More Improvement

             It’s no secret that one of my major life lessons is Release.  We’ve discussed it before, and it rings true for many of you, as well.  The process though, is VERY individual. And yeah, I’m workin’ on mine.

             One of the phrases from this past week (which have been loud and clear) sound one way, when they’re really another.  Example: be higher, be better.

             At first, it’s almost like we’re being encouraged to compare ourselves with others.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In reality, it means

rise above.

             The Universe is reminding us that competition and comparison is not the healthiest direction, not necessarily the best road for us to take.

             We all know that we’re paddling along, every one of us with the same ending.  Death.  We are dying. It’s the honest and factual reality of our physical experience.

             But, to advance, to rise above, to do better, to BE better, is how we’ll best enjoy the time we have here for this particular and indivdual adventure; it’s how we move forward in our evolution, and how we benefit the most from this journey.

             We simply need to learn how to let the small shit go.  To release the cultural constraints and judgments.  To ignore the comparisons.  To cease the negativity, and to actively Choose Joy whenever we can.

             In validation, this particular draw couldn’t be more perfect.  Just keep in mind, when we discuss “health” we aren’t always talking about the old, outdated, harmful physical restrictions and confining limitations of the past, of the patriarchy.  More often (and more accurately), we are addressing our emotional, our spiritual, our mental conditions, and how best to live our lives in comfort and peace.

mental health awareness

“Health  ~  9

Now is an opportunity to focus on your health.  You have been living life at a hectic pace for some time.

It would be wise to take a break and allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate.

Give thanks for the health of your body and mind and remember to make your health a high priority in the coming months.


Each and every one of my cells is continually regnerating and radiating light.

I attune to the divine love within me and let it flow through every cell of my body.

I breathe in life and the energy flows freely within me.

I am eternal youth, 

eternal health,

eternal light.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay





It’s What We Can Do

             We live in a flawed world, with rules made up by people.  This is true.  But what is also true is that there are real rules.

             Universal Law is on a higher plane and of more value than the back-and-forth of ignorant, petulant man-babies.

             We feel confused because in our physical bodies it seems like we need to heed both.  In a way, we do.  However, we don’t need to be overwhelmed by either.

             Here’s what I’m hearing:

steady, with care.

             I understand this to mean that we can detach, we can employ SelfCare, we can reach out, or we can burrow down.  Whatever is the best fit for each of us, as individuals, we should do that.

             We absolutely do not have to be so entrenched in the news, the worry, the fear mindset that it sends us spinning out of control.

             Allow that “control” to wash away; we can allow ourselves to be calm, steady, at ease, of zen mind and soul (the body will follow).

             A great lesson for me lately has been to simply “be” in this small house we now call home.  I visit the different rooms, spend time in the space there.  I am not (as!) impatient about FINISHING!!! every corner, every shelf, every wall.

             I softly and slowly, with care, envision how each small area will look, eventually.  I rest there, I breathe there, I simply am there.

             Practicing this patience is dual purpose.  I’m stepping (literally) away from the frenzy, the media, the stupidity which makes my blood boil, and I walk (literally) in to a calm, steady place.  It’s like a moving meditation.

             I believe it can be done anywhere, and I encourage others to try it.  We can’t change all the rules, but we can change our attitude about them.  We can stay involved and current, but we don’t need to let the chaos infect us or our emotions.

             Here is the card I was drawn to as I listened and channeled and typed; as a validation, of course, it’s perfect.

stay steady and calm

“Inner Calling  ~  2

You can choose to see your biggest challenges as your best opportunities for inner change and growth.  The trials and ordeals we experience in life are actually for our soul’s evolution.

Take a moment to reflect back on past difficulties and identify how those experiences have made you stronger and wiser.

Now, turn your attention to the present, reminding yourself to take the drama out of your challenges and try to see how they are serving you.


I choose to see challenges as ideal opportunities to work on my inner self.

I look for the blessings in all situations, past and present.

I am connected to the positive aspects of my experience.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is something I just found out last night.  Did you know……. baby puffins are called PUFFLINGS?!  Of course, they can also be called chicks.  But come on!  Who would pass up a chance to say PUFFLINGS?!






             I’m on the mend, thank you all so much.  The “day” job continues to be a struggle.  My head is still congested, my voice is still compromised, and the cough is lingering; this heat is doing me no favours.

             Starting Sunday (tomorrow) it will be a long stretch of no days off, and truthfully I am dreading it in a big way.  My mantra has been fridayfridayfridayfridayfriday so I can focus my mind on the end of it, instead of on how shitty it feels to begin a schedule like this.

             And, not so ironically, the Universe is right there with me.  Coaching and encouraging.  Here’s what I’m hearing:


             This entire life adventure is about the doing of it, the going, the moving forward.  It’s never about the end.  Our goal is to survive.  To thrive, and to learn.  To constantly do better.

             In order for us to accomplish this, we have to get THROUGH it first.  And that’s where my aim is now.  Getting through this week.  And making it to the next day off.

              I absolutely do understand that I have to be there for some reason.  Even if I don’t know the reason, there is one.  Possibly, it’s many reasons.  Maybe, it might even be more about the process.

             As soon as I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share.

             In complete validation, here is where our message continues to take us.

oracle of the angels

Transformation  ~  38

You are in the midst of a profound transformation.  You are on a path of rapid growth and change – 

you have been for some time.

The inner work you have completed is about to pay off.  You have acquired so much knowledge and experience and are now ready to let go of an ‘old’ aspect of yourself, rebirthing into a ‘new’ you.

Do not be afraid, embrace this transformation and rejoice in it.


I welcome this personal transformation with open arms and an open heart.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is to say, yes….. transformation, indeed!  On Tuesday I cut off all my hair again.  This will make the third donation process I’ve been through in the last decade.

             No, we don’t have any (good) photos right now, but some will appear (eventually).  Envision going from extremely long braids to very short curls and you have the idea.

            Additionally, there will be a new face to the website soon.  Not sure what it will look like, yet.  But it’ll all still be here.  Just a new view on the front.  I didn’t want anyone to be shocked, or unprepared.

             Might take me a few weeks, merely informing everyone that the transformations are continuing.




Adaptability Mode

             We’re going along, la la la, traveling on our path; we think it’s not too terrible.  When, BOOM!

             Something is blocking our way.  There’s an impediment, smack dab in front of us.  We have been stalled, we think.  Thwarted, even!

             This is today’s message.  It’s about the swerve, the detour, and the Road Less Chosen.

             It’s about:


             Is this where we thought we’d be at this point in our lives?  Unlikely.  On the other hand, it’s not the worst spot we could have ended up.

             The Universe would like us to remember that our Journey is just that: an adventure in motion.

             So, wherever the road takes us, that is the correct direction!  Being able to dodge and weave and flexibly maneuver around on our path is precisely the point.

             Go that way, sure! Why not?  It’s okay, if we wander a bit.  That’s our actual purpose.  To explore, to veer off, to learn, and to grow.

             Because this IS where we’re supposed to be, this IS the road we need to travel.  And?  It’s fine.  It’ll all work itself out.  As long as we don’t forget our flexibility, our growth, and our appreciation of the scenery along the way.

             As we return to that beautiful new deck which arrived onto our card altar recently, we’ve been given a lovely and inspiring validation.


“Higher Thought  ~  10

Sometimes in moments of darkness and despair, all it takes to feel better is a decision to lift our thoughts to a higher, more positive place.

Simple actions like seeking the company of an old friend or taking a walk in nature can often help to move us out of a negative perspective, giving us a new vantage point from which to view the current situation.


With my will to work in the light, I lift up my thoughts, to the beauty and simplicity everywhere around me.  I accept, I let go, and I welcome the opportunity to discover the positive side of every situation.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is simply to say that as much as I was opposed to voting by mail when our state first adopted it, tonight I was a fan.  Filling in that ballot (early!), sitting with Dan at our kitchen table, was enormously pleasant and satisfying.

#iVoted #ItsOurRightAndPrivilege


Against any darkness…..

             This week has been a personally challenging one, (the reasons are many).  There are simply aspects of our lives which we worry about and have no control over.  Well, we have no control over ANYthing, really.  But some bits do cause us more stress than others.

             I was certainly searching for something to uplift us all, when I recently came across this illustrator.  As I pondered the displays (and wondered why I was drawn here), it became obvious that we needed to add another selection to our collected works on the altar.

             A few days ago, it arrived.  Perfect timing!  Here’s what the backs look like.

card altar addition

More purple than blue, in real life.

             As I sat with them, listening and shuffling and spreading them around to get their feeling, the first message they sent us arrived.  It’s about hope, and not letting the garbage get us down.

oracle of the angels

“The Eternal Light of Love  ~  25

The eternal light of love permeates everything in existence and fills every atom of our being.  This means light and love are always present in every situation, regardless of whether we can perceive it or not.  

There is love, and even a hidden blessing, within a current situation.


All that is occurring is for your highest good.  Look beyond the surface and appearance of things.


I trust in the eternal light of love which stems from my soul and the heart of all creation.  I trust in the eternal light and love within every situation I find myself in.  I trust in the Divine light.”

             This is an excellent (and auspicious!) reminder, which I will absolutely carry with me in to next week.  (I’ll probably LITERALLY carry the card in my pocket every day……. because, ya know, I’m tactile like that.)

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay