There, Here, and then Beyond.

             Continuing Spring-like weather this afternoon.  On me, as I pedaled downtown.  By which I mean that it rained (or hailed)  nearly the entire time.  Oh wait, at one point there was sun AND rain, simultaneously.   VERY appropriate for the season!

             My reason for going that direction was an appointment with *A* today.  We discussed the concept of Past Lives-Future Healing.  I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before, but let’s pretend we don’t know that, and I’ll catch us all up on the basics.

             The phrase is actually a book by Sylvia Browne, but the notion captured me immediately when I first heard about it.  It makes SO damn much sense!  We sometimes carry cell memory and soul reminders over with us into THIS life, often manifesting as illness or conflict.  THAT was our topic this afternoon.  I have baggage.  Leftover crap that really needs to be dealt with.  Especially since some of it I’ve been carting along for MANY damn lives.

             This entire construct corresponds so nicely with the Present Moment Consciousness work we’ve been doing here, too.  When we actively BE HERE NOW, we are better able to release those old negative patterns and issues from before.  When we focus on the Zen Balance of CURRENT AWARENESS, we are better able to appreciate where we are and what we still need to work on.

             Our message from the newest stack in our rotation expands on this idea, and it goes a step further.  Like, once we’ve established that serenity, we can then move forward, making great progress on our spiritual journey.

oracle cards

“Breaking Barriers  ~

‘I am expanding beyond limitations into joy and freedom!’

Card Meaning:

There are times to go with the flow, but this isn’t one of them.  Now is the time to break through self-imposed barriers.  Gather your inner forces, and break free from whatever is holding you back.

What The Universe Wants You To Know:

Don’t let fear – or even reason – prevent you from overcoming barriers.  Trust your instincts and push through.  Remember to keep going and don’t stop.  Just as it takes effort for a chick to hatch out of its shell or a seedling to push through the hard-packed earth, this is your time to use supreme effort to break out of your own shell and reach the light.

The energy of ‘breaking through’ isn’t always neat and tidy, so it’s okay to feel messy and chaotic for a while.   Eventually the situation will sort itself out and peace will reign.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

Do I have any self-imposed barriers or limitations?  Are there any situations, people, or places that I need to break away from?  What could my life be like if I plowed through my blockages?


I am expanding beyond limitations into joy and freedom!”

             First, I love this affirmation, that’s why I put it up twice.  We really need to keep repeating it.  Also, in my notes from this afternoon’s appointment I have written down, “how much more could I help others if I was not so distracted by my physical-focused impairments?”  Questions To Ask My Own Impaired Self Elf should be a separate and specific category.

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Mileage:

ended up being faster than I thought, since it was so damn windy and I felt kinda tired for much of the ride; 8.758 for 55 minutes and one second, at a rate of 9.5 MPH.

Today’s Sharing:

last week Dan sent this phone photo, from his to mine.  I finally received it tonight.

creswell businesses

In Mayberry.

             The minute I know that they’re open, I’ll be over there!

Today’s Baking:

is going to be more Tahini Cookies.  On my way upstairs now.