I’m on the mend, thank you all so much.  The “day” job continues to be a struggle.  My head is still congested, my voice is still compromised, and the cough is lingering; this heat is doing me no favours.

             Starting Sunday (tomorrow) it will be a long stretch of no days off, and truthfully I am dreading it in a big way.  My mantra has been fridayfridayfridayfridayfriday so I can focus my mind on the end of it, instead of on how shitty it feels to begin a schedule like this.

             And, not so ironically, the Universe is right there with me.  Coaching and encouraging.  Here’s what I’m hearing:


             This entire life adventure is about the doing of it, the going, the moving forward.  It’s never about the end.  Our goal is to survive.  To thrive, and to learn.  To constantly do better.

             In order for us to accomplish this, we have to get THROUGH it first.  And that’s where my aim is now.  Getting through this week.  And making it to the next day off.

              I absolutely do understand that I have to be there for some reason.  Even if I don’t know the reason, there is one.  Possibly, it’s many reasons.  Maybe, it might even be more about the process.

             As soon as I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share.

             In complete validation, here is where our message continues to take us.

oracle of the angels

Transformation  ~  38

You are in the midst of a profound transformation.  You are on a path of rapid growth and change – 

you have been for some time.

The inner work you have completed is about to pay off.  You have acquired so much knowledge and experience and are now ready to let go of an ‘old’ aspect of yourself, rebirthing into a ‘new’ you.

Do not be afraid, embrace this transformation and rejoice in it.


I welcome this personal transformation with open arms and an open heart.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is to say, yes….. transformation, indeed!  On Tuesday I cut off all my hair again.  This will make the third donation process I’ve been through in the last decade.

             No, we don’t have any (good) photos right now, but some will appear (eventually).  Envision going from extremely long braids to very short curls and you have the idea.

            Additionally, there will be a new face to the website soon.  Not sure what it will look like, yet.  But it’ll all still be here.  Just a new view on the front.  I didn’t want anyone to be shocked, or unprepared.

             Might take me a few weeks, merely informing everyone that the transformations are continuing.




Continuing to Transform.

             We have some proud news in The Burrow this week.   If you go HERE and read about that new book which is coming out, in the part where she says “and many others” you may include my Hurricane‘s name.  (Another piece also featuring it can be found HERE.)

             At home, it was slightly less exciting.  We went to the pool.  And then made a delivery to J.D. (there will be pictures tomorrow, I’m sure, it’s another hat from Australia).  Consequently, not much to report.  (And WordPress is giving me problems, so we’ll be lucky if this posts without being significantly tardy.)

             On our card altar we have one that we saw for the first time not too long ago.  Like some others, it might at first, seem like the message’s scope is fairly narrow, but that’s not how Universal signs work.  To make this point more effectively, I’m going to re-write most of what the guidebook says.

oracle cards

“Angel Of Addiction Healing  ~

This is a time of positive transformation and healing.”

We are protected and loved by the many angels that surround us right now and at all times.  The loving beings of the Spirit World are there to help, support, and heal us.  They would like us to know that all can be healed through the light of love.  All we need to do is release old patterns and negativity to the Universe, letting go of all that no longer serves us.

We need only keep that lovingly Divine power in our lives and continue to have faith in the ability of the angels and elementals to get us through any rough patch.  We need only believe in ourselves and our guides to help us through this healing process as gently and lovingly as possible.  Trust!  This is a time of positive transformation and wondrous healing.

A suggested invocation:

Dear Angels, Gods, Ascended Masters, and all Guides of Nature

Help me to live my life in a gentle and loving way.  Give me the strength, resolve, and courage to stick with my decisions of health and well being, towards myself and others.

May your loving and healing light balance and heal me physically, emotionally  and mentally.  

Help me to feel that love and light which exists at the centre of my being.  Help me to reconnect with my inner child who lovingly holds the purest essence of all that I truly am.

Thank you.

Today’s Deck:

(with words by me) Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

FLP Report: