More than three and a half decades worth.

             It’s anniversary week (end).  Not for the website, but for my actual, real life, marriage.  35 years since the wedding, (almost) 37 years since I went to get gas that fateful day.

             We’re going to leave town.  Not far.  But enough “away” to have some space and to remember who we are.  Where we came from.  Where our starting point was.

             When I sat down to listen for this post, I was gifted so many memories of our amazing journey.  The road has by no means been smooth, nor luxurious.   It has absolutely been a chaotic fucking ride!

             Here’s what the Universe would like us all to focus on, as we firmly seat ourselves in gratitude for those who have helped us get to this day, this destination:

do the work/feel the feelings

             The thing about being married to the same person for so long is that you kind of get to know them a bit.  (Some of us are better at this than the other.  And it’s not the one you might think.)

             In relationships, as in so many aspects of our life, when we have emotions arise, if they are not acknowledged, they become stuck and rotting and toxic.   When we don’t do the tiny jobs we need to accomplish, then they pile up and become huge tasks we can barely face.

             To tally this many years (semi-)successfully, both halves must do their part, both halves must honour their emotions.  If one falls or flounders, it’s on their partner to do the picking up.

             I fall down a ton.  He always picks me up.  There have been points when he needed me to pick him up, I hope I did as well as he has.

             And I hope for everyone reading this, that they too, have someone to pick up, and someone who will pick them up.

             This is the deck I was directed to for our continuing message.  It is entirely appropriate.  Also, look at the number…..

psychic sense

“Visions  ~  37  ~

Psychic images, clairvoyance, seeing, out of body travel

Mermaids do much of their work, their spirit work, by moonlight.  Under moonlight we can see so much more of what is taking place with each other’s energetic space, and the layers of our energetic field …..

When you connect to the moon, you will feel more whole, more attuned to the cycles of the world, and the fears you may have had around certain issues will fade.  You will allow yourself to see with your psychic vision, and you will speak of what you see …..

You will begin to understand and easily interpret the divine in alliance with your spiritual sense.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Sharing:

is to thank Daniel.  He helped me with a borrowed car on the day we met/the day we found each other again, and he’s been there next to me ever since, plus so many lifetimes before.

             To you,

from me,

I would truly not have made it without you,

thank you,

more than I could ever say or show.

             Eight, two eight, eight-two.




This Altered Now

             The feelings I have about Summer aren’t what they used to be.  So much has changed in our lives.  Very little looks as it once did.  Metaphorically, as well as physically.

             As a child, and then a young mother, I adored the idea of no schedules, no school, no rain, no constraints.  The all-too brief season of heat was what I lived for all through the rest of the year.

             Now, well now I’m just hot.  Now I’m working.  Now the weather no longer has much to do with my day, or even my night.

             Still, we want to remark on the moment.  We want to recognize the turning of the wheel.  We want to remind ourselves that each season is special and important.

             On Tuesday night, at 9:12 p.m. I will stop, and I will acknowledge that brief occasion, that ticking minute, when Spring has gone, and Summer has arrived.  I will stand in the longest day of the year and I will Choose Joy above all else.  No matter the temperate, no matter the circumstances.

             Our message is just this.  Be aware of time.  Sit with our experiences and feel our emotions.

             There is value in reflecting and savoring our memories.  There is also honest need to step forward into our next chapter, with appreciation of where we are, where we have been, and where we are going.

             In validation, we have this beautiful card altar draw.

oracle of the mermaids

“Endurance  ~  43  ~  Keep going!

Like these mermaids, you are reaching an important stage of your journey, and it is essential that you continue.  There will be times when you feel like you have had enough and you wish to suddenly stop moving . . . . to sink, rather than to swim.

But the mermaids are here to ask you to continue swimming, tired though you may be, full of doubt though you may feel.  The second part of your strength is readying itself, and will come through, just exactly when you need it to.

Keep going.  You are strong.  You will go so much further than you currently believe that you can!

This is not the time to run back, or to allow the waters to take you.

This is the time to continue the journey you committed to.

You must keep going.  Eyes forward, intentions focused.  Purpose clear.  Re-commit.

And keep going!”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Sharing:

is this quote I recently came across on Instagram.

Do no harm, 

and take no shit.




Recovery Road

             (This post will look like it’s “out of order” but as you read through, you’ll see why.)

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that on Thursday I had (minor) surgery (in my mouth, bone grinding, upper gums slicing, and stitches to put it all back together).  Not surprising that our message is (brief and) somewhat related to that.

             We are all in the process of doing better, being better, and hopefully, making our world a better place.  As we move towards that goal, here is what the Universe wants us to focus on:


             For me, personally, and for us, globally.  There is simply too much fear-based ignorance being spread around as if it were Truth.  How do we fix that?

             We educate, we love, we share, and we aim for health.  Health on every level.  In whatever form it takes for each of us as individuals.

             If that means Self-Care, then go for it.  If it means standing on a street corner and waving signs, do that.  But truly, doing our part is a big piece of how we heal.  Heal ourselves, and heal our planet.

             In the card altar room I was directed here.  The reason is obvious.  For when we are whole and healed……

privacy and healing

“Sanctuary  ~  28  ~

‘Privacy, inviolate personal space, respected boundaries, and taboos.’

The Mermaids Sing:

The mer-world has many beings, one of our most secretive and elusive is (and are) the powerful Melusinas.  The Mother of all Melusinas is a twin-tailed merbeing, part woman, part dragon, part mer, part fey . . . . and she is here to remind you all that there are times when you need to declare to the world, this is my time.  And this is my space.

For you, much time has been given to others, to caring for them, to looking over them, to watching for them, to loving them, bandaging them, soothing them, satisfying them, feeding them – and now it is your time.  

In the legend of Melusina (or Melunsine), it was said that this great queen would have each seventh day and night for her own self, within her sanctuary, in the solitude of a deep and glittering bath, she would turn into her true self, utterly unobserved, and utterly free.  

In the legend, Melusina’s husband becomes so curious he violates his promise to her and invades her sanctuary.  Not only this, he is horrified at who she is, when alone.  Melunsina’s message to you is that you have the right to unviolated time out, time alone, during which you can be free to look, be, sound, dream, and swim as you wish.

True freedom within a relationship happens when each person’s boundaries are respected, when each person supports times for solitude, and recognises the freedom that comes with trust.

It has come time now for your partner to support your space, your privacy, your time alone, and your need for this time to be however you choose to be.  It is time for no-one to invade, or pry out of fear that their exclusive rights to you are being diminished or betrayed.

It is time for your relationship to step up a level, into greatness, where the independence of each, the part of you that belongs to you alone, is nurtured, respected, applauded, loved – but ultimately, left to you to determine.  

Will you ask for this?  Will you take this when it is given to you?  And will you declare these boundaries to be sacred?  

In many cultures men and women, individuals and genders have sacred spaces that is theirs alone.  It is a great taboo for others to enter into that space.  

This is your time.  And may this taboo – this sacred space you set – be held in awe and reverence by all who claim to love you, that by doing so, they will show that they do indeed love the entirety, the multitudes of you, support and uphold your freedom to be your own self.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish






             As I said on Tuesday, there’s a new book in my life.  So far, it’s been pretty good (just a few nitpick-y things that bother me).  The information is generally very inspiring and interesting.

             Today, one of the authour’s topics is also our message.  Because this is something we need to look at, and remember.

Our Word

             There’s a saying about a person’s word being their bond.  Similarly, Our Word is also our mythology, our story, and our background.

             The way we view ourselves and our surroundings can also be Our Word.  It becomes the Truth of who we are.  And, who we are on our way to being.

             Our Word can be not only our bond, but also our Hope.  When we speak with a genuine care and an honest heart, we bring Our Word into the realm of lovingkindness.  For ourselves, and for our loved ones.

             Conversely, we sometimes lean toward harshness.  A negativity which never helps, nor heals.  From don Miguel Ruiz:

“Humans punish themselves endlessly for not being what they believe they should be.”

             When we allow that “should” to dissolve, and replace it with joy, then Our Word evolves, spiraling ever upwards, as we grow and learn.  It’s the letting go of our suffering that helps to cement our mind-body-spirit wholeness.

             On our card altar right now, we are being validated and gifted aplenty.


“The Present  ~  12

gift, treasure, revelation of own value, now-ness

The Mermaids Sing:

‘We have heard that in the warm semi-tropical waters of Australian’s Moreton Bay, a group of marine biologists have recently recorded fascinating new interactions between dolphins and humans.

The dolphins of this beautiful place have been, for over ten years now, bringing gifts to the biologists, who in turn have fed them in a strictly regulated program.  

The dolphins have brought to the biologists eels, fish, shells, and pieces of “treasure” from the sea, refusing to take them back when they are offered to them, in a moment of inter-species reciprocity which is moving and beautiful – and pure communication of sharing and energy exchange.

When this card comes to you, you are being shown how the energy is being exchanged in the present moment.’


There will be either a gift given, or a gift received.  But there can be no true gift without reciprocation . . . when energy is exchanged, bonds grow closer, and connection is deepened.

The exchange of gifts may also be about the giving of time and  energy to each other, shifting and moving away from a typical type of work for pay, into a more flexible system of exchange and caretaking.

Friends will offer to do things for you, and before you feel beholden to them, or hesitate to accept because you do not wish to be a burden, remember the joy of the gift is in the giving, and a gift cannot be given unless there is a true connection.

The gift, when this card is upright, comes from a pure and good place, it is joyful and it is given with the very best intentions.  It will draw you closer, and create even more intimacy and trust in your relationship.

A beautiful sense of partnership will evolve out of what seems like a simple act of generosity.  The exchange will never end . . . it is a bond forged beyond time, and as long as there is love, caring, and trust, the energy grows and ripples out into the world.”

 Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS timely astrological offering.


Questing and Knowing and Assenting

             In our (often rushed) day-to-day doings, we become distracted.  We can forget why we’re actually here, why we’ve taken on this task, why we set forth this plan at all.

             The truth is, we are here to learn.  To grow.  To help.  To evolve!  And in the practice of it all, we sometimes forget our sacred soul self; along the way we might get caught up in the “game” but not the goal.

             Today’s message arrives as a pleasant and kind reminder of how we can smooth out some of the rough spots.  How we can let go of the stresses and coast a bit more easily.

Unconditional Acceptance

             When we cease the nothingness competitions, stop the race to nowhere, we can look with gentle eyes on our gifts, our spiritual accomplishments.  The very joy we feel in the existence of our loved ones needs to be acknowledged, with intention and awareness.

             Recognizing our own graciousness and beauty, that is part of unconditionally accepting the physical and mental aspects of this voyage, this adventure we are on.  It beings within.

             To move forward, with no conditions, with all-encompassing acceptance and lovingkindness, that is why we’re here.  That is our journey.  That is our task and our pleasure.

             On the card altar right now we have been given another type of gift.  Validating tales from healing waters.

unconditional acceptance


 ~  45  ~

 Wonder voyage, crossing deep waters, pilgrimage, journey of the soul.

The Mermaids Sing:

‘You may have heard in the great legends and stories of the Celtic people this word, Imramma . . . and of the many islands and seas that must be crossed , of the ninth wave, and of the places that you can journey to.

We come to sing to you of your own soul voyage that must take place now, and urge you to take our hands and swim, swim with us, sail next to us, paddle alongside us, and we shall show you the way to navigate the great currents and to traverse the world of the air and the world of the water.  

You have long divided yourself into your parts; your emotions you keep so separate from your head.  On Imramma, the lines you have so cleanly divided all into will blur, and you will at times no longer know what is real or unreal.

But all the while we will sing you onwards, calling you forth, so you continue to follow the journey of your soul.  Prepare for sights that are wonders, creatures who defy your imagination, and discoveries about who you are.

You will gather so much, and experience such awe, that you will feel at times you may be dreaming.  But you are not.  You are embarking on an Imramma, and all that you encounter is the Unknown.

Lands of strangers will teach you, and you will be akin to Odysseus as he voyaged.  And you will discover that mermaids are not those sirens of myth, but rather, the navigators of the emotional underworld, who are there to help you reach the other side, extending yourself, feeling the wind in your hair …’


‘….. the Imramma (or the pilgrimage over water) is one that is guided by the sea beings, including mermaids – and one that we all must make during our lifetimes.  You are now being asked to prepare …… Be ready – this will be a wonderful voyage, and you will always be glad you listened and made your pilgrimage of the soul ….. Say yes, for now is the time to travel forth and return only when your Imramma, your soul journey, is complete’.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Power Statement:

I serve with love and joy.