Repair, restore, rebuild.

             This week marks my ten year blogaversary.  I began here, a decade ago, to make sense of my sister’s death.  As a place for thoughts, feelings, and later, messages.

             It has served that purpose, plus so much more.  I have no plans to stop showing up, whether I have readers or not (although, I truly hope I do).  It’s worth my time to sit down, contemplate, type, and ultimately, share.

             My mother told me once, at a major turning point in her life, that she felt the perfect imagery (she could see it clearly in her mind’s eye), was the slow changing of a page, the folding flip of paper, as it turned over, marking the end of one chapter, beginning of another.

             I feel that now, as we transition into a new week, a new month, a new year, and no doubt, a new decade.  I hear the Universe tell us that this movement, this marking of time is


             The recovery and restoration has begun.  We may now go forward, wounded and wearing our scars proudly.  We may move on to the next chapter, the next path.

            We have learned, we have grown, and we have traveled so very far.  We are always better for surviving.  And if all we did was make it through this particular day, well, that is an accomplishment.  One we won’t diminish.

             Thank you, for taking this trip with me.  I appreciate you, and treasure your presence.


May we all find peace.

May we all heal.






             Many of us are having a difficult time right now.  There is unrest and what appears to be unjust actions.  We don’t know every story from every person, but we hear enough to cause us pain.

             Sometimes, the stories are close to us, sometimes, farther away.  Distance means nothing when we are aware of how others suffer, how anyone suffers.  We all cope in different ways.

             Personally, I struggle.  I face grief issues.  I have an eating disorder.  I am no longer insured.  I was laid off.  It’s challenging to make ends meet.  Depression is close and closer.

             I’m not great at getting out of my own way.  I’m extraordinarily wonderful at helping YOU do it, though.  When everything just feels too heavy and too sad and too wrong, as I’ve said before, I reach out.  I recommend it, highly.

             Here is a quote from Colette Baron-Reid:

“Peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness are the antidotes for the world today.  Ask yourself – how can I make Peace the power that guides my heart?

Then listen and follow the signs.  Don’t let the unrest in the world rob you of Peace.  Let today be the beginning of a revolution of peace and prosperity for all!

Let it begin with gratitude.  Even if you can find no reason in the temporary conditions of life.  Find it in your heart.”

             I have trouble, every single day.  But, but, but ….. when I discover something like this, I know that I can make it.  I know that I can make it through one more day.  I know that I can force the Peace to calm my terror.

             I know that I can live in this world, this world where bad happens, but where good is never far away.

             Never far, is our


             We can’t give up (as Doreen says) just before the miracle arrives.  We can’t let the hate win.  Our job is to be informed, and then share the lovingkindness we know to be our Hope and our future.

             Even in the dark, we have never been let down by the dawning of a new day.  Even in the confusion, we have never been denied clarity of thought.

             Even on our card altar now, we see the balance.


“Suffering  ~  23  ~  Divine Teachers

An important part of being human, and something that can’t be avoided, is the pain which comes from simply being vulnerable to the physical world.

Your Divine teachers advise you to open to the fact that any upset you attract isn’t without hidden gifts and opportunities.

Celebration  ~  14  ~  Joy Guides

Your Joy Guides are on hand, ushering you into a season of abundance, celebration, and hospitality.

You are loved, accepted, and trusted by those around you.  This is a time when life gives back to you.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is an invitation.


Join me!

             I’ll be on the porch, choosing Joy, holding on to Hope.  Come by, there’s always an extra chair.



Wealth of Well-Being

             As children, what we find to be of comfort to us can be different from that same sense later on, as adults.  Or, partly, anyway.  The idea is the same, but the process and tools can change.

             We all function better, no matter the circumstance, when we are living in a state of contentment.  As opposed to fear or sorrow.


             Whether it has to do with our own personal safety or that of our loved ones, to feel at ease is to have a basic (and livable) foundation on which to build.

             How do we make sure that’s the case though?  Today we are reminded of our choices and our own decision to make this journey of learning.  We crafted a specific life, so if it’s not going well, we need to repair it.

              And we need to do it with Security and Serenity in mind.  Earlier, as I stood before our card altar, this was the direction I was sent.  In aid and validation of our message (and connected to yesterday), here is where we can begin, or where we may continue.

archangel chamuel

 “Peace  ~

Archangel Chamuel:

‘Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.’

Additional Message:

‘Look past the surface of this situation and see the underlying truth:  that everyone involved is a beloved child of the Universe.

By focusing upon this truth, you elicit loving behavior and solutions.

Even though appearances may seem otherwise, trust that a higher wisdom is in charge.  Love is the only power that exists, and its light shines away any seeming darkness.

Hold the intention to look for examples of this light within yourself and others, and you will have more light in your mind, heart, thoughts, and life.  This knowledge is the foundation of peace.’

Working with Archangel Chamuel:

When you wish to feel more centered, calm, and peaceful, call upon Chamuel.  He is the archangel of personal and global peace.

He’s very kind, loving, and sweet, and he will evoke a pleasant feeling of excitement when he works with you.  Know that Chamuel sees your true qualities and loves you unconditionally.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my other new March page.  (Be sure to click and enlarge, so you get to see the tiny boats.)

huntington beach

A storm brings rain to Huntington Beach, California.

             From my 2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Watcher’s Calendar we have this:

“Crepuscular rays are nearly parallel rays of scattered sunlight that emerge from gaps in clouds or other objects and alternate with columns of shadow.  The rays appear to fan out because of perspective, just as a road seems to narrow toward the horizon.  ‘Crepuscular’ means ‘relating to twilight;’ near dawn and near dusk are the best times for high-contrast displays.”


Keeping It Simple

             In the culinary arts (not that I’m an expert, or can even barely feed my own selfelf, but I have learned tons by watching Food Network and Cooking Channel), there is a processing method called “reduction.”  The idea is that you condense and strengthen by boiling down.

             Whatever is our circumstance or situation, right now, the Universe says to simple it down to its most basic components.  This removal of the extraneous, is the elemental key for today’s message.

Uncomplicatedly direct.

             We are being reminded that we’re a busy and detailed sort of animal.  Often sidetracked and/or weighted down with technicalities and the fine minutia of our self-induced particulars.

             When we strip off those extras, reduce our quantity of ingredients, we are left with a bold simplicity.  Sure, there’s an underlying and subtle complex nature that we’ve built in, but the finer points are more delicate.  We are no longer so scattered, so disorderly.

             To bring out the simple is a precarious task, much care and attention is required, but it’s one that we are FAR more equipped for than we realize.  The more we do it, the easier it becomes.  And by application, so too, does our journey.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, the purpose for our intensity is validated, and elaborated on with this draw.

tranquility crystal

“Selenite  ~

telepathy, soul connection, peace, tranquility

It is possible for you to connect with others energetically on a soul level and infuse them with love and healing.

This is telepathic communication in its highest sense.  Through the formless light of love it is possible to both send and receive information provided the information is sought and sent with love.   Remember that on a soul level, time and space do not really exist because all is interconnected and ultimately one.

The peace and tranquility you seek can be found by connecting to that ultimate oneness.

Go within, for in doing so, you will realise that all is eternal;

nothing is ever lost, and that all is eternally present.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is the latest view from my Instagram account.

hand-quilted Noah's ark

This a pretty good representation of the colors; it’s a bright one.

             Tomorrow I’m going to a baby shower.  In my sewing room was an unfinished project (most of the hand-quilting I had already done).  The last of the machine work (edge binding) didn’t take too long.  Now, it’s all wrapped, ready to be given away.

Due and Diligent Duty

            At this time of year, one would think that all focus lands on Gratitude.  But no.  Today I woke up with a different message.

            One of looking within.  Because so often (far more frequently than is good for us), we forget to start with ourselves.

            Isn’t the rule, “deity, self, others?”  Yes, I believe that it is.  Are we practicing that Divine Order?  Or are we allowing the needs of others to shove our self-care aside?

            Right now, it’s all about……

respect and responsibility.

            Respecting ourselves enough to say no when the demands become unreasonable.  Responsibility to our own soul’s journey.

             We can put our own needs first.  It truly is a gift to all when everyone feels their best.  And when we responsibly lead by example, others follow, at a respectful distance.

              If I had gone through every option in every stack here in the card altar room, I couldn’t have found a more perfect match for this message.

sacred pool oracle card

“Sacred Pool  ~  47  ~

‘The world is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  Embody the love you wish to see in the world.’

When you look into the mirror, do you like what you see?  The Sacred Pool card asks that you focus on self-love and self-esteem.

We are all works in progress, so a detached self-examination made with rigorous honesty is called for now.

Reflect by the Sacred Pool and be at peace with yourself.  Can you see how far you’ve come and how magical your life is?

Do you notice the spark of the Divine shining through your eyes?  When you are conscious that you’re the embodiment of Spirit, it becomes easier to respect yourself and act in good conscience . . . then you’ll reap the greatest rewards.

Your unique service to the world is not only needed but celebrated.  See the love within you, and know that if you cast it upon the waters, it will return to you tenfold.

Be at peace, for you are beautiful and loved.  Act with surety and confidence, and success shall be yours – whatever your inquiry.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this small offering which was left for us by some of our neighborhood turkeys.

wild turkey feather

Not even two inches long.

             This particular flock, or family group, makes a daily pilgrimage over our roof, from below us in the cul-de-sac, up onto the next block.  We are merely part of the route.