Of Kindness

            This morning I woke up with a beautiful message, and hearing a beautiful song in my head.

             This one, to be exact.  (There is an ad at the beginning, but they seem to be super short.  Also, I don’t know why it’s so huge.)



             Not only are we all focusing on Gratitude  (because we all are, right?), but we’re also being reminded to serve up an extra helping of ….

Compassion and Caring.

             It’s not about the “holiday” right now, but more about being together.  Yes, even if visits bring strife and conflict.

             We are all individuals, we all have our own truth.  The key to compassion is to care.  That’s it.  Simply opening our hearts and being kind is where all the value lies.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, we’re being reminded that we are here to learn and grow.  Very fitting.

learning experience guardian angel

“Learning Experience  ~  Guardian Angel

This situation is an opportunity for you to learn some important life lessons.  Instead of looking at this experience as a problem, see it as something that will help you to learn and grow.  Some of the valuable qualities that you’re acquiring include strength, patience, forgiveness, and perseverance.

Similar to the angel in the painting, who is holding a glowing white dove, this is an opportunity to shine even more brightly.

Notice any familiar aspects of this situation:

are there things that you are tired of and are ready to let go of?  

Once you extract the blessing within the pattern, it won’t need to repeat itself anymore.  You will have learned the necessary lesson, and you can be free from it for good.

Your guardian angel will help you to see the current situation in a more positive light, as well as identify the lessons involved and heal away unwanted patterns.  Simply ask your angel for help with these issues, and then pay attention to any loving thoughts that guide you to take action.”

             This needs to be said again, “Once you extract the blessing within the pattern, it won’t need to repeat itself anymore.”   Oh yeah, I’m ALL over that one.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

includes this blurry view from a parking lot tonight.

maryland heron plate

Maryland ~ With a snowy egret!

             Plus, what might be a rerun of that same South Carolina I spotted last week.  And one lone Nebraska.  Remember, if you’re traveling, YOU could be someone’s fun foreign sighting.


Symbolism, Flora and Fauna Style

             Last night I fell asleep with, and this morning I woke up to, dazzling images* from assorted wild scenes.  Then, returning to the regular rotation around our card altar, this messenger arrives, delivering the same feeling.

*One particularly vivid view was of a gorgeous lemon tree on a hill, with groves of other citrus all around.  So fragrant and uplifting!

             The Universe says, the truth here is about the exquisite majesty of Nature, and all within; how very fortunate we are to experience Her realm.

             Today, we dwell among both

flower and fruit.

             Because our purpose is embedded into the cycles of our life, and the seasons of our journey.  We travel through woods and plains and deserts.  We move with the tides and migrations.

             We are part of Nature.  It’s a piece of who each one of us is.  As urban as many of us get, it’s still within our very core.

             Accepting and honouring this, helps us to stay in-tune with our own personal rhythms.  And that is as healing as it gets.

hind druid animal card eilid

“Hind  ~  Eilid  (pronounced as Elij)  ~

Subtlety, Gracefulness, Femininity

The cards shows a white hind in the forest in late summer or early fall.  Acorns hang heavy from the oaks.  The hind calls us to follow her deeper into the forest.  

Standing in the sunlight, she appears so elusive we are not even sure if she is of this world.

Eilid brings us the gentleness and grace of the feminine principle.  Whether you are male or female, opening to the qualities of the hind will enable you to achieve a greater degree of sophistication, subtlety, and elegance – in the best possible senses of these terms.

Deer, and the white hind in particular, call to us from the Otherworld, from the realm of Faery, and invite us to look beyond the material, beyond the superficialites of life, toward the heart of things, toward the realm of causes rather than effects.

Poised in the moon- or sunlight, Eilid invites us to begin an exploration of the Otherworld, of the spiritual dimensions of life.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Business Update:

is just to say that I’ve begun a new feature on Instagram.


Due and Diligent Duty

            At this time of year, one would think that all focus lands on Gratitude.  But no.  Today I woke up with a different message.

            One of looking within.  Because so often (far more frequently than is good for us), we forget to start with ourselves.

            Isn’t the rule, “deity, self, others?”  Yes, I believe that it is.  Are we practicing that Divine Order?  Or are we allowing the needs of others to shove our self-care aside?

            Right now, it’s all about……

respect and responsibility.

            Respecting ourselves enough to say no when the demands become unreasonable.  Responsibility to our own soul’s journey.

             We can put our own needs first.  It truly is a gift to all when everyone feels their best.  And when we responsibly lead by example, others follow, at a respectful distance.

              If I had gone through every option in every stack here in the card altar room, I couldn’t have found a more perfect match for this message.

sacred pool oracle card

“Sacred Pool  ~  47  ~

‘The world is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  Embody the love you wish to see in the world.’

When you look into the mirror, do you like what you see?  The Sacred Pool card asks that you focus on self-love and self-esteem.

We are all works in progress, so a detached self-examination made with rigorous honesty is called for now.

Reflect by the Sacred Pool and be at peace with yourself.  Can you see how far you’ve come and how magical your life is?

Do you notice the spark of the Divine shining through your eyes?  When you are conscious that you’re the embodiment of Spirit, it becomes easier to respect yourself and act in good conscience . . . then you’ll reap the greatest rewards.

Your unique service to the world is not only needed but celebrated.  See the love within you, and know that if you cast it upon the waters, it will return to you tenfold.

Be at peace, for you are beautiful and loved.  Act with surety and confidence, and success shall be yours – whatever your inquiry.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this small offering which was left for us by some of our neighborhood turkeys.

wild turkey feather

Not even two inches long.

             This particular flock, or family group, makes a daily pilgrimage over our roof, from below us in the cul-de-sac, up onto the next block.  We are merely part of the route.



             The feeling of our messages has begun to turn.  (But slowly.)  The impression I’m getting is that we are working through emotions, on our way to someplace better.

             Interestingly, what I woke up with today had a similar attitude to a new program* we watched last night.

*I keep saying “no new shows!” but the circumstances of this one are special.  It’s really an extension of the same person, but with not-famous people.

             What their experience was on that episode was not at all how my views were represented, but the end result gave off the same vibe.

from Suspicion to Celebration

             Our conditioned responses are so very difficult to overcome.  And yet, it IS entirely possible to do precisely that.

            Instead of instantly disbelieving and reacting with a pre-loaded negative, we are all capable of Accepting, Acknowledging, and for the good of all, positively replying in a loving and kind way.  We are, we absolutely are.

            As I was sitting down to make my notes, I was directed to leave our regular rotation for the daily draw.  Now I see why, this is the perfect accompaniment.

archangel sandalphon gentleness

“Gentleness  ~

Archangel Sandalphon:

‘Be very gentle with yourself at this time.  Surround yourself with gentle people, situations, and environments.’

Additional Message:

Sandalphon wishes to help you feel peaceful and centered, and he strongly advises that you begin by listening to gentle music.  Play it wherever you go.

             Talk quietly, and engage in slow, rhythmic movements such as swaying to music or a gentle yoga session.  Don’t engage in battles at this time.

Instead, retreat from conflict while you revive your spirit and become even stronger.  Delay decisions right now, too.  You will know exactly what to do when you emerge from your gentle retreat.

Working with Archangel Sandalphon:

Sandalphon’s aura is a calming and cool shade of turquoise, like the translucent tropical ocean.   Meditate upon this color, or hold the stone associated with this energy – turquoise – and feel your heart rate and breathing become quieter.

Sandalphon can help your words and actions to be kind and gentle, yet powerful.  As the archangel associated with music, you can feel his presence strongly when you listen to music, sing, or play a musical instrument.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Affirmation:

I am in the process of a healing and positive change.


Sometimes, it just Is.

             For the past few nights, my dreams and visions have been filled with an uncomfortable mix of depressed and melancholic mood.  Not pleasant.

            Also, not sure where it’s all coming from, or even really, where it needs to go.  I’m feeling fine!  But clearly, that’s not what this is about.

            Being able to receive the images that I get, is never about me.  Obviously, it’s about others.  It’s about YOU!  (And to that end, I came across an enormously helpful tool yesterday, which will be at the end of this post.)

             Here’s what we need to address right now:

dealing with disappointment.

             On our path to Acceptance, not all of the travel-stops will be gardens and parks and fun rides.  Some pauses by the wayside will be somber spots.  Areas of contemplation and sadly, loss.

             Since we know how Joy feels, and it’s NOT the same as this, we have to understand that there is purpose to these intermissions of grief.  To sit in them, and absorb the fullness of it is the way through and out.

             There are merely times which we will be unhappy.  And that’s a fact (not a punishment).  Both sides of emotion are the ultimate Universal Truth.  It’s our reaction and healing that matters now.

             And within our regular rotation around the card altar we have a very soothing and uplifting illustration, with such a positive message to accompany it, we can’t help but be reminded of the duality (and circular movements) in all of Life.

             Never forget, there is always Hope, and there is always Tomorrow.

prosperity oracle card

“Cultivating Prosperity  ~

‘The abundance of the Universe is pouring into my life!’

Card Meaning: 

A stream of abundance is ready to flow into your life, but you need to take action to receive it.  Believe that you deserve it.  Take steps forward by planting seeds for your future prosperity.

The Universe wants you to know:

Right now you are moving toward receiving an outpouring of money, energy, time, and love.  However, you must first know that you deserve it . . . and you do.

Take action in the direction of your dreams.  This is not the time to passively wait for prosperity to fall into your lap.  Give deeply and fully of who you are and what you have, for the more you truly give, the more you will receive.

It is a universal law.  As you focus on gratitude for what you already have, your abundance will grow in leaps and bounds.

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I truly open and ready for abundance to flow into my life?  What could I do to cultivate even more riches?  Is there a symbol in my life that could give me insight into what blocks my prosperity?  What is it saying?


The abundance of the Universe is pouring into my life.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

for those of you who feel so inclined to listen, here is a channeled angel message, from Melanie.