Tactile and Tangible

             Recently I came across a comedian joking about how no one has really found the meaning of life yet.  Not only was this remark not funny, but it was blatantly untrue.

             We absolutely know the meaning of why we’re living these lives.  We’re here to learn and grow, helping others do the same.  We’ve chosen a body and a family and a location which will benefit us the most.

             Periodically we do question our choices, and the very sanity of our decision-making skills.  But that’s only when we’re overwhelmed or distressed.

             During our lucid and more spiritual times, we know what’s what and we remember why we’re going through this shit.  (Because it matters, WE matter!)

             Here’s part of the lesson, a tough and often difficult part, but a needful part all the same.

Mindful Physicality

             Sure, we can talk about our journey and our enlightenment, but then, crash.  We get a loud painful reminder that we’re VERY much wearing a body.  A heavy, flawed, not-always-well-behaved physical shell.

             To get back to that place of grace and serenity is to set aside our preoccupation with our outer cover, and instead, appreciate all that it does for us.

             Remember, we chose to be here.  We chose to be born and to be real.  Not to be perfect.

             The meaning of life is that we are here.  Simply and entirely, present and with kind intentions.

             Another aspect of this theme is what our card altar is showing.  This one arrived upside down, but I photographed it direct so we could all enjoy the artwork and depth of imagery.

reversed cards

Four of Pentacles

             Generally speaking, when this comes up in a reading I have interpreted it to mean “it takes money to make money” or something of a similar definition.

             Not today.  Right now this character is telling us a different story.  A tale of closed fists versus open hands.

             When we remain tightly bound, whether by our own guilt or fear, we cheat ourselves of so much joy.  When we stay locked up, as this individual is, inside a box of our own making, we miss out.

             The good news is, we have begun to hear the sounds of celebration going on beyond our walls; we can see the banners and are now entirely aware of the festivities, the party of Life that we don’t want to be left out of.

             All that still needs doing is to shrug off our heavy grey cloak of worry and step into the positive parts of our adventure.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from Instagram.

organic fruit antique apron

On the way to being something delicious.
( I hope.)

             We don’t have tons of space for food growing, and that’s probably okay.  What we harvest (and purchase) is a reasonable amount, enough for me to manage.  Me and my antique apron.


Here and Plenty

             After yesterday’s blast, it’s time to assess.  Was there damage?  Are we all whole?  Does anything need to be rebuilt?  Or simply built anew?

             The message I woke up with this morning points us towards the possibility of starting over, and starting now.  We are being reminded of not looking back with longing nor gazing forward with want.

Maybe this side-track  **IS**  the right path.

             Where we are now is exactly where we are supposed to be.  Being in the now and understanding its importance is the lesson.

             When we put in to practice the very “being” part of human being, we honour our journey, and all the work it takes to stay on course.  The course which we charted.

             Mindfulness is about acceptance.  And acceptance is about respecting the tough spots in road, as well as enjoying the smooth parts.  The more we choose Joy, choose Love, choose Peace, the more love and joy and peace we are surrounded by.

             I was directed to leave our regular rotation, in order (obviously) so that we may receive this validation and reminder.  The image could easily be used as a meditation focus point.

there is always enough

“Golden Palace  ~  23  ~

‘There is always enough.’

The Golden Palace card represents good fortune, ambitions fulfilled, wealth, and prosperity.  It may also indicate emotional fulfillment, as perhaps you are entering a time of happiness that’s long overdue.

The message here is that self-worth isn’t measured by what you have, no matter how abundant your life is.  Instead, it comes from what you are, how authentically you are living your life, and how much love you are willing to share.

Granted, receiving this card does indicate material gain and a furthering of tangible rewards.  But things come and go, and knowing your true value leads to even greater riches now.

Share the wealth.”

             This one has a Challenging side as well ……..


Let go of your tight hold on what you believe security should look like.  Now is the time to conserve your energy and count your blessings.

Resist the pull to become miserly.  There will be enough money, love, youth, food, and shelter to go around.

A mind-set of fear and lack will shut off the flow of true abundance.  Trust in the tides, because the flow always returns from the ebb.

‘Chop wood, carry water,’ as the Chinese proverb says.  Practice faith and treasure will be revealed.  In fact, you will find it in plain sight.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s (February 14th’s) Real Celebration:

Happy Oregon Statehood Day!




Exacting Great Care

             Even if we were to sit perfectly still, calm and serene, at peace, time would continue to tick on.  Seconds, minutes, hours, days.

             And if we struggle, stress, suffer, time also ticks on.  Seconds, minutes, hours, days.  And then, weeks into months and years.

             Clearly, part of our message is about HOW we spend those moments.

Right here,


             Mindfully, with great thought, we are able to be in our time, not merely spend it.  While simultaneously, seeing what is ahead and honoring what has gone by.

             But also, we are being reminded that time just is.  It moves, it goes, it ticks along.  If we waste* it, it’s gone anyway.

*And by “wasting” I don’t mean that we’ve been reading a good book or watching the sun set, I mean by spending more hours at work than with family.  Or by spending precious moments in complaint or rage, when we could easily have used those hours to express our joy and care.

             Taking “time” to find blessings and gifts and a positive focus, can help our lessons, our healing, and every step of our journey.

             On the card altar, where I was directed for this draw, is another way to utilize our valuable seconds, minutes, hours.

heart and soul messages

“Bliss  ~

We cannot find total bliss in this world, but we can preview it, and even, at times, feel overwhelmed with joy.

This can be accomplished by accepting the universal truth that the origin of All is Love.”

             To which I would add:

when we express our pleasure instead of our disdain, we are more likely to share happiness.  It’s worth our time to try.

Today’s Deck:

Heart And Soul Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s Must Watch Video:

             Seriously, everyone needs to see this, no matter who you are.


The Enlightenment Process

             Last night I had to set aside a book without finishing it.  This is a difficult action for my Virgo brain to handle.  Also, and maybe even more difficult, is for my Highly Sensitive soul to read about sadness.  I was initiating a compromise alone, with just me.

             The good part though, is that *A* had recently recommended an authour who she thought I’d enjoy.  My library didn’t have the exact title, but a different one, which was conveniently in my tote bag, so when I put the discarded item there, I found the other.  Turns out, that’s the precise volume I needed to be reading.


On the cover?   DOLPHIES!

              I haven’t fully investigated her website yet, but it appears to be an excellent resource.  What I got from all of this process (and about the first one third of that book) will be the basis for our message today.

Relieving Suffering = Accepting Freedom

             It’s the words; we need to clarify our definitions.  Because “suffering” is not what our brain first jumps to.  And the concept of “acceptance” in the zen training is not at all about giving up or admitting defeat.

            In reality, we are letting go of what hasn’t worked all along and we’re now comprehending that this is where we are.  This is who and what we need to take credit for and acknowledge.  No negative connotations, no struggle.  Simple acceptance, leading directly to freedom.

            Putting up a fight only makes us hot and angry.  Allowing the freedom of mindfulness to be at the front of our conscious now gives us, instead, a peaceful joy that ripples out.  Spiraling up and spreading to everyone else.

             I’m in the middle of learning how to do this.  The journey is not smooth.  But, every once in a while, through the trees and clutter of life, there are glimpses of a beautiful and serene view.  I also, more often than not, see Hope from here.

Actively Deflecting

             It seems as though we’re running with a theme right now.   This morning I was made aware of more suggestions surrounding this central “simplify” concept that we are urged to keep addressing.

             And when this happens, I find it endlessly fascinating.  Basically we draw to us what we desire, or what we’re focusing on the most/the strongest; sometimes in the diction that would be best for us at this particular moment.  (It’s the processing of the Law of Attraction.)

             Here’s what’s recommended for today:

Turning away from negativity.

             When we take action, forcibly by will (as we just recently discussed), we are changing and altering energy.  We are advancing our adventure.  Is it best that these movements and actions be for our highest good?  Absolutely!

            Do we always go that route?  Not even a little bit.  And definitely, not every time, no.  But, we do try!  And that totally counts.  (Extra points for effort!)

             When we stand tall, putting our back to the petty and the material, we are making a statement.  Because, at the same time, we’re facing the positive and the spiritual.  We are positioning ourselves for healing.

             And within the regular rotation around our card altar, we have this simple but impeccably timed validation.


“Nature  ~

Take a walk.

Let the beauty of nature feed your soul.”

             Sure, we joke, but in truth, merely stepping outside can clear our head like nothing else.  Take a deep breath while standing in garden or forest (or backyard, or park, or patio, or next to indoor plants), and be.

             Be still.  Be in the moment.  Be walking.  Be recharged.  Be genuine.  Be positive.  Simply, be.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is from my mother (again), but also from my faraway daughter.  Go read THIS.  Hanny wrote it three years ago, but after we all got a glimpse of my mom yesterday, let’s just notice how really amazing it is that she continues to think of others and whether they’re having a good day or not.

             (And, the article includes a cute picture.)