Change?  It happens.  Progress?  We hope for it.  Evolution?  An obvious truth.  We live in a world which never stops moving.

             In my family, we are non-traditionalists.  For calendar holidays, we work, while others celebrate.  I can’t count the number of Thanksgivings where we’ve gathered on the following Sunday or Monday.

             This past week, for a Sunday event, we got together, in various combinations throughout the day and night, on that Thursday before.

             In the past few days I’ve had personal emergencies, unexpected tragedies, and plain old life situations, all of which have caused me to approach my current journey in a new (different!) and unaccustomed way.

             Why all of this?  Because, if we don’t

make adjustments

we die.  We cease existing in our physical form.  We falter, and often feel as though we’ve failed.

             This message is about acknowledging that “yeah, this sucks” but it doesn’t need to stop us from continuing.  It is not necessary to flounder, never to rise above.

            All of this doesn’t mean I’m not down.  Truthfully?  It’s been full-time residence in Depression City.  There’s great waves of sorrow.  Sadness and grief?  Fully present.

             Whatever are our individual circumstances, it simply proves that we CAN move forward in the face of . . . . . . of nearly any fucking thing that gets thrown at us.

             Do we want to rise above and be the better person right now?  Oh, hell to the no.  Are we able to?  Yep, pretty much every damn time.

            We can, and we do.  After.  After some reflection.  After some sobbing.  After adjusting and recalibrating, we can move forward.  We can survive.  We can (eventually!), once more, even thrive.

            (Just, ya know, give us a minute here.)

             As validation, and as a reminder of our strength, we are presented with this, a stone of great power.

acceptance and grief

“turquoise  ~

speaking one’s truth, clear communication, purification

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth.  A situation that is causing you concern can easily be resolved by simply expressing how you truly feel.

You will not hurt nor upset anyone by speaking your truth.  In fact, speaking your truth has the opposite effect to what you think.  

By communicating your feelings and preferences clearly and honestly all concerned will be relieved.  At present, others are rather confused because they sense that all is not the way you are purporting it to be.

This magical Turquoise crystal will help you ease any fear you have regarding clear and true communication with either yourself or others.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno






Actively Pursuing

             I’ve been taking some Quiet Moments when I can, as the new job training gets started.  Staying tuned in, even if I can’t get here to share.

             Here’s what we are being asked to focus on right now.  It’s time to walk the talk.

Seeking – Stepping

             The Universe is reminding us of the phrase: action steps.  Because, when we do the work, we gain the results.  When we search out what is best for us, we find it.

             It’s about our integrity, and our genuine desire to do well.  Without the Seeking and Stepping, we won’t get very far.

             What do we honestly want?  Truthfully, where do we want to go or be?  Are we being kind to ourselves first, and then helping others?  Are we doing what makes us happy?

             If we know that we need Joy, then the easy answer is to go find some.  Even when we know that the journey is challenging.  We also know that the rewards are worth whatever effort we put forth.

             Search it out, then go do it.  That’s it.  Easy?  Not even slightly.  Worthwhile and necessary?  Absolutely and completely.

             In our altar room, this is where I was directed.  I like how it gives us help with our assignment, and brings into focus some extremely useful tools at our disposal.

divine soul

“Psychic Awareness  ~47  ~  Divine Soul

Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Reception, Telepathy

Your Divine Soul is awakening, and with it your psychic abilities are coming alive.  More evolved and specific than basic intuition, your psychic faculties are giving you access to the fourth dimension and are coming into contact with discarnate, enlightened helpers who can assist and guide you in beautiful ways.

You may start accessing Divine music or tap in to new healing energies.  You also may receive telepathic messages and have clairvoyant visions.

Heed your newly aroused psychic faculties, and don’t doubt the specific and profound transmissions flowing to you.  Record your dreams, believe in your hunches, and accept the symbols, signs, and signals being relayed to you from the psychic realm.

Trust your vibes, and embrace your psychic channels fully; what they are communicating is essential to fulfilling your purpose.   Ask your Divine Soul to lead you.

Its message is for you to embrace and trust what you receive.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is simply to say Thank You.  I am grateful for your patience and for your continued support.



             It appears as though we can learn our most challenging (and important) lessons, but still not “get” them.  Apparently.  Or so, I hear.

             Because, evidently, sometimes we experience a sort of disconnect between what we think and what we feel.  And that’s the key.  Or, more accurately, the sticky lock, for which we need to discover our own solution.  Our own key.

             What was shown to me this morning is the focused intention of us being:


             By arriving at the perfect understanding of our mind-body-spirit, we are better able to have the full sense of what that lesson/challenge consists of.  And then, it can completely be released.  As are we.

             Freeing us to move along, to the next one.  Ya know, since we are here for the learning, after all.

             The great part is though, when we capture that “whole being” attitude, even briefly, we have healed on a deep and meaningful soul level.

             And, as our daily draw shows us, it’s only that first step we need to get past.

leap forward

“Kangaroo  ~

‘As events take on their own momentum you take a true leap forward.’

Kangaroo burns energy quickly when first she begins to hop, but once her rhythm is set she bounds tirelessly under a warm sun.  It is time to banish obstacles, be they fears which lurk in the dark hidden recesses of your mind, or more tangible problems.

They may seem insurmountable, but Kangaroo knows that after you take that first leap forward events will take on their own momentum and you, like Kangaroo, who cannot move backward, will have no option but to go forward, your burdens falling behind you.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Affirmation:

I am supplied for today and all of my tomorrows.


Onward, together.

             The details of today’s visions for our channeled message are still crystal clear, more than 7 hours later.  Sometimes they do that.

             The words, though, were not as exactingly apparent.  I kind of walked around with them for most of the afternoon.  I could SEE the pictures, but not HEAR the point of it all.  Until, of course, I stopped asking for it to be more evident.  Duh.

             And then it was just funny.  Oh, the irony of our Universe and that clever sense of humour.

Releasing yesterday opens the door for tomorrow.

             Another side of that letting go lesson.  But it’s true.  When we sit mindfully today, with open hands, clutching nothing, simply receiving, there is a freedom.   A liberation that we simply cannot get any other way.

             Sure, the memories are valuable, and we should definitely treasure them.  Whatever was not in our best interests, that we cling tightly to like barnacles, any old ideas or ways that no longer work for us, those are the ones we let fall away.

             Fortunately, we aren’t doing any of it alone.  And in our daily draw, right now, we have a way of validating that.

oracle cards, supporting messages, self-care

“Support  ~

Offer your support to someone.

Experience the joy of serving others.”

            Because we now know, when we help others, we are helped.  When we reach out, that same action is returned when we are in need.  It does take a village, and our Team, and our tribe, and our family, and all the guardians we could ever imagine.

             (Be sure to look closely at this card, there are background images that might not be noticed on the initial glance.)

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this item I received recently, but just busted out tonight.

guided imagery, spirit journey, denise linn, meditation cds

Guided meditations by Denise Linn

             So far, I’ve listened to the first 3 tracks.  And while I am recommending them, there’s a few bits that I don’t love.  However, I’ve worked with SO many over the years, that I’m probably just excessively picky.

             It seems like most of them are no longer than 15 minutes.  A very do-able amount.  I haven’t had an opportunity to put headphones on yet, but I’ll try that next time.  If you’ve never done anything like this, I suggest you listen both ways.

             Some of the recordings (of all that I’ve sampled over all these years) it doesn’t matter with, but some it does.  Either way, this is a perfectly nice set for anyone, beginner or advanced.  The meditations are light and not difficult to follow.

             I am going to try to get through a few a day so that I can give you a true account of what the entire product is like.  I’ll keep you posted.