Works In Progress…..

             Hey beautiful friends and family.  I’m going to share this most recent Instagram post with you.  And promise that, in just a few days, I’ll be back with our most recent message.

             Thank all for understanding, see you soon!


Waiting, nicely.

             Well.   This is different.  Dan is watching a show downstairs  right now.  In the place where we both spend much our time when he’s home (it’s our “family room” area).  Usually, in circumstances such as this (like once a week), I put my headphones on while lovely nature sounds block out the surrounding noise.  Except, right now my audio is shot all to hell misbehaving to the point that I can no longer hear anything but static and garbled nothing-ness.

             Instead, I’ve gone up to the kitchen.  I’m computing mobile-y.   From another level, and in a different section of the house.  It’s a bit odd.  But nicely quiet.  (No, I can NOT type when there is sound, ANY sound, in my vicinity, we’ve covered this.   I listen to it all.)

             The view from here is interesting, and this chair feels different.   There is bad news though, I seem to be quite distracted by being so close to all of this food.  Hmm, not a great trade-off, I think.  But one I’m willing to live with.

             On our card altar we received a stunningly gorgeous illustration.  With an intriguing message.  Especially considering what type of signs the Universe has been sending us lately.


Patience  ~

Be patient.

Be willing to pass up good for great.”

             This is the type of metaphysical omen that some people find ambiguous.  I can see their point, but I can also see how we need to pay attention.  The more we tune in, the more we are able to comprehend and understand.    In this case, something good is on its way, but something better is right behind it.

             Listening to our Teams, our angels, our totems, and our loved ones on the Other Side is key to discerning what to pass up and what to reach for.  We are never walking this path alone.  Hearing and sensing our messages can be simple, as long as we take the time to pay attention.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

             Okay, wanna hear about my Goodness Du Jour?  In today’s mail there was a treat.  I ordered us some super fun light-up accessories for our two-wheel erranding.  No clue if we can get pictures of this or not, but here’s what we’ll be starting with.

NiteIze spoke lights

His and Hers,
I’m the rainbow,
he’s the blue one.

             The company has very reasonable prices and a huge variety.  We found them (accidentally?) when we realized that Dan’s headlight is much better than mine.  His was purchased at a local Everything store, and we paid a LOT less than the one we’d picked up at the bike shop.  On our last Bi-Mart* adventure we found a tiny pet collar LED clip-on for less than two bucks.  Inside was a flyer.  If these new ones show up as cool as advertised, I’ll be a fan for life.

*Stop snickering, Corina.

             No reports or check-ins today.  Nothing baked, nothing injured, nothing spotted, and no miles logged.  It was a pool day, and not much more.  (Although we did get to take Emmy with us, so that was outstandingly festive.)

LateNight This-Is-Bugging-Me:

sometime yesterday I dropped my wee cellular device on the floor.  Carpet, so it’s not like it exploded.  But it fell “open” onto it’s hinges (or whatever magical contraption causes these flippers to function).  Now it sort of creaks open, slowly.  Not with an actual noise like in haunted house, but AS IF it were going to squeak and groan.  Annoying.  Fortunately, no one died.