Our Worldly Compassion

             In the comments recently, Robin and I remarked on the utter fabulousness of our Mother planet.  Because, duh: nature!

             And then this morning, a mere few hours after I’d fallen asleep, the images I saw literally woke me from my VERY sound slumbering.  I witnessed great harm being done.  It was painful.

             The truth is, all of us try.  We do what we feel is best.  We attempt to make a difference.  And it DOES matter, but again, we’ve been given a nudge.

Do what you can,

love your Mother.

             By parking my car, going by bike, and the bus, I am not only helping our beautiful planet, I’m also making a statement.  If **I** can do these things, others could, too.

             Much like how in the past I have seemed harsh when it comes to the commercialization of that date 10 days from now.  If YOU enjoy it? Well, by all means, carry on.  And truly, have fun.  If YOU want to (and feel that you can) make a significantly eco-minded change in your life?  Please, do so with my blessing.

             However, don’t for a second think that I’m demeaning or disparaging anyone else’s decisions.   That’s pretty much what “choice” and “freedom” are all about.  And believe me, I honour and treasure both.

             Who said “even if I don’t agree with your statements, I’ll defend your right to make them?”  Because that’s the point here.  We merely do what we can.  On our own terms.

             As we continued the regular rotation around our card altar this afternoon, I was very pleased with what came up.  Reminiscent of yesterday, also entirely pertinent for right now.

rhodochrosite, messages of self-love, healing crystals

“Rhodochrosite  ~

You are  being urged to examine the traits you don’t like in others and, rather than merely judge them as bad or avoiding them, look at what they reflect within you.

Developing a compassionate attitude will help you realise that often the judgments we make about others are judgements we make about ourselves.

All relationships are a mixture of positive and negative – they help us broaden our understanding of life and love, and help us to see more of who we are.


I love and accept myself as I am.

I love and accept the world as it is.

Deep in my heart I know, that beyond my perceptions of good and bad, only love exists.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

includes this view from our neighborhood wander earlier (in the rain).

The steepest part, and of course THAT'S where the best shot was to be had.

The steepest part, and of course THAT’S where the best shot was to be had.

             I may not be using numbers any more, but Dan’s maps are still fun to look at.  THIS is where our route took us.

Spiritual Administration.

             One of the very first posts I wrote for this blog, about a million more than five years ago (or has it been six now?) had to do with words I like the sound of.  An example: Pea Patch Island.  Not necessarily a great place, but the name is phonetically pleasing to me.

             Everyone already knows of my overfondness for alliteration and verbosity.  Why use two words when you can use 17, at least five of which sound alike?  Well, last night we were watching THIS SHOW (which I like for far too many unexplainable reasons) when I heard a native man (in an interview* with Jeremy) pronounce piranha.  It sounds like:

 pee-RAWN-yah, and I can’t stop shouting it at Dan.

*There were hand-motions too, but I haven’t figured out how, without a video, to describe them adequately enough to do the entire production justice.  Maybe just watch this particular episode and look for that doctor who does the autopsy.

             Um, yeah.  That’s just one reason why patience is so highly valued around here.  Also?  We went to a dollar store.  Again, I enjoyed my childish self elf FAR too much.  (Every time we walk into one of these places, I am reminded of the fact that I LOVE them [in all of their trashy glory], and yet, once I’m NOT there, it falls right out of my head.)

dollar store finds

Yes, I bought a basket,
and filled it.

             Do you see something pink, plastic, and tropical bird-like peeking out?  Tomorrow I’ll show you who they are.

             Because we were out late, I’m feeling rushed.  We need to move right along to our daily draw.  But ya know, in a nice relaxed-but-still-expedient way.

angel messages

“Stress Management  ~

Guardian Angel

Your angels are working with you to reduce the impact of stress.  Pay close attention to your Divine guidance, such as thoughts or feelings about taking a rest, exercising, changing your routine, and avoiding conflict.  You need to both reduce stress in your life and manage the way it’s affecting you.

To lessen this burden, you will need to be assertive with people and say no to unwanted requests.  Don’t do anything out of guilt or obligation, and only engage in activities that you can perform out of loving service.  Avoid harsh environments, violent media, and negative relationships, Face any situations that are worrying you head-on.  It’s better to make plans for dealing with problems, rather than deal with chronic worry by avoiding them.

Managing stress involves taking excellent care of yourself.  This means exercising, getting outside in nature, and consuming only healthful foods and beverages.  Your angels also guide you to surround yourself with uplifting music, flowers, and loving relationships (which can definitely include your pets).

Give any cares or needs to your guardian angels, and ask them to help you receive Divine wisdom in dealing with any stressful matters.  Your angels will also help you see the love and light within in each situation so that your thoughts are peaceful.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is one more shot from Seattle Sibling Weekend.

seattle rooftops

Oldest and youngest again, with companions.
(Em has Indi and Jade has Maxx.)

             They are driving south right now, heading home.  From what I have heard, it was a delightful success.

Today’s Mileage:

turned out to be a nice ride.  There was only a 20% chance of rain predicted, but the cloudcover was low, dark, and ominous all afternoon.  Fortunately, not one drop fell on our heads for the entire 11.773 miles, pedaling time of one hour, fifteen minutes, 58 seconds, averaging 9.2 MPH.  HERE is Dan’s map.

LateNight Hilarity:

from Michelle, one of my sisters-in-California.

witch's parking only

Pagan humour
(I love this so damn much)!

             Thank you Mick,  more than I can say.  Is this a share-able item that you made?  Special?  Because if it is, you are even cooler than we all thought.  (And that’s already pretty damn cool.)

Living Real.

              I had an entirely different type of post planned for today.  Instead though, there was harshness within my range of hearing, before I was even conscious this morning.  (And we’ve talked recently about how my single-layer focus can be problematic.)  The neighbors behind us continued with last summer’s tree killing project.

             No question, the most grating and irritable noise that could possibly wake me up is the scream of chain saws.  It’s almost physically painful.  I did pretty well rolling over and covering my head, but eventually it was just time to get up.  I avoided all the glass on that side of the house.  And I did my very best, clinging onto that Zen Balance I’ve worked so hard to maintain.

             Then, I got some sad family news.  It was a lot in one afternoon.  Later, we just left.  Fortunately this was one of Dan’s bonus days to make up for the earlier training shifts.  And there’s a Home Show happening.  We used it like therapy.  Being in the Moment, being Present, and enjoying the beauty of Spring’s promise.

pink flamingos

I wanted it all.

             This organization has a booth, sometimes an entire room, or even a stage, every year.  For all the events at the convention center.  I look for them each time.  I have brought home the BEST bargains from amongst their gently used offerings.  Tonight, we found a sweater.  And then we saw the fudge booth.  I was much cheered.

             Our daily draw message helped too.  As I knew it would, which was why I went in to my card altar room, practically first thing after I got out of bed.  I looked (with much diligence) for ways to keep me ABOVE the on-going arboreal murdering, and it worked.  But I certainly didn’t do it alone.

angel cards

“Comfort  ~

Archangel Azrael:

‘I am with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal.’

Additional message:

‘Even the strongest person experiences upsetting situations, and there’s no shame in taking time to heal your heart.  This is a good time for quiet reflection upon your true feelings.  Write them down in a private journal, and then call upon me to bring comfort to your heart and mind. I can help you sleep better at night, and put your mind at ease.’

Working with Archangel Azrael:

Azrael’s aura is a beautiful shade of vanilla cream, a very pale yellow tone.  He surrounds grieving and dying persons with this loving light to bring them comfort.  When Azrael is around, you may see eggshell-colored twinkling lights in the room.  The crystal, creamy yellow calcite is calibrated to Azrael’s energy, so holding or wearing this stone may lend additional comfort.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s FLP Report:


Last Night’s Kitchen Adventures:

were both good and bad.  (MY incident was the bad, as I’m sure all of you guessed.)

Not my intention.

Not my intention.
(Just keep moving,
nothing more to see here.)

             We watched a show recently on cheese.  So I put together the ingredients (mostly gathered from our fridge) for a batch of home-made deliciousness.  The deputy’s skills did not disappoint.

home made mac and cheese

Baked mac & cheese with veggies.

             It wasn’t really that green.  But there WAS some  broccoli in there.  And cauliflower.  And carrots.

LateNight Fight Update:

this makes it official, she’s a competitor, after all that work, and all this time.

Vegas fight cards

Fight Card

             Tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:30, Las Vegas time.