Only me, on a Moonday.

            Many of you also follow The Bloggess, so you’ve probably already seen the item I’m linking to ( here  ).  But for those of you who may have missed it, I recommend you go read Ill Advised immediately.  Jenny Lawson is a brilliant and supremely talented woman; that post, in particular, was just plain Laugh Out Loud funny.  (We’ll wait for you to get back.)

             All done?  Great because we are moving on.  To the topic of my splashy/exercisey class.  And the changes I’m making, thanks to my girls.  Both Han and Em joined me last week, as you know, and I loved having them there.  Not just because all three of us were in a place together, also because they are health wise, and know shit that I don’t.

            This class was created years before I arrived on the scene, or in fact, even KNEW there was such a thing.  It’s based on nationally recognized suggestions and we use products designed for this.  What has happened though, as time passed, is that some movements have been changed, some left out, some added in, as suited the current instructor.  I’m about five folks removed from the original.  And, if that weren’t bad enough, I am about the least knowledgeable when it comes to sports or athletics and what our bodies are doing.

            With the valuable information from my daughters I am working towards making this experience more useful and fulfilling.  Not just for me (well, yes, mostly for me) but also for all the people who show up to move around in the therapeutic salt water.  Tomorrow I need to call the guy who hailed me back and discuss a few business related items with him, as well as inform him of the feedback I’ve been gathering.

            There won’t be a ton of changes, just a few minor adjustments.  Hopefully we can add back some of what has been lost in translation and fine tune what we are doing now so that everyone gets a more enjoyable experience out of their time in the water with me.  One unfortunate piece of information I’ve learned, the hard way, is that when I lead, I can’t always DO all the motions.  Which makes my finding the time for those DVD work-outs even more important.

            Today I didn’t do anything but go to class and read my news, and now, sit down  here.  I’ll have to do better tomorrow.  Wanna know what I found this afternoon though?  You’re gonna love this.

            What you are looking at (above) is the floorboard of my Wee Walnut, I’m leaning on the driver’s seat, over to the passenger side, to capture this awesome view.  There are CDs in that yellow (insulated former lunch bag) carrier (with a red handle), Mermaid water next to that, and the pink thing (with tiki faces) is a tote bag I often use for library books or instead of a purse.  Shall we zoom in closer?


            There are more mushrooms growing in my car again!!!  Remember when that happened last time?  (No, I can NOT find it in the archives…. feel free though.)  I laughed.  In a sardonic snorty sort of way, when I saw this as I was loading up my pool gear.  Then I ran back to the house and grabbed my camera.  Because, seriously, you guys NEEDED to see this!  (Also, no one is home with me, so I have to share someplace!)

           On our card altar we’ve come back around to my working deck, The Robin Wood Tarot.  It turned up with a tweak but I only took the one picture.  We’ll see why it’s presenting itself this way as I start to type.  (Really, that’s how it is with me [the radio], I never know either.)

3 of Wands (reversed?)

            This one has such a warm color palette, I love looking at it when it’s cold out.  (Although it’s heading towards warm here now, slightly.)  Wands are Fire, and great sparking ideas of inspiration.  They represent the high summer and noon, all very burning hot.

             The illustrations show each with a crystal tip, and many have them on both ends.  In this one we are looking at a man who sees far, he’s a man of wealth and trade.  He is prosperous and fair.  The potential for growth and fortune are always around him; he deals in new and creative ways.

              If we are looking at this in the Contrary position it often means that our business difficulties are coming to an end, so that’s nicely positive.  But it can also mean that some kind of busniess has just run its course and is now over with.  Don’t forget though, where there are endings there are also openings for new beginnings.

            As we cast our eyes out across the vastness of the sea that is our life, into our futures, it’s best to keep a firm grasp on that creativity and level-headed business sense.  Because we’ll be needing it real soon.

             When we look at the number energy here we are reminded of the Triple Goddess and the Holy Trinity.  In nature and in folklore there are so many examples of a blessed trio that it makes me think of how this can be viewed as a gift from the Universe .

              We are being handed the help we need to manifest those ideas we’ve been inspired to follow up on.  It’s like we are being given a benediction in the form of this message.  Keep looking ahead because all the good things we can think up are out there for us.  We need only be true and loving and honest to see them come ashore.

LateNight Link:  I tried to get one of these photos off of there, but it wouldn’t play nice, so instead I’m sending you guys to see ALL the pictures.  Go HERE, and enjoy.  (Be sure you click through every one though, because there are some amazingly great shots.)

           Oops, almost forgot, there was one more I wanted to share.  Hanny and The Crew went to opening day at  Emerald Downs last week.  And she made her grandfather very proud.

              There weren’t any big wins, but she looked damn good!