Exploration and Discovery

             We just arrived home from an exotic vacation.  Okay, not quite.  But we DID leave town!  And it WAS a great trip.  It simply wasn’t the one we thought we’d be taking.

             There are things we can plan for, and unforeseen situations we cannot.  Our get-away did not go exactly as we thought it would.

             And that brings us to what the Universe wants us to focus on, the current message.

Go where the road takes you.

             We begin this life with a blueprint, a Big Picture sort of idea.  What we are left to organize on our own, later, are the tiny details.  Add to this mix Free Will Choice, and we end up with the types of lives we actually participate in.

             Our Team, our loved ones, our own inner compass, all factor in to where we go, what we do, who we spend time with.  And, most importantly, how well we bounce back from those “unexpected” bumps in the road, the detours which take us to places we had no clue we’d be going.

             It’s a soul lesson, these re-routing maneuvers.  We learn from the way we handle it, how we feel, and whether we repeat the same sort of behaviour.  Our goal, obviously, is roll along with compassion and understanding.

             Each one of us know though, that’s not always how we react.  Are we doing better than the last time?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Are we trying?  Alrighty then, that totally counts.

             It is definitely the Journey, and not the destination.

             Here’s a view from our drive home.  It was, as I said, not the trip we thought it would be.  But wow, it certainly was a very VERY good one.

go where the road takes you

Pacific ocean, mid November

             Somewhere below Astoria, but above Newport.  As the sun releases this day, I am energized and recharged.  Enjoy this, it was a gift to me, I’m sharing it with you.




Bleary (and pointy) Eyed.

             This getting up early thing is not for me.  Now I remember why I was so bad at it.  I’m pre-posting, again.  We’ll be on the road all day, not having any idea what time home will arrive in our path.  And, as I was telling Cathy just now (sister-in-law to my sister-in-law and co-guest here at the Inn) Dan and I will probably need to stay on this semi-daylight schedule until after he opens the parade Wednesday.  THEN we can return to our usual nocturnal ways.

wedding cake

The Cake.

             When I am no longer mobile and away from all comforts of home, I’ll share more (and answer comments).  For now, here’s a phone photo Dan sent me (twice, because I lost it several times somewhere inside of “his” computer).  Mother-of-the-bride had some issues with this confection, all of which were warranted.  The topper was purchased when we were down here last time (at a Fairy Store, the name of which escapes me currently, blame the early morning hour, I’ll find the card tomorrow).

fair food

Barely in the gate.

             When you hold a large family function before noon (okay, it went on for more hours after that) you generally have a bit of later-in-the-day left.  We used part of ours to see The Alameda County Fair.  When my dad was a child this was where he went to work in the summer, as a groom and all-round helper kid.  At the track.  Yes, they have horse races there.  In fact, we even bought him a comparative hat.  (You’ll see that later too, it’s gonna be part of his birthday gift.)

             Bruce (father of the bride) was a most gracious guide and director to all fascinating events and sights.  Starting with the above view of grilled meat.  (All three guys are in that picture, I think.)  It made me sad that my girls couldn’t be here too, but later I was cheered by fudge, and the truly outstanding outdoor garden displays (water features!), only one of which we have in our state.

oracle cards

“Angel Of Vision

Someone is not revealing part of the story.

The Angel Of Vision has appeared in your card reading today to help you to see through a particular situation that is affecting your life at present.  There is more to the current situation than meets the eye.

The person or people involved are hiding part of the truth and are not revealing the full story.  Do not rely on what you are shown or told; rather, start to pay attention to your intuition.  What is your gut feeling regarding this present event?  Ask your Angel Of Vision to help you.

Trust your feelings and natural instincts instead of relying on what others say.  All will be revealed through the light of love and the current stream of events will turn in your favour.”

            This is one of those cards that I was not going to show here.  But then I decided that you guys could look away or scroll quickly past if it bothered you, that’s what I’m going to do.  There were just so many other ways he could have interpreted this message, none of which would have been so irritating to me (or had stupid laser beams coming out of the eyes).

             The basic suggestion of using your inner guidance, and outside angelic assistance, is a valid point and worthwhile message, so we’ll go with that.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddess Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

             The Daily Dog is Lucy, who I did, in fact, get a shot of.  And not while she was licking someone’s leg, which is her most favored activity.  Well that, and peeing on the floor.

small dogs