Our Choice

             Our choices, they are unending.  There is a limitless supply of ways to go, who to be, and how to behave.

             This is a Universal Truth.  It just is.  There is no denying it.

             Continuing on our Transitional theme, here’s what I heard this morning:


             We need only select the direction we want to go.  We need only choose the adventure we want to have.

             Since our Options are up to us, it’s important to stay positive.  Because it’s not merely our mind who is doing the voting.  Our actions, our feelings, our words, our judgments, they all count.

             When we are in a lovingkindness mindset, that same experience will follow.  When we struggle and complain/acquiesce and swallow disappointment, that TOO is our reality.

             “Choose Well” – that’s our message.  Take your Options seriously, but then, have fun with them.


             Like last month, I invite you to join me on my new calendar page.  I’ll be envisioning us here.  (This time it’s Bavaria!)

             Good company, excellent food, perfect weather (whatever that means to you), and a calm serenity where we can relax with no pressure, no stress.  And many options.

Today’s Sharing:

is also Business News.  I’ve been offered a full-time job.  It has the benefits we need, and I feel as though it is in the best interest for my family.  So, I’ve accepted the position.

             How this will change my channeled messages, I do not know.  I’m going to try and stay here, showing up when things need to be said.  There won’t be a regular schedule, probably.

             I encourage everyone who has not done so already to sign up for e-mail notifications.  There’s a FOLLOW button on this page, as well as a method under the tab: DIRECT CONTACT.  Scroll down and click “Yes, I want this” to activate.

             Also, there will still be activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Etsy.  I won’t be going away, I’ll just be in training Transition for a few months, then we’ll see where everything falls after that.


Analytically Specific

             When I have the wires or bands adjusted on my braces, the official terminology is detail work.  And that’s exactly what the Universe wants us to discuss right now.  Only, ya know, on a metaphysical level, not inside my face.

             I heard this before I left the comfort of my cozy bed:

fine tuning.

             Because of our current Mercury retrograde situation, it’s not a good idea to begin anything new at this time.  What IS recommended is all aspects of “re” – as in:

review, refresh, reassess, rejuvenate, renew, reenergize, resume, recall, regenerate, replenish, reawaken, revive, refine, repair, remember, revise…..

              The process of taking a moment to look deeper, examining those fine details, refamiliarizing ourselves with the smaller particulars gives us a chance to tune in, on a soul level, and simply within our own quiet and sacred self.  We allow our busy-ness to drop away for that second, and we are calm.  We are renewed.

              Another part of this has to do with releasing the nagging, material-world specifics, giving way to the peaceful, tiny blessings, letting them rise to the top.  Those usually uncredited players (like, our ability to hear and breathe and walk and speak) are not the biggest of our details, but they are among the most important.


             This is the first month of my other new calendar.  It’s going to be our Sharing and our Resource for today.

             Use it as a meditation aid, if that’s something you feel drawn to.  I’m going to study this view, then close my eyes, sending my mind to that left-side chair (so I can put my virtual feet up on the wall).  I’ll keep the details that want to hang around, and release those that are no longer useful.

              You might want to do something similar.  Maybe I’ll see you there?