Pleasing and Beneficial

             Have you ever heard this saying?  “Life is short.  Take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake.”

             I’ve been seeing it around (most recently on a t-shirt).  It absolutely rings true with what I’m hearing lately.

             As in.  When we “Choose Joy” we are actively making the choice to


             We are intentionally seeking out what brings us happiness, what feeds our soul, and what helps us to be better.  From the inside out.

             It goes back to Self Care, and the need to nurture ourselves.  Eat the cake!  Not for a “cheat” but for ourselves.  (And if cake’s not your thing, pick something that does it for you.)

             In some ways, it’s sort of true that life is short.  According to the divine measurement of the Universe, there actually is no time.  But wearing these bodies and making this exact journey, a lifetime is not long, in comparison.

             When we deprive ourselves, or when we apply a negative filter, we are the ones who suffer.   Which then causes a ripple effect, out into the lives of our loved ones.  And no one wants to hurt those we care about.

             In true and perfect form, our validation comes from the deck which suits our message the very best.

chose joy

“Rejuvenation  ~

Get a good night’s sleep.

Rejuvenate your body,

mind, and spirit.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Personal Sharing:

is the story of a pair of boots.  I saw them in a window, (over 35 years ago).  I wanted them with a painful and sharp longing.  I loved them like nothing I had ever seen before.

             I passed them by.  I came back another day, still denying myself.  I went to visit them, needing them.  I probably could have afforded them, but I thought, at the time, they were a bit too much, and I was a bit not enough.

             To this day, I wish I had bought those boots.  I’ve never seen another pair like them.  I still wish I had chosen me, chosen the boots, chosen joy.




Blessings To Look For.

             The word “breakthrough” is so visual to me.  I see an image of someone bursting out, like when football players run onto the field after crashing through a paper banner.  Last night I was given a gift, a bursting-past-the-barriers sort of vision.

             It was initially sparked when I read THIS (shared by Corina, thank you!) which led me HERE (substitute anything that doesn’t work for you, or simply skim these sites so that you know what I’m talking about).  Both of these women are healers, and both of them seemed to be relaying messages.  My radio was tuning in to what they were sending, and it was an amazing sensation.  On so many levels.

             Then today, we receive one of those card altar draws that simply ties it all together.

healing crystals

“Tiger Iron  ~

(also known as Jasper, Hematite, and Tiger Eye)

mental clarity, grounding, assertiveness, vitality, sexual energy

The peace and mental clarity that you seek can only be found by grounding your abstract spiritual ideas and concepts into your every day physical life.  That is, to bring things back to basics and honour the fact that you have been blessed with this physical life.  Realise that, while  you are highly spiritual in nature, it is no mistake that you are here.

As has been so eloquently said by one of our world’s greatest teachers, ‘you are a spiritual person who is having a physical experience,’ and as such, you are being urged to honour your humanity.

This Tiger Iron crystal will help ground you and revitalise your sexual energy.  Both these qualities are needed in order to be an effective force on earth and to live a fulfilling and inspired life.

Remember – spirit is not in the clouds.  It is here, right in the thick of things that the beauty, majesty, and power of ‘spirit’ are experienced.

You do not have to run away form the world in order to find peace, for the true peace you seek is inside you.  The true spiritual master is one who is able to find peace, even in the midst of turmoil.


I may not have the power to change the world, but I have the power to change my perception of it.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Adventure:

was a few car errands and one walk.

springfield and eugene

Dan and Max,
over the Willamette River.

             One direction is a gorgeous historic bridge, the other way, is not.  But the day was lovely and brisk, so we enjoyed it all.

              (For local folks, we made a big loop, walking from Addy’s corner to almost BRING, and then back again.)

Tonight’s Baking:

I’m bribing my father with biscuits.  (This is NOT a hard sell.)