Learning Lots

             As I sit tonight, typing out what comes through me to you, we’re on the eve of this year’s Full Flower Moon.  And as you know, all of my accounts have the name Earth and Moon in them.  It’s who I am, it’s part of what keeps me grounded, keeps me from floating away, or drowning under.  I am of the Moon, but I am made of Earth.

             I’m also an entirely night-time person, have been since I arrived here in this body (so says my mother).  My granddaughter’s parents are incredibly day-centric, so she doesn’t stay up late enough to see many moonrises.

             One of the clear messages I’ve been hearing this week has to do with how our education is as individual as we are.  We all learn differently.  This is a topic we’ve discussed here quite a few times.

             It will be fascinating to me how this new baby of ours learns her lunar lessons, and what it will all mean to her.  For us, at this moment, it’s about


             We receive some education through the standard channels, but we also are gifted with more esoteric and ephemeral types of scholarship.  Signs, symbols, visitors, the beauty of nature, all of these are ways we learn and grow and become more understanding.

             When we are open and available, these non-traditional methods of communication become louder, more obvious, and much easier to interpret.  We also learn at the pace which is most appropriate for us.  Never too fast, and never too slow.  (Even though, it very often feels EXACTLY that way.)

             As validation, I was drawn to my working deck.  This one is about plenitude and abundance.  We’ll be seeing and hearing more than ever as the moon shines her fullness on us now.  Be grateful, and appreciate this amazing sense of contentment.


9 of Cups

Success and concord, are key words for this one. Feasting times and wishes fulfilled.

This illustration expresses grand indulgence.  It also speaks of pursuing joy and caring for that which we are most fond.  It reminds us to check in on those loved ones who can use a little bit of pampering or extra attention right about now.

We are being reminded that having fun and enjoying ourselves is not a bad thing.  Share that wealth and prosperity, because that’s how we all spiral up, learn more, and help each other.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

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Late into the Night.

             Oh you guys are awesome!  Great questions and requests in the comments section.  Thank you for the ideas.  I am going to run with them for the next few nights.  To start us off, let me explain a bit about how my “personal” time works.

         We don’t have the (ancient dinosaur) desk top computer in a place that is convenient to me all day long.  As I’ve said before, we have a two-story house.  (Those of you who have been here know some of this already.)  The main living area is actually on the top floor because we are on a hill.  The “family” room is partially underground on one side.  (Makes it fabulously cool in the summer, but slightly dark and on the not-so cozy side in the winter.)  I spend nearly all of day going up and down the stairs (and why I am not thinner is still a concept I have yet to understand), but mostly I am on the top floor.  I am a huge turner-offer, I go around flipping light switches and unplugging shit.  So the compter (which is downstairs) is never on until I sit down in the evening.  Factor in mall hours this time of year, and I’m not in front of the screen some days until nearly (or after) midnight.

         It all plays in to my nocturnal nature as well.  I have very defined sections of my day.  The upstairs, more day-light part, and the downstairs, evening portion.  Ally asked about “being an owl in a lark world” so I thought I would start there (with the above, and perhaps too elaborate, over-telling of where I am in the house).

         My mother says that I have always been a late night person, even as a child.  And we’ve talked about this before, with internal body clocks, and natural inner rhythms that work for us.  My brother’s youngest daughter Nikki is just like me.  She has had to adjust, just as I did, while there are outside constrictions on her time management (school mostly at this point).  When the kids were babies, they were not get-up early children, partly because I put them to bed later than most.  But when they had to be in a class room, we all kind of tweaked our days to manage the best we could (which very often involved me napping after I got them out the door).

         Since Daniel’s schedule has been graveyard shifts for many, many years now, he and I are on the same clock.  Especially since we are living in a (mostly) empty nest these days.  He originally took that particular assignment so he could be home with the witchlings when he got done with work in the mornings, he was usually getting up as they were having dinner and getting ready for bed.  It availed him to lots of field trips and was more convenient for evening events like concerts or after-school games and plays.  I do miss out on a few things, but it has been this way for so long now, that pretty much everyone around me is used to it. 

        I’ll talk more about what Becky asked me in another post (relating to Dan’s work and my being so out of the broom closet), but one last item, concerning the night vs day issue and how I have made a personal and distinctive choice to live this way.  I think that we do too many things for what others find important, and aren’t always as true to ourselves as we could be.  Just because it has become common (historically speaking) for stores and offices to be open 9 to 5 (just as an example) does not mean that there are not gobs of folks like me who find that inconvenient.  Forming ourselves to fit with what “everyone else” thinks is the “right way” is quite often doing a disservice to our own personal thoughts and patterns (and in this case, body clocks and natural sleep cycles).  There has been a movement in the last few years to have high school start later in the day because scientists (and hello! parents) are noticing how many kids simply can NOT be awake and alert enough to learn at freaking 8 in the a. of m.

         On a larger scale, and a deeper level, we (The Royal We again) do tend to just accept things as they are, when this is not always the healthiest or best route to take.  If early morning works best for you, excellent!  Great, you go out there and sit on your deck and watch that sun rise.  I love that people I adore enjoy this way to feel at ease and rejuvenated.  It is not MY way, but it is wonderful that it feeds your soul and gives you pleasure.

            But if you are an owl, like I am, and you have no problem staying up (or would LIKE to stay up) until three or four or even five, and then sleep until noon or one, that should not be looked at with squinty eyes and a death glare.  We are individuals for a reason.  We are learning our lessons as we need to.  Not as someone else tells us to.  Be a lark, or be an owl (or a bat), and be proud of yourself.  In other aspects of your path, be glad to show your stripes or plumage.  It is YOUR life, and as long as you are walking it with love and truth, do it proudly and  with great style, at what ever hour of the day suits you best.  (Or at the very least, try to do it in comfortable clothes.)

       Our card for today is from Sylvia’s wee deck of inspiration, and it is kind of vague.  At first I really thought it was a perfect one to follow yesterday’s message, but as with so much of the topics we cover here, it actually goes deeper.  We are open-minded here in JulieLand, and we fully allow all points of views.

               “Birth  ~  A birth is a beautiful gift from the Gods, but let us also be aware that this life is not as happy as life on the Other Side.  Right now, we are away at school, but all things must pass, and soon we will get to go Home.”

         I think she is saying many things with this one, so I will leave it with you to interpret as it fits with you personally.  (Or not at all, if that is the case.)

          Please keep those ideas and suggestions coming in.  I will try to pre-write as much as I can for tomorrow’s post, but I’ll be closing at the mall, so it will be up way late.