the car, behind a closet door if needed, what is being suggested is to just grab those opportunities.  Really make the effort.  Turn everything off (actually off).  And then, be.  Be still.  Be calm.  Be.

            One way to get here, to that still calmness, is to make a time and space for it.  A designated area even, if possible.  That’s what our daily draw is saying, too.

cleaning house, oracle cards, enchanted map oracle cards, colette baron-reid

“Cleaning House  ~  37  ~

‘It’s time to clear the clutter to make way for better things.’

When you see the Cleaning House card in a reading, it’s time to de-clutter your life.  Get rid of unwanted things in your physical home, and release what you no longer want or truly need.

Is there any unfinished business you should address?   Thoughts, memories, and emotional baggage must be swept out of your house as well.  Your conscience must be clear for you to move freely in the world.

Celebrate a spring-cleaning and feel the freedom as you make way for much better things.  Look at what you’ve resisted discarding and be honest about its value. 

Be honest.  Clean house.”

            This is not my all-time favorite message, as you well know (but only because I am so fucking bad at it).  However, it did come up, and it did come up Direct.  I was (immediately!) instructed to add the Challenger description.

             It seems, we MUST to see it, and we must see it from both sides.


Why do you hold on to things that remind you of the past?  Is your home cluttered with objects that bring up unhappy memories?  Do you have a tendency to attract broken people who need to be fixed?

If you’re involved in this type of emotional project, stop right now and ‘clean house.’  Being needed isn’t going to get you what you really need.  That said, even if you initially resist letting go of excess physical or emotional baggage, you will feel amazing afterward.

Let go, and let the Universe bring you something better.  Make space.  The Universe doesn’t like a vacuum and will respond to your housecleaning by filling your home with what will best serve you.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this duo from earlier today, when we visited my mom and dad.

Very pretty peppers.

Very pretty peppers.

             When I asked my mother how her garden was doing this year, she said that “the tomatoes are shit.  Also the damn corn.”  Is it any wonder I have such a potty-mouth?

Her echinacea, on the other hand......

Her echinacea, on the other hand……

             (This view is only about a quarter of the bed.)  She doesn’t grow these for medicinal purposes, although, she could.  Or maybe, she could and then WE could do the harvesting and processing for her.  Ya know, in our spare time.


             Everything (important) leaves a mark.  As we make our way through this Adventure, we don’t come clear of it without evidence that we were here.

               War wounds.  Laugh lines.  Documentation and proof that we were here, we lived, we loved, we cried, and we were joyful.

             Whether physical or emotional, we gather and collect and leave signals of our existence.  On and in, some demarcation is seen and felt.  Scarring occurs, blemishes and imperfections are left behind.

             Today, our focus will be drawn to the tiniest of these.  A mere . . . .


             Maybe we wouldn’t even notice it, or possibly we’d glance past it and not even see the sign, no acknowledgment given.  Sometimes it’s a matter of, “how’d THAT get there?!”

             The Universe is reminding us that very often, it’s the minor, seemingly insignificant gestures and actions which mean the most.  Same with this small signal.  Small, but vastly important.

             We are asked to be aware, look for them.  Similar to when our message says, watch for those signs.  Well, WE are part of that now.  WE help to carry the signs.

            As has become the way of things, our daily draw drops that validation right into place.  In case anyone was wondering HOW we were supposed to be on the alert for our marks, here it is.

crystal messages, oracle cards, kyanite

“Kyanite  ~

intuition, ideas, dreams

Pay attention to your intuition and to your dreams over the coming days for you are being guided towards deeper spiritual understanding and insight.  Through this process, much of which occurs on a subconscious level or in your dream state, a rather ingenious idea will surface that will radically change your views on life, particularly your career.

Kyanite will help you ground this idea as you discover ways of practically applying your idea in your every day life and work.

However, do not try to force the process.  The idea will surface when you least expect it.  Simply relax and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and insights.

Know that they already exist within you in an abstract spiritual way.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this adorable view, from some vacationing travels.

A sewing room! And a harp! With a violin in its own case!

A sewing room!
And a harp!
With a violin in its own case!

             Thank you, Anna!  For thinking of me, and for sending along this treasure.

Fun Facts

             As I’ve put in my time and studied my craft, I’ve learned quite a bit about the field of metaphysical practice.  And, in this past year of spontaneously channeled messages, I’ve amassed even more information.

             I am being directed to share some of these Universal Truths as our topic today.   Most of it can be found in, on, and around this site.  It appears to be past time for much of it to be gathered all in one place.

             In no particular order, here are some bits and pieces, all of which, I know to be true:

  • We have one soul, but many bodies.
  • We live many lives, parallel to one another.  (For instance, when a  significant event happens at, say, the age of 25, that energy will ripple through all the other lives during the same time period.)
  • We all have a Team.  Guides, guardians, teachers, loved ones, elementals, angels, etc…..
  • At some point, we sat down with members of our Team to plan this exact life we’re in right now.
  • There are a number of Exit Points throughout our lives, we may take them, or we may pass them by.
  • It is never our place to Judge, because when we leave these bodies, we WILL be held responsible for our actions.  All of them.
  • Angels are real, and they have never “belonged” to any religion or spiritual order, they are independent beings who work only for the highest good.
  • There is one dedicated being who is in charge of nothing else but our dreams.  (They have names, and yours may tell you what theirs is at some point.  All you need to do is ask.)
  • We all have one primary Guide.  We also have other guides who join us farther along the route.
  • There are no mistakes, only lessons.
  • Coincidence is a fictitious human-brain invention to explain the unexplainable nature of synchronicity.
  • There is no purpose to guilt or fear, other than to slow our progress down and teach us how to remove negativity from our journey.
  • We are never alone.
  • Where we are now is not real, but where we go when we leave these bodies is.
  • No matter what you call Mr and Mrs God, Divine Source exists.

Today’s Resources:

are a massive compilation of what I have gathered and remembered, from more places than I could possibly list, from more lifetimes than I could possibly enumerate.

Today’s View:

is this collage-y grouping that I put together, in lieu of an illustrated card.

A focus on the positive.

A focus on the positive.

             If anyone has questions about this post, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Additional, Last Minute, Fun:

is that I asked Dan (via this video message app we have on our phones) if he could think of anything that I might be leaving out.  Here’s his contribution,

all beliefs are valid, in the name of Tolerance.  One is not better than another.”  Good one, Honey, thanks!

Same Same Not Not

             One of the most fascinating aspects of wearing our bodies and living these lives, is our individuality and uniqueness.  But also, as we discussed recently, our similarities.  We’re the same.  And we’re not.

             What I was shown this morning depicted how we grow and learn and create with these traits (similarities playing alongside the differences), how we are able to heal and move forward by honouring both.

One size does not fit all.

            It’s the small details that we are reminded to watch for.  Those particular items we can use to discern what works best for us.  Finding the “size” which really does feel most comfortable.

             We make these decisions with the help of our Team, and our family (born-to, or chosen, or a blend).

             This is also what’s being said at the card altar, that we do our best work when we have help.  As I was entering the room, my mind still feeling jumbled with all that I had seen and heard and felt, but not yet written down, it was very clear where outside of the regular rotation we needed to go.

oracle cards, angel messages

“Angel Therapy  ~

Archangel Raphael:

‘Give your cares and worries to us angels, and allow us to take your burden.’

Additional Message:

‘Have you asked us angels for help with your situation?  We can only help if you give us permission.  Right now, close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath.  Then, mentally call upon your guardian angels and the archangels to help you.

Don’t outline how you want to be helped; just tell us what situation you’d like help with.  Most important, be open to receiving help as it comes to you.  The help might be in the form of a hunch, an intuitive idea, or a direct intervention.

If you receive any repetitive guidance, it’s important that you follow it.’

Working with Archangel Raphael:

Ask Raphael to surround anything needing healing with his emerald green aura.  The crystals that are aligned with Raphael’s healing energy are emeralds and malachite.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is from what I posted on Instagram earlier.

Oh, Oreo, you know me so well.......

Oh, Oreo, you know me so well…….

             Because, hell yeah!  They are totally Lime-y-licious.  (Are they super “clean food” or fresh and organic?  Nope.  Are they a nice treat and make me happy for the Right Now?  Absolutely.)