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             I’ve been spending some exquisitely enjoyable time on a food blog lately.  Not just ANY old food blog though, a well written one.  By a woman who is like many of us, a mom, a writer, a wife.  Additionally, she is not perfect.  And doesn’t  claim to be either.  She’s adorable, and I want to be her BFF.  Except, she lives far far* away.  Totally across the land.

*She lives close(ish) to Delia and Kate, and it just about kills me to say that.  (Gah, damn East Coast, so freaking far from here!)

             Here’s the back story.  About a month or less ago, I saw in our local paper (of which, I am still weeks behind) a book review.  The volume’s topic being about food and healthy choices, I immediately texted my Hurricane to see if she was already privy to this new release.  She was not, but promised to investigate for me.  THIS was the end result.  Go read it, we’ll wait.

            All done?  Good.  Well written wasn’t it?  And don’t you just want to spend all damn day in Alana’s kitchen?!  Me too.  There was a follow-up piece as well, HERE.  And as I said, I’ve been catching up with her archives.  Wow, some days I really wish I could at least boil water.  But then, I remember who I am, and just make notes with my grocery lists, or print recipes that I will later wave in Dan’s face with much need and urgency.

blueberries and carrot

Well, huh.

             On the topic of edibles, here’s the last of our blueberries (probably).  They are tiny now, and I’m thinking they’re about done for the year.  Also, that carrot.  It was in a bag of organic babies I picked up recently.  I’ve since eaten it.  Legs and all.

             Did you read all of my son’s comments from yesterday’s post?  Well, we went to see my parents tonight, and he did, in fact, join us.  He also continued to be pretty pestery over how we never nailed down what his contribution to dinner would be.    So he stopped at a grocery store deli and just began ordering.

chicken dinner

Not all the food, but I had to grab the shot when I could.

             Consequently, our meal was extraordinarily (even for us) side-salad heavy, and my father could not have BEEN more happy about it.  J.D.’s selections also included some yummy soft cheese, a crunchy broccoli mix, that large round loaf of bread, and pie-flavored ice cream (my mother made me a chocolate cake, so there was no ACTUAL pie in attendance).

             Before he arrived though, I used Daniel’s fancy-pants phone to read the complete list of items we MIGHT need him to bring.  When I got done, my maternal parent immediately handed me an old Coke bottle (the good glass kind, as her grandson described).  She’d found it in the barn.

Coke bottles

So full he can’t move.

             After dinner, she posed him for all of you to see.  With her addition.  Then she dragged me down the hall to show me what she’d done with the gift we brought her from the fair.

solar lights

I am flat on the floor to capture this.

             Her solar butterfly garden light is now part of an indoor flower arrangement.  Truly, no one understands how her mind works.  Not even her.  (She takes the sun-absorbing panel into their bathroom so it can “soak up the rays” and then puts it all back together again.  Not even kidding.)

small dogs

Of course I came to dinner, where else would I go?”

             Emma had to work a very long day, and Ryon had gym clients, so only Maximum Grand Dog represented that contingent of the tribe.  But he did it very well.

            Our daily draw is an encouraging one.  I like how our messages continue to be validating.  Read this one carefully, because I can see how it applies to so many of our situations right now.

oracle cards

Higher Education  ~  Guardian Angel  ~

Your angel is guiding you to gain further education, either by attending school or through independent study.  Higher education refers to instruction with a spiritual basis, so this is a message for you to study topics that capture your true interests.

For instance, if there is a spiritually based service career that you yearn for, now is the time to begin looking at furthering your knowledge in that area.  This may mean attending formal classes, reading books on the topic, or working with a mentor.

Give any worries about having enough time, money, or skill to your angel.  You are being pushed to learn more as a result of your prayers for increased fulfillment   Trust that this door is opening for you at the right time, and walk through it with full faith.  Begin with simple steps, such as researching various classes on your chosen topic.

Even though you may feel that schooling will take time, remember that  you will be alive and doing something during that time anyway.  You may as well use your days wisely by investing in something meaningful.  By pursuing higher education, you’ll gain newfound wisdom, higher self-esteem, new friends, and exciting opportunities.”

             The part I was glad she said specifically was the “higher” education definition   Clever, and ideally suited for the work we’re all doing.

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Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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last night Corina shared this, but it’s worth repeating; if you didn’t click on it before, here’s another chance.

Late LateNight Factoid:

this is post number one-thousand-two-hundred.

Mothers, again.

  Dan Savage is back to his blog, so he must be starting the recovery process.  Good to see he is making the effort.  We do all survive,  John Walsh is proof of that.  (He’s another one of my heros, even though I refuse to be part of his club.  No hanging posters on utility poles for me thank you very much.)

  And tomorrow is my mother’s 67th birthday.  We are taking her out for Chinese food, and I am giving her some used books.  Might even stop at the store and pick up a cake on the way.  She’s funny, and odd, and silly, and irreverent, and the most loving person.  She dealt with her own mother’s death with such grace, it is how I want to be when she eventually has to go.  I just keep hoping I won’t have to face that for a very long time.

Venturing Out.

Power has been restored to the senior citizens and I got to leave the house.  My meeting was canceled because SHE couldn’t leave her house.  But I got stuff done.  Like, ya know, mailing my grocery list.  See, here’s what I do.  I save up old envelopes over there by the stove, and I write on the backs of them.  Recycling AND reusing.  (Happy Birthday Karen, who invented this idea.)  So I write the bunch of errands I need to run, and also jot down the things I need to pick up at the store, foodwise.  When I buy something small (which I did today) I put it INSIDE the envelope and fold over the end.  I am double recycling this way.  Problem is, when I went to drop the bills and Karen’s card into the blue box, oops, the list went in too.  Obviously didn’t want to miss out on anything.  I just stood there, like Tony Shaloub’s character Monk, peeking back in, like it would what? come back out because I made a mistake?  I now have a fancy cellular calling device (Solstice gift from devoted spouse and offspring), so I used it.  Called the number on the box.  This led me to several rounds of voice mail and eventually a very nice person named Lisa who gave me yet another number to call.  Which then led me to another very nice person (who’s name could have been Bill, or Phil, or possibly Will) and he said I should just come back when they pick up what’s in that box.  Duh!  In the meantime, I had to go into the grocery store completely unprepared.  (I forgot several items, but had to come back later anyway.)  I went back at the appointed time (left a smidge early, just in case), and about five minutes after when the pick up should have been made (which I thought was not bad, considering the weather) there was the truck.  I met the nice man (who’s name I did not find out) and explained my idiocy.  He plowed through the mail as he shoved it into his little carry tote and ta da there it was.  He told me that this actually happens a lot.  He has someone waiting next to a box for ‘personal items’ several times a week!  Of course he warned me (kindly and very politely) that if this had been real live mail I wanted back, I couldn’t have it, once it drops into that blue box, it is no longer mine.  But ‘personal items’ – like my twice recycled list with some embroidery floss and valuable pieces of cardboard inside, or maybe keys, phones, jewelery, bank deposits – those he will hand over, no problem.  I learned so much.  When I called my mother to tell how stupid her eldest child was, she said ‘oh I’ve done that!’  Somehow, I was not surprised.