Exploration and Discovery

             We just arrived home from an exotic vacation.  Okay, not quite.  But we DID leave town!  And it WAS a great trip.  It simply wasn’t the one we thought we’d be taking.

             There are things we can plan for, and unforeseen situations we cannot.  Our get-away did not go exactly as we thought it would.

             And that brings us to what the Universe wants us to focus on, the current message.

Go where the road takes you.

             We begin this life with a blueprint, a Big Picture sort of idea.  What we are left to organize on our own, later, are the tiny details.  Add to this mix Free Will Choice, and we end up with the types of lives we actually participate in.

             Our Team, our loved ones, our own inner compass, all factor in to where we go, what we do, who we spend time with.  And, most importantly, how well we bounce back from those “unexpected” bumps in the road, the detours which take us to places we had no clue we’d be going.

             It’s a soul lesson, these re-routing maneuvers.  We learn from the way we handle it, how we feel, and whether we repeat the same sort of behaviour.  Our goal, obviously, is roll along with compassion and understanding.

             Each one of us know though, that’s not always how we react.  Are we doing better than the last time?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Are we trying?  Alrighty then, that totally counts.

             It is definitely the Journey, and not the destination.

             Here’s a view from our drive home.  It was, as I said, not the trip we thought it would be.  But wow, it certainly was a very VERY good one.

go where the road takes you

Pacific ocean, mid November

             Somewhere below Astoria, but above Newport.  As the sun releases this day, I am energized and recharged.  Enjoy this, it was a gift to me, I’m sharing it with you.




Genetically and Generationally

             We left town.  We went away.  We took some days off.  We put miles and miles on the car.  I saw my beloved ocean.  All the kids were in one place at the same time.

             My parents’ situation is working itself out.  Their home has been rewired and power has been turned back on.  Food items and personal electronics were lost, but no one died.

             It’s been a tumultuous week.  Many feelings.  Lots of talking, loads of hugs and tears and tugged heartstrings.

             Through it all I heard this:

ask for help, accept help.

             It is so VERY important for us to remember the value in giving, as well as receiving.  They weigh the same.  We mustn’t neglect either side.

             Especially where family / tribe / clan is concerned.  To be our best and most genuine selves we have to allow our loved ones to assist.  And in turn, when we are called upon, we can be the helpers.

             This isn’t always easy, of course, as with most lessons.  On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be all that difficult, either.  It’s about the effort involved.

             And, the feelings.  Which brings us to our validating and incredibly insightful card altar draw.  (And by “card altar” I mean: the table which will eventually BE the card altar.)

st dymphna

“Emotions  ~

St Dymphna

The answer to your question involves emotions – either yours or those of the person you are inquiring about.

This is also a message for you to pay closer attention to your emotions.  It’s safe for you to admit your true feelings to yourself.

St Dymphna can help you find solutions to any emotional upsets.  She is a loving saint who specializes in helping you achieve emotional and mental health.

The lantern which she carries helps you to better see where you are going and assist you in avoiding obstacles on your path.

Allow St Dymphna to illuminate your journey.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is this post from my Hurricane.   There was camping involved.  Not by me, obviously.  I stayed nearby in amazing vintage accommodations.




Much Accomplished

             Ya know, we can’t help but laugh when the Universe hands us humour.  Or, in this case, irony.  (Yes, there is a difference, and I do know it.)

             It’s been a long and challenging past week for me.  (And for some you, as well.)  So this morning’s message totally caught me off-guard.  Then, I just had to smile.

Job Well Done

             If you follow Doreen on any of her locations, you’ll see that she’s been receiving similar information.  (As have numerous others.)

             But I didn’t know any of this until sitting down just now, because I could barely keep up with my own actual real life, let alone the social media presence one.

             Basically, we need to let any anxiety, guilt, or disappointment in ourselves go.  The past is behind us, let’s look at right now, with the Hope of a better tomorrow.

             We made it.  We accomplished so much more than we realized, simply did a much better job than we thought we did.  We survived, and yes, even thrived.  As we will continue to do.

             A little break and some compassion never killed anyone.  So let’s all take a deep breath, invest in a dose of Self-Care, and step away from any negativity.  Especially the self-induced sort.

             And when we look at who showed up on our card altar, we are able to see how very safe (and necessary) that exact recommendation is.


“Hippopotamus  ~

‘Friends stand close by to shield you from life’s adversities.’

Rotund, bountiful Hippopotamus counsels that you nourish those around you and be nourished in turn.

In a world of fast food eaten alone, the time has come to again break bread with friends and family as humankind has always done, and to take succour from confidences given and revealed.

Those intimates are eyes and ears looking out for us in a complex world and, like the red-lacquered coat of protective liquid which safeguards Hippopotamus from sunburn and dehydration, they shield us from the vicissitudes of life.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is this entirely serene view from our last trip to Heaven, oops, I mean the coast.

oregon coast

North Jetty,

             I look at it when I need a lift, you are welcome to do the same.


Capably So

             Yesterday, before I begin a week of training for my new holiday/temporary employment, we went to my happy place.  Otherwise known as: the beach.

             I am incredibly empowered by the shore.  Where the land meets the water, that in-between sacred space of neither one, nor the other.  It’s magical, it’s energetic.  To me, it’s life.

             As we were coming home I thought about how much this journey of mine has been shaped by the sea.  It’s clearly something I cannot live without.  And as I get older (learning more along the way), I know that I don’t have to.

             Here’s what I heard, as I pondered how very much each trip to the coast impacts me, on a soul-deep level:

find your strength.

             I’ve located mine.  It’s about an hour west of here.  Someday, I promise, someday it will be out my back door, or a few steps down the road.  Someday, I will live so close that we can hear it from our porch.

             For now though, I’m (almost) satisfied by making these occasional visits, and bringing that strength home with me.  In mental images, in memories, in phone photos, and in my dreaming mind.

             This isn’t a new discovery for me, and yet in some ways it’s a fucking epiphany.  I’d bet real cash money that you know what yours is, too.   But maybe never realized it?

             What moves your heart?  What powers your spirit?  What is it that gives you strength and energy?

             Find it.  Aim at it.  Bring it home with you.  Hold it close.  Treasure it like the gift that it is.

              On our card altar right now is an excellent reminder and validation.  Do we gain power from our Faith?  Is there strength in the knowledge that we are beloved and blessed and honoured?

             Do we feel better holding on to the fact that we are never alone?  Never need to be afraid or lonely?


“Faith  ~

Have faith.

Faith grows when you act without knowing the end result.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of

north jetty

Dan and Rosemary

             As the sun sets…..


(LateNight Problem:

yes, WordPress seems to have some sort of issue with clicking on my photos.  Sorry if this is happening to you.  Just e-mail me, I’ll send you your own copy if you want to look at either of them closer.)

Just Keeping It In Mind

             I’m not calling it a theme, yet.  But I do see how some of our most recent messages and daily draws have a common thread.  This continues to be true today.

             When the Universe shows us a simple and gentle route to take, it’s in our best interests to follow along.  When we don’t, we know how upsetting the end result always is.  I mean, we can still learn the lesson, but it turns out to be so much more difficult.

             And, it didn’t need to be that way.  Here’s what I heard this morning:

in the Challenge,

there is an Easy.

             It becomes our job to find it.  The easier route is there, we are reassured constantly about this.  All we need to do is locate it.

             It’s like turning our face directly into this double Mercury retrograde.  Leave the fear behind.  Don’t get crushed under the weight of that panic.  Simply stand tall, breathe deep, and move forward.

             We know the Challenges will arrive, we also know that we are now well-equipped to handle them.  With our Easy attitude, and our Easy stance of lovingkindness.

             As with what awaits on our card altar, we know.  We merely have to remember.

universal truth

 “Goddess Of Knowledge  ~

‘Start to apply what you already know;

Trust your intuition.’

Some two thousand, five hundred years ago, Plato, the great ancient Greek philosopher wrote, ‘All learning is simply recollection.’

While study is important, remember also that all you truly need to know is inside you.

The Goddess of Knowledge has appeared in your reading today to encourage you to start to put all the wonderful knowledge that you already possess to good use.  You do not need to do further courses and obtain further certifications or accreditation in order to be effective in the work you would like to do.

Simply start doing it now.  Start to apply what you already know and trust your intuition.  Focus on love and light and ask the universe to guide you.

When your intentions and motivations are driven by love, the universe and the Goddess of Knowledge will help you act in the best interests of all concerned.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is another view from Sunday’s adventure.

oregon coast

The most photographed lighthouse on this side of the world.

             I’ve been looking at it most of my life, walked around and hiked up more times than I can count.  We even stayed there once.  It still makes me happy, every opportunity my eyes have to rest upon the entire scene.