Altered Alignments

             Remember when we talked about how the only constant is Change, and how we need to learn about flexibility where Change is concerned?  Well, we’re back there now.

             Or rather, we’ve spiraled up to a new level of it.

             As we all know, the world is a fucking shit show.  So much is wrong.  So.  Much!

             On the other hand, some great progress is being made, and some wonderful new opportunities are arriving.  Always, there is Hope.

             Astrologically speaking, these big steps forward have been approaching for a while now, they are not a secret.  We’re sitting in the middle of a very large growth phase, a huge upset.  Globally, we are moving towards tremendous improvement.

             One of the reasons I’m so confident that things will get better is because, for me personally, there’s been some excellent progress.  Every time I allow the Universe to lead, I am directed in a completely positive way.

             Here is what we can focus on, what will help, and what will get us past the growing pains, on our way to Improvement:

Ever Advancing

             We are never going backwards.  We do not make mistakes.  We learn.  We advance.  We just do better!  (Yes, there are set-backs, we’re dealing with flawed humans.)

             The trick is to let go.  Then, re-aim at something even more than where we are now.  Fix a few key points, deal-breakers and must-haves, then . . . . .  release.

             It’s simple, but can be difficult.  The challenge we face is that our human brain can often fight against the spiritual side.  Be strong.  Then, allow the greatness to catch up.

             This was who called out to me for our validation.  It’s a wonderful number, too.  Ten is a new cycle.  And as we heard, spiraling ever upwards.

change happens

“The Arrow Master  ~  10

hitting the mark, intention, detachment

The Arrow Master appears to help you target your intentions and teaches you how to shoot straight for the stars.

The message is to be deliberate about focusing your dreams and desires with intention and about aligning your intentions with Spirit.

Then let them fly on the wind, directed by the Divine, until they reach their goal.

The only way to hit the target is to allow the arrow of your intention to fly unencumbered by your eagerness to see it travel exactly the way you want it to go.

You may think it needs to veer a certain way to reach your goal, but in the invisible realms, human power cannot make this happen.

The Divine has its own idea of how the arrow flies and upon what wind it’s carried.  Nonetheless, if you don’t shoot, you’ll never score.

This is a fortunate message as long as you remember the Law of Detachment.  If you do, then be assured that you are right on point!”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

 is to say that I am in the middle of a job move.   I set my intentions earlier, and the results have come in.  (Swiftly!)  More details soon; as this week progresses I’ll be working at the old place, while simultaneously training with the new.

             It will be very tiring, but I am feeling energized at taking this step.  Onward and upward!  (Also Outward, and down 5 blocks.)



Sacred Cows. And chickens, and corndogs, and goats, and kids and …

             Last night, after we had been home for perhaps an hour or so, I walked through the living room, and past all three of my grown children (plus one bonus), who were laughing and talking and lounging around aforementioned living room.  I stopped, totally forgetting WHY I was up there, and instead just stated, “the house smells like those chicken barns at the fair.

            No one had a response for me, but eventually I wasn’t detecting the aroma of barn animals (and their by-products) anymore.   So, who knows why I thought I could smell it in the house, it didn’t actually matter anyway.  We had fun, we ate Fair Food, we shared some of our family traditions with Graham and Adam, and we spent endless hours together.  I was good with that.  Even if some scent molecules did seem to linger.

           This pretty much says it all.  Hanna took tons of pictures and spent today organizing and downloading them.  (I spent the day resting my puffy hooves.)

              Han & Dan, by a really huge cow.   She took this same shot with her camera, of Son & Mom.   I am much better than I used to be, electronically and computerally* speaking, but it’s still gonna take me a while to get HER photos over here to MY place.  (*Of course that’s not a real word [yet], I just invented it!)

             And here she is with her other hero.  The irony was not lost on us: Smokey, Hanny, and a beer.   (We do not know any of those other people, merely joyous and entertained/entertaining fair goers.)

             This was taken from my perch on a conveniently located bench.  It is inside the historic poultry barns.  I figured that since we’d gotten a shot of the county chickens, we should also get one of some state fowl too.  The tall guy in the orange hued checkered shirt (facing away from me) is J. Adam his own creative self (with J.D. and Han right in front of him).  Don’t know the man in the blue plaid carrying a child, more strangers.

            Deep fried ravioli.  Not bad at all!  Kind of like mozzarella sticks, only with more breading and in a square shape, plus some dough.  Jade also had a BBQed turkey leg later.  It ended up being slightly difficult to eat, so I put it into a ziplock bag for him.  Yes, I sure did bring along To Go bags.  I always do.   This turkey leg example is exactly why.

            Things were slightly disorganized in our wanderings due to the fact that some stuff we usually see in certain places had moved, or been replaced, or simply restructured.  We rolled with it though, adapting as was necessary.  One tradition that we absolutely kept to, and shared with our bonus boys, was the Jiggle Feet stop, a time to sit down while your hooves are shaken on a metal plate for a quarter.  I have no idea whether there are these devices at other fairs, but for our kids, this event is a must-never-miss feature. 

           Tomorrow we head over the hill to see my parents, and share the visiting dignitaries with who ever decides to join us.  But for now, here’s a picture I took right before I turned our daily draw card over.

            The configuration of yesterday’s and the one above it was really interesting.  Since we don’t pull these or lay them out, as traditional spreads, but simply allow them to appear for us as the Universe sees fit, how they fall and interact with one another is pretty cool.

           Our card today is reversed.  And this is precisely how we want it to be.

5 of Cups  ~  reversed.

Cups are emotion and feelings and focused entirely on matters of the heart.  Their season is Autumn, their time on the clock is sunset; the dusk of the year and the dusk of the day.

Fives are about being human.  We are fives (Pentacle People), our physical senses, fingers, and toes remind us of this fact.  Created in nature and made from other humans, as Fives we strive to balance our natural background with our man-made upbringing.  As Five Folks, struggle and balance is pretty much what we humans are always about.

Five of Cups, in its straightforward position, is extremely sad.  It’s about loss and mourning, but also about hope being washed away and nothing redeeming on the horizon.  Which is WHY we want it to appear as contrary, because really, it comes to us this way as gratitude.

 We can be aware of our losses, but are in a position that they won’t overwhelm us now.  We can see that we have spilled those three Cups, but are aware that we still have two full ones left standing upright.  We can feel the ache of missing loved ones, but recall the joy that they brought us when we were together the last time.

Even as we recognize our sorrows, we are acknowledging our blessings.  Even as we see the gray skies, we are noticing the sunshine at the edges of those dark clouds.   Even as we cry for what we have lost, we feel ourselves begin to smile as we remember how much love there is in our lives.

The biggest message here is about that human balance of the emotions we are surrounded with and immersed in.  We cry for sorrow and we cry for joy.  Our hearts fill with pain and fill with love.  That balance of being a Pentacle Person is awash in feelings, but today the good part is, we can totally see our silver lining on a rainy day.