Give and Take, and Keep Giving

             You know the saying about sticking with a day job?  Well, even my day job is at night.  On a recent evening, during my daytime night work, I was fortunate enough to spend time with two women who became instant friends.

             They didn’t know each other (nor me, really) prior to this visit.  But, by the end, we had laughed and cried and shared and bonded.

             Both of them, like me, have suffered enormous losses in their lives.  Also, in a similar way to my own, they have seen beautiful blessings, witnessed history, and learned from these events.

             I’m dedicating this post to Carla and Barbara, because not only is genuine sharing important, but clear and honest communication is vital to our future, and the future of our entire planet.

In Partnership

             We simply do not know who or what may cross our path at any given point.  Isn’t it best then, to just be prepared with a smile and kind word?

              Treating others as we would like to be treated is so basic, and yet, it is often forgotten or neglected.  I believe it’s time (past time!) to bring it back.

              Let’s go forward together, and not apart.

             On our card altar, in a most delightful validation, we have a messenger who reminds us that we are always the teacher AND the student, never only one, but without fail, both simultaneously.

robin wood tarot

The Hierophant  ~  5

(not fully rightside-up)

Setting aside the church trappings, this draw (in reversed position) is more about living and learning than it is hierarchy.

We know that to live with Mercy and Goodness is to be balanced.  It’s not being a doormat, but being powerful in our Graciousness.

As we learn we grow, as we teach we grow.  As we communicate with others, we grow.  We take our lessons and we share them, as they are shared with us.

Remember, the number 5 is focused on our humanity.  On our flawed human-ness.  Will we always get our homework in on time and pull straight As?  Of course not.

But will we do our best and try hard and play nice?  Yep, we’ll sure aim for it, and we’ll forgive ourselves as we forgive others who may stumble and need a helping hand.

We are part of a community, we are here in partnership with those around us.  We teach, we learn, we communicate.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is to show you this adorable and thoughtful gift.  It appeared in my mailbox on precisely the day I needed it most.

(Thank you, Karen Bear!)

out houses

A lighthouse outhouse!

             Here’s to a brand new year of RELEASE and letting go.  (And, ya know, whatever our lessons may be.)


Double Angels Day.

             Before I forget (because we all know that I will) make sure to check out my Instagram page.  New music arrived this afternoon.  Yes, that’s right, I buy CDs when I get paid.  So sue me.

            (Okay, back to business.)   Sometimes on our journey, we’re massively focused and walking our path with great intent, with direction and knowledge.  Other days?  It’s a wandering meander-y mess of confusion and challenges.

              Both “ways” are correct for us, like the truism of not fully knowing Joy until we have deeply experienced Sad.  We can’t appreciate our direct travel if we haven’t ever gotten lost.

              The message I was shown today was, at first, not easy to sort out.  Then, the words just dropped into place, and it was very clear, and very emotional:

comedy of errors.

              Which is really  just another way of saying that to smile at our blunders is the best method of learning from them and moving on.  Dwelling on the “lost” parts of our adventure doesn’t get us less lost, it just make us feel worse for having ended up there.

             However, if we can look with humour on these “errors” we are better equipped to push past the discomfort (and yes, sometimes even pain) and come out the other side.  In the midst of our unhappiness we are told, “you’ll laugh about this later,” because it’s really true.

              Sometimes it has to be A LOT later, but we do usually get there.  One of the ways that I’ve found to make that destination more accessible is through guided meditations, and focusing on spiritual matters.  In other words, getting out of my own head.

             As the title tells us today, we have angels.  Part of yesterday’s definition* has stuck with me, so I felt directed to flip from this particular stack.

*……. it’s sometimes hard to believe that angels are looking over us, but they are.

Archangel Raguel, oracle cards, relationships

“Relationship Harmony  ~

Archangel Raguel:

‘We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved.  Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now.’

Your prayers of personal peace have been answered ………

Know that all relationships ultimately have blessings, growth, lessons, and love at their core, even if appearances sometimes seem otherwise.  Focus on this truth as much as possible.”

              This goes well with the other message, we can apply the use of humour to all situations, including relationships.  As we travel, we meet others, and we (once in a while) fall off track.

             The key here is to remember, even THAT is part of journey.  And as always, the lesson.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Tonight’s non-review Book Review:

can’t be a real review because I only say whether I liked reading it or didn’t.  (And usually I don’t share the ones I couldn’t stand.)  I recently finished THIS, and highly recommend it.  If you haven’t read the first two, well, what are you waiting for?!  (I want to hang out with Helen Fielding and be her BFF.)

New Calendar Page:

is the downstairs hallway view.

angel calendars, january calendar pages

Know That We’re All Connected

             Here’s the thing about this illustration, I don’t love it.  I adore the idea of it, but not the execution.  And I’ll leave it at that.

             On every page there is an explanation/clarification, ending with an affirmation.  Here (from Doreen, and with a few adjustments by me)  is our first one:

“We angels are connected to (camphosts, Mr and Mrs) God, to you, and to every sentient being.  The same spirit of love binds us all, completely and forever.  The more you know this universal fact, the easier it will be for you to listen to our messages.  The only reason why you sometimes can’t seem to hear us is your belief that we’re separate from you.

Remind yourself throughout the day that you are eternally connected to (camphosts, Mr and Mrs) God and to us.  You are also linked to all the people you meet, and they too are joined in (the campground) Heaven.   Powerful love runs through this web of connectedness.  

The more you know that everyone is united, the more you feel and experience this current of caring.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thought For the Month:

I am forever connected to the All,

for I am bound to everything.

As I focus on my oneness with angels,

I can better hear their caring messages.

I am one with the love of the Universe.”


Union and Belief.

             We’ve been out, and now we’re back.  Dinner with friends was a delight.  Much wonderful conversation and tasty food.  We walked, it was only slightly sprinkling.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to pre-write about that astrological phenomenon from my new day-planner like I had hoped.  On the plus side, my gift-shoes were pure comfort for the entire three-plus miles.

             One of the meal-time conversation topics was the large number of calendars many of us “need” in our lives, and how efficiently we fill them all in.  Here’s the one I might not still have to have now that I’m in a MOSTLY empty nest.  But I can’t stop loving the pictures.

animal calendars, family planners

Who could give up THESE faces?!

             Maybe this will be the last year for it.  I could totally just pin up a bunch of the old pages in that same spot.  I’ll think about it.  Looking at the new Louise Hay choice, there was this on the January page.

monthly affirmations

We might be getting an affirmation a month with this one.

I trust myself and I trust Life.

I know that I was born a beautiful and trusting soul.

If things get difficult  I turn within and anchor my thoughts in truth and love.  I ask for guidance from the Universe, and I make my way safely through stormy seas and calm, blissful weather.

My job is to stay in the present moment and to choose clear, simple, positive thoughts and words.

I trust the process of Life in all its mysterious and wondrous ways.”

             On our card altar right now, back within the regular rotation, we have a message that would be welcome, any day of the week.  Not to mention how nicely it compliments those powerful thoughts above.

oracle and self-help cards

Peace  ~

Embrace your confusion.

Let there be peace in not knowing all the answers.”

             We’ve talked about Faith before, so this is not a hugely surprising draw.  It is validating though.  We all have moments of uncertainty, which can so quickly lead to panic or stress.   When we welcome that confusion it truly does slip away much more quickly than when we fight against the feeling.

             Allowing ourselves to embrace those uncomfortable, un-planned sensations won’t kill us.  And in the end, it absolutely DOES help us to learn more, and learn faster.  For me, this was originally a foreign and hideous idea, until I did it.

             It really does work.   Letting go is one of the most difficult lessons there is, it’s also one of the most empowering.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Mileage:

3.05, to dinner and back.  (Walking, instead of driving, to get a meal is pretty damn fun.)  54 minutes on the sidewalk (for the most part, maybe a third of it was in the road where we don’t have sidewalk), average speed of 3.32MPH.  And a correction.  The restaurant is MORE than a mile away, so my yesterday MPH was slightly higher than previously reported.  (Woot!)