True Importance

             There have been conversations lately, near and around me, which address a lack of respect our culture has for anyone over a certain age.  It seems that the value we (still?!) put on wisdom is lower than the value of an unreachable goal of physical appearance.

             Yesterday we were reminded of our Health and Wellness, it seems that today we’re expanding on this idea.  By turning the focus inward.

Entirely worthwhile.

             By which the Universe means: us.  And everyone.  Not just the airbrushed and photo-shopped elite.

             Replacing the importance on exterior, with respect and value on interiors, is our task.  It begins with one move, one acknowledgment, one person speaking out or standing up.  We are those people.

             Every being is worthy of love and respect.  That’s the bottom line.  As I was directed to return within our regular rotation around the card altar earlier, still another level of this message becomes validated.

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“Kyanite  ~

intuition, ideas, dreams

Pay attention to your intuition and to your dreams over the coming days for you are being guided towards deeper spiritual understanding and insight.  Through this process, much of which occurs on a subconscious level or in your dream state, a rather ingenious idea will surface that will radically change your views on life, particularly your career.

Kyanite will help you ground this idea as you discover ways of practically applying your idea in your every day life and work.  However, do not try to force the process.

The idea will surface when you least expect it.  Simply relax and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and insights.

Know that they already exist within you in an abstract spiritual form.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Affirmation:

is from Louise Hay.

Life is very simple.

What I give out comes back to me.

Today I chose to give love.

Travel Update:

the boys have crossed two states.  And are not impressed with the view, thus far.  (I miss them already, but boy am I glad I’m not heading that dry and unattractive direction.)